Forced to Date a Big Shot - Chapter 664 - Smart Brain

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Chapter 664: Smart Brain

The CCTV footage was quickly sent to them.

Jing Fei turned on his computer and started searching.

Xue Xi walked toward Jing Fei’s back. Just as she walked over, she was interrupted by Zheng Zhi, who frowned. “Look, who did he come into contact with?!”

Jing Fei nodded.

The screen was enlarged and instantly appeared in every corner of the laboratory.

The safe was in the middle and was only separated from Li Xuelei’s laboratory by a wall. Liu Xi could retrieve things from the wall and the metal door of the safe. He directly stole the confidential documents and placed them in the bag before walking out with his head lowered.

Along the way, everyone was in the laboratory.

As he kept walking with his head lowered, he reached the entrance of the experiment building and was grabbed.

However, during this period of time, the document disappeared!

Jing Fei and Zheng Zhi were both anxious. Jing Fei stared fixedly at the CCTV. “When did he send the document out? And where did he put it? In between, he did not come into contact with outsiders! The document can’t have disappeared into thin air!”

Zheng Zhi also frowned.

At the borders of China.

The sky was dark and the people on both sides had already put down their guns. After building a fire, they sat down.

Nicholas Xiu was roasting fish. He had just caught this fish from the river. When the fragrance of the fish wafted out, Nicholas smiled. “Xiang, it’s very difficult to capture an esper. The few capable people under you are all outside. Are you so sure that the rest of the crooked melons can capture people?”

Xiang Huai raised an eyebrow and snatched the fish away from him. He then smiled and said, “There’s something wrong with your Chinese. The ones I left behind are not deficient.”

Nicholas stared at the fish that had been snatched away and felt indignant. However, when he met Xiang Huai’s long and narrow eyes, he sighed. “What’s that called? According to what I know, the two people you left behind are at the P9 level. One of them has the ability to fly and does not have an advantage in battle. The other seems to be from your legal department. His abilities are even more useless and he can only set rules. Can these two people capture our elites?”

Xiang Huai raised an eyebrow and smiled. “This can be described as bringing a gun to a knife fight.”

Nicholas Xiu: “…”

Xiang Huai took a bite of the fish and commented, “It’s been roasted for too long. The fish is no longer fresh and tender.”

Nicholas Xiu: “…I’ll take note next time, but are you really that confident in your two subordinates?”

Xiang Huai continued, “My little girlfriend is also there.”

The corners of Nicholas Xiu’s lips twitched. “But your little girlfriend has yet to awaken her special power.”

The moment he said this, Xiang Huai raised an eyebrow. “Is a special power needed to deal with two of your own crooked melons?”

Nicholas Xiu: “?”

He was humiliated!

Nicholas was furious. “Xiang, how can you look down on us? Isn’t it the case that in order to lure out the spies, you even came out here personally?”

Xiang Huai raised an eyebrow again. “Oh.”

Nicholas Xiu was furious. “What kind of attitude is that?”

Xiang Huai smiled. “I just want those ugly people of yours to play with my little girlfriend.”

Nicholas Xiu: “!!!!”

After a while, he reacted. “F*ck, you’re using my men to train her!”

Xiang Huai did not answer and silently agreed.

As the flames danced, Nicholas stared at the other party’s face. The flames shone on his face, making this person appear alternating between light and dark. No one could see through his thoughts.

Nicholas Xiu said angrily, “Xiang, give me a bite of fish.”

Xiang Huai was easy to talk to this time. “Sure.”

After saying that, he threw the fish to Nicholas.

Nicholas caught it and looked down. He saw that only fish bones had been thrown over.

Nicholas Xiu: F*ck!!!!

Huaxia University, in the laboratory.

Jing Fei and Zheng Zhi did not dare to make a mistake as they watched the recording, afraid that they would miss something. However, after watching it again, they still found nothing.

Xue Xi said, “That…”

Before she could finish speaking, Zheng Zhi cut her off. “Xue Xi, we’re busy right now. Can you not create trouble?! We don’t have time to explain anything to you right now. Time is tight and you’re just an ordinary person. Don’t stay here!”

Xue Xi: “I…”

“What? I know that you’re very curious, but this is not a question that you can be curious about, alright? Move aside and don’t block the way. It makes me annoyed. Jing Fei, put the recording aside. There must be something that we missed!”

However, Jing Fei was very dissatisfied with his attitude. “Son, shut up! How many times have I told you not to speak to Sister Xi like this?!”

Xue Xi: “…”

It was a burden for her to speak slowly, so he should not interrupt at all.

She decided not to speak and reached out to push Zheng Zhi’s shoulders away. She then took a step forward and pressed her fingers on the computer’s mouse.

This woman is really strong.

This was what Zheng Zhi was thinking after he was pushed away. However, he soon realized something and said angrily, “Xue Xi, what are you doing? We already said not to cause trouble. Why are you moving around?”

However, Jing Fei seemed to have understood something and moved aside. “Sister Xi, did you find something?”

Xue Xi opened her mouth and was about to speak when Zheng Zhi said, “We didn’t find anything, so what can she find?”

Jing Fei: “Sister Xi is so smart. Stands to reason that her brain is quicker than ours!”

Zheng Zhi: “What’s the use of having a quick brain? Can a quick brain solve a case and capture people?”

Xue Xi pointed at the screen. “Here.”

Zheng Zhi frowned and looked at the screen, only to see…