Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 636 - You Really Hit a Nerve!

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Chapter 636: You Really Hit a Nerve!

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[Fey Name]: Armored Demon Scorpion

[Fey Species]: Sand scorpion-species/Stinger scorpion-species

[Spirit-Lifeform Grade]: Platinum (8/10)

[Fey Type]: Poison

[Fey Quality]: Legend


[Penetrating Hooked Sting]: The scorpion’s tail will pierce the target. The target will become bloated, and abscesses will form inside the flesh that seals the wound to prevent blood from flowing out. When the abscesses break, the poison inside will start to decay the target.

[Double Claw Amputation]: Both claws can crush bones. After capturing the target, the claws will forcefully crush the target’s bones and flesh into pieces.

[Strong Shell Insect]: Large protein formed from bones will cover the shell, increasing the thickness of the armor. The armored shell will be highly resistant to damage.

[Nettle Missiles]: When the tail moves, the nettles will be launched and become arrows.

[Insect Body Boost]: The vitality in the body will be set alight and emerge on the surface, increasing the body’s physicality.

Exclusive Skill:

[Decaying Flesh Poison]: When the venom enters a target’s body, a portion of the venom will be absorbed into the blood and become poison. The poison will travel to the rest of the organs through the blood vessels and start to decay.

After Lin Yuan saw the attributes of Meng Xu’s two feys, he felt slightly troubled.

Lin Yuan was not bothered because of the two feys’ powers, but the issue of his own identity.

Although Lin Yuan only had two Star Web accounts, he had three identities.

One of them was the silver mask-wearing Black. This was his identity as a combat-class spirit qi professional.

Another identity was the Class 2 Creation Master that he was currently presenting on the dueling ground.

The last identity was the city lord of Sky City, who wore a strange mask with majestic sky city engravings.

During the impending battle, Lin Yuan would undoubtedly end up revealing his identity as the combat-class spirit qi professional, Black.

If he used the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s laws and willpowers, he would definitely be able to defeat the Sense-Stealing King Venom and Armored Demon Scorpion with ease.

Although this was a good opportunity to test the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s power, Lin Yuan was no idiot. He would never reveal his trump card in such a situation.

Using the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen required him to use the laws and willpowers stored in its skirt. It would also cause him to divulge to the 200,000 people present that he had a sacred source lifeform.

The Radiance Federation’s Class 5 Scholars were not to be trifled with.

Lin Yuan calculated that a portion of the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s power would definitely be exposed.

Lin Yuan had been unwilling to reveal that he was Black because he did not want to be bothered by the attention he would receive.

He still felt the same way now.

However, Lin Yuan would prefer to have his identity as Black revealed rather than the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen.

As for this cicada-looking Sense-Stealing King Venom that was covered with an orange shell and had six sets of wings but could not fly and the enormous Armored Demon Scorpion with a thick black shell and a large gleaming stinger, Lin Yuan was not particularly impressed by them.

The Sense-Stealing King Venom depended on its large amount of spiritual energy.

This was eerily similar to Listen’s Pain Illusory Fox that could cause pain through psychic manipulation.

However, Lin Yuan felt that the Pain Illusory Fox was much stronger than the Sense-Stealing King Venom.

Although the Pain Illusory Fox’s methods were one-dimensional, they could cause much more trauma than the Sense-Stealing King Venom’s ability to steal the five senses.

The Sense-Stealing King Venom was unable to kill. Although it seemed flamboyant and had four abilities that could control the respective five senses, it only had controlling abilities in a battle.

On the other hand, the Pain Illusory Fox could also severely attack the target’s mind while using pain to control it.

The ability Sensory Body shell, which could store the five senses, was completely useless to the Sense-Stealing King Venom in a fight.

It would only be able to influence fights through underhanded tricks outside of the dueling ground.

The Sense-Stealing King Venom might as well not have an exclusive skill at all.

The Armored Demon Scorpion was ordinary as well.

All the Platinum feys that Lin Yuan had come across were above average due to their all-roundedness of defending and attacking quickly.

Although both the Sense-Stealing King Venom and the Armored Demon Scorpion were Platinum grade, neither had reached Fantasy Breed.

This allowed Lin Yuan to see how stupid Meng Xu was amongst the coalition of elites at that S Tournament.

Lin Yuan coldly uttered, “Doesn’t it kill you to be unable to comprehend Willpower Runes? You always go overboard on the dueling ground because you haven’t comprehended one yet.”

Most of the people present were worried about Lin Yuan because he had chosen the challenge battle.

Naturally, some of the crowd were Savage Snake Guild Club fans. They felt that Lin Yuan was overestimating himself by choosing to challenge Meng Xu.

However, when they heard Lin Yuan’s microphone amplified voice, their jaws dropped in shock.

You really hit a nerve!

Meng Xu was completely taken aback by what Lin Yuan said. His face immediately became austere.

Meng Xu was already 29 years old, and he would not be able to participate in the S Tournament after one year.

In all these years, Meng Xu had been dreaming of comprehending a Willpower Rune.

But it was easier said than done.

If all that was needed was hard work, the Radiance Federation would not need to recognize geniuses.

Chu Ci, who was known all over Star Web as a top genius, was given such a title not just because of her Obsidian Iron Wild Bull.

It was more so because the fey proved that the 15-year-old Chu Ci had already comprehended a Willpower Rune.

Before the provoked Meng Xu could speak, Lin Yuan continued. “Even if you do manage to comprehend a Willpower Rune, both your main feys have reached the limit of a Platinum fey’s potential. The S Tournament is full of amazing talents. Most of the A-rank guild club members have Fantasy Breed feys. It must be hard for you. Is that why you feel the need to bully the weak?”