Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife - Chapter 877 - I’ll Make it Up to You When We Get Home Tonight

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Chapter 877: I’ll Make it Up to You When We Get Home Tonight

Sheng Xiao took the opportunity to hook his arm around her chin. He leaned over and kissed her thin lips gently. It took him a while before he let go. “I’ll quench your thirst.”

Mu Qiqi wanted to bite this man to death even more after being teased like this.


After breakfast, Master Xiao was still reading the newspaper in the living room when Lu Qianqian and Lin Mu’an appeared at the entrance hand in hand.

Mu Qiqi opened the door and saw the two of them. She immediately invited them in.

“Be careful. You’re already going to be a mother, yet you’re still in such a hurry.” Lu Qianqian quickly helped her up. “We’re right here.”

“It’s fine. The baby is very healthy.” Mu Qiqi touched her tummy and answered. Then, she saw Lu Qianqian and Lin Mu’s tightly interlocked fingers.

She recalled the dream from last night, so she whispered something into Lu Qianqian’s ear. Lu Qianqian’s face turned red.

“You’re really a married woman with children. You’re becoming more and more shameless.”

“Xiao Qiqi, how have you been?”

Mu Qiqi only noticed the man beside Lu Qianqian after hearing his words. She didn’t expect him to grow into a tough guy.

“Alright, Lin Mu’an. I can tell that the two of you are very… harmonious with each other.”

“Keep her company. You’ve been bored at home for a while, so you’re chatty.” Just then, Sheng Xiao put down the newspaper and got up. He was about to leave.

“Don’t worry, Grand CEO Sheng.” Lu Qianqian raised her hand to assure him.

Sheng Xiao gestured at Lin Mu’an and walked out with a breezy gait. This was his usual imposing manner. Why was he in such a hurry to leave? If he remembered correctly, Lu Qianqian would probably be nervous when she saw him.

In order to let the two best friends talk, Sheng Xiao left the house early.

As for Lin Mu’an, he was a little envious of Sheng Xiao who was the type of person who could get into a conversation with a bunch of women.

After that, Lu Qianqian was invited into the living room. The two best friends opened their mouths and couldn’t stop talking.

Of course, Mu Qiqi didn’t forget to tell her best friend to be safe.

“Qianqian, the Sheng family has been in some trouble recently, and they’re targeting me. You have to be extra careful not to be targeted. If anything happens to you, I’ll feel guilty for the rest of my life.”

“I have him by my side. Besides, I have bodyguards too, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

Lu Qianqian pointed at the man beside her.

“Don’t lie to me. Lin Mu’an is a big bastard who spends most of his time at the police academy. In short, remember what I said. If you find anything unusual, contact me immediately.”

“Contact a pregnant woman like you to go out and fight with me? I’ll be torn into two halves by your CEO. Don’t worry, I’ll remember it. Anyway, just like what your CEO said, you’re really chatty after getting pregnant.”

“As long as you remember it. When do you plan to get married? If you don’t, you won’t be able to catch up with my progress,” Mu Qiqi said as she stroked her belly.

Lu Qianqian was too embarrassed to say anything when she thought about the proposal last night. She could only say, “When he graduates, your baby will already be born.”

“It’ll be even livelier then.”

Lu Qianqian felt that Mu Qiqi couldn’t stop talking about marriage and pregnancy. When she thought about how hard it had been for Lin Mu’an to come back, she hurriedly asked Mu Qiqi to stop. “We’ll be leaving now. We still have a date this afternoon.”

“Alright, I’ll let you off. Lin Mu’an, protect Qianqian well. I’m not joking with you guys.”

“I understand,” Lin Mu’an answered Mu Qiqi seriously.

Mu Qiqi was satisfied and watched the two of them leave. However, for some reason, she still felt uneasy.


After they left, the two of them planned to date everywhere. However, the Lu Corporation had too many problems. Not even half the afternoon had passed when the assistant called. “CEO Lu, when are you coming to the company? The shareholders are asking about the materials again.”

“I’ve already found the new materials. Tell them.”

“Alright, I can only hold them off for a while.” The assistant hung up the phone pitifully.

Lin Mu’an saw that Lu Qianqian was really busy, so he said, “I’ll send you back to the Lu Corporation.”

“I don’t want to. It wasn’t easy for me to go on a date with you. The Boss wants a break today.”

“But what will you do if something happens to the Lu Corporation? I’ll accompany you in your office. It can be considered a date.” Lin Mu comforted her. “I know that you value the things that Dad left behind. Don’t let this delay you.”

“I really have a sensible fiancé.”

Lu Qianqian pinched Lin Mu’an’s ear and admitted defeat. “I’m just afraid that you’ll be bored.”

“I don’t feel bored when you’re around.”

The two of them smiled at each other and returned to the Lu Corporation hand in hand. The little assistant took a look and immediately understood why Lu Qianqian didn’t even want to go to work. Beauty was a hindrance.

“I’ll go to a meeting first and explain this to the shareholders. You can stay here and read.”

Lin Mu’an nodded and took a seat on the sofa in her office.

This little woman had really grown up. She looked like a capable CEO. Lin Mu’an couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t know if he could catch up to his Little Chili in a few years. He wanted to be worthy of her.

Soon, the receptionist delivered a package to the CEO’s office and said that it was from the Yashang Group to Lu Qianqian.

“Let me sign for it.” Lin Mu’an took the small box and signed his name on it.

However, he wouldn’t casually open Lu Qianqian’s things. Even lovers had their privacy.

The little assistant returned to the office before Lu Qianqian did. She was shocked when she saw that the box she had sent out had been returned.

Lin Mu’an was still in the office. If he knew that this was a man’s handkerchief, he might think too much about it.

Lin Mu’an saw the little assistant’s strange expression, so he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Mr. Lin, please give me the box. This is actually something that the President asked me to send out. I didn’t expect it to be returned.”

Lin Mu’an didn’t think too much about it and handed the box over.

After a while, Lu Qianqian returned to the office and hugged Lin Mu’an’s waist while there was no one around. “I’m sorry. You came back, and yet I left you alone in the office and couldn’t accompany you.”

“Who asked my fiancée to be the President of the Lu Corporation?” Lin Mu’an comforted her. “You can go back to work.”

“I’ll make it up to you when we get home tonight.”

The hint in her words successfully pleased Lin Mu’an. However, his heart ached for her sometimes. A girl in her early twenties who was supposed to enjoy a wonderful life had to sign documents and hold meetings here every day.

Perhaps, this kind of life would continue for many more years.

As a man, he couldn’t share her burden and felt that he was somewhat falling short in his duties.

His peculiar gaze at her caught Lu Qianqian’s attention. “What life philosophy are you coming up with in your head?”

“I’m thinking, should I learn how to do business and share the burden with you?”