Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife - Chapter 1137 - Little Qi’s Side 124

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Chapter 1137: Little Qi’s Side 124

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He Yanzhi rarely showed his anger in front of people. However, some of his followers had seen how angry He Yanzhi could get.

Seeing that He Yanzhi was furious, the manager immediately got up from the ground. “I was just greedy for money. I was bribed by Brother Long. He didn’t tell me anything else. I just took a fancy to a woman from Huang Ting and wanted to take her away with me.”

“Do you think I believe you?” He Yanzhi asked. “It doesn’t matter whether you tell me or not. Anyway, when we get to the police station, you will spit everything out.”

When he heard the words ‘police station’, the manager immediately waved his hand and said, “I didn’t kill her. It was Brother Long’s people who killed her.”

“Then do you know why your Brother Long needed you to be there? Because with a dead man, none of you can escape responsibility. Do you think that you only took the money to help frame Huang Ting? No, you sacrificed yourself… Because once the police find out about this, you and the other murderers will not be able to escape. As for him, all he needs to do is spend some money and pull some strings. Who can prove that he hired someone to kill anyone?”

After hearing He Yanzhi’s analysis, the manager became even more terrified.

“Brother He, I don’t want to go to jail.”

“Tell the police what you need to tell them to try to get a reduced sentence.”

After saying that, He Yanzhi motioned to his two subordinates behind him to send him directly to the police station.

Then, He Yanzhi made a phone call to Brother Yang and briefly told him what happened and the possible investigation that Huang Ting might face in the future.

After Brother Yang heard everything, he felt gratified. “Among the few people under me, you’re the most reliable one. Without Huang Ting, it doesn’t matter. We still have other stores that we can promote. Most importantly, we can’t let the police continue investigating.”

“Don’t worry. The police can’t investigate any further.”

This was the premise for He Yanzhi to hand over the list and the clues. However, he had added a few new things to the list.

“Next, the one who will suffer will be that Long guy, right?”

“Please wait for a good show, Brother Yang.”

“Yanzhi, I only trust you now. Do your best. This chair of mine will be yours sooner or later.” After saying that, Brother Yang hung up. However, it made He Yanzhi frown. It was impossible for him to say that he had no intention of becoming the boss. After all, he had embarked on this path. However, he admitted that Brother Yang could be considered a good big brother and had never mistreated him. Therefore, he could not do anything to pull Brother Yang down.

After settling the manager, He Yanzhi left Huang Ting.

The police would give Huang Ting an answer for the rest. However, handing over the account book meant that the Huang Ting would have to be closed down. However, losing Huang Ting in the process of taking down Long was not a big deal.

Soon, the police arrested and interrogated the people involved. As there were five or six people involved, they set traps for each of them and soon found out the cause and effect of the murder.

The murderer was Brother Long’s underling.

Therefore, things quickly involved Brother Long because He Yanzhi gave clues that Brother Long was involved in several illegal businesses after he came from the north.

The police quickly summoned Brother Long. Of course, having merely summoned him was no big deal. The key was how to take the last few steps.

However, Brother Yang was happy to hear that Brother Long had been summoned by the police.


In the hotel, Little Qi waited for He Yanzhi the entire afternoon.

She had promised her mother that she would go home today, so if He Yanzhi did not come back, there would be no need for her to have a date on Saturday.

However, seeing that he had something on, she decided to let him off.

Little Qi picked up her school bag and was about to go home when He Yanzhi suddenly pushed the door open and entered.

“You’re leaving?”

“I’m going home today.”

He Yanzhi grabbed Little Qi and pressed her against the wall. He hooked her chin and kissed her. “Don’t even think about going anywhere…