Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 1397 - Times are different now

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Chapter 1397 – Times are different now

When China’s Trade Committee Member Bao announced, they would be suing Microsoft for monopoly and demanded compensation of 2.3 billion RMB, China’s online forum went crazy.

“Did I read it wrongly? When did China become so overbearing to sue Microsoft?”

“What’s so special about this? Did you all forget that CCTV had just sued those foreign companies recently? This generation of Leaders is firm!”

“I am working in the IT industry, and I know Microsoft was sued in many countries except for China in the past. Now, we are finally doing something against them!”

“You all don’t know this. I am a lawyer, and it is because China doesn’t have anti-monopoly laws in the past. The anti-monopoly law had just been implemented a few days ago, and we can sue them now.”

“Eh, are you saying that this anti-monopoly law is implemented because of Microsoft?”

“Haha… This is an honor for Microsoft. Our country had implemented a law just to sue them!”

“Anyway, I support our country. If we can sue companies for this amount eight to ten times a year, it will be an additional income source!”

“But that is Microsoft. Can we win against them? Also, they had just invested a large sum of money here. Suing them now seems to be ungrateful. Furthermore, it is an American company.”

“I can confirm the one above me is a traitor!”

“So what if it is Microsoft or an American company? Do you think China is afraid of them? We fight it out anytime. I am ready to go to war!”


Feng Yu read the comments on the internet about this incident. Most people had expressed support for China’s actions, and only a few speak up for Microsoft.

Those few might be Microsoft’s employees, or they are posting to gain attraction. But their comments are buried by other comments quickly.

China’s government staff are monitoring the online forums. They are relieved to see the majority of the people are supporting them.

They had worried for nothing. Anyone should know this lawsuit is beneficial to China.

While China is celebrating, Microsoft is like an ant on a hot pan.

Microsoft had just lost the lawsuit against the EU, and Japan, Korea, and other countries started to sue them. These countries refuse private settlements.

When Microsoft is thinking of how to handle the lawsuits, China appears and sued them.

This is not the end of their troubles. An organization called the Eastern Europe Business Alliance appeared and represented East European countries to sue Microsoft.

Some countries that had agreed to have a private settlement with Microsoft changed their minds. They are not signing the settlement agreements and made more demands. Or else they will continue to sue Microsoft.

These countries know Microsoft will try to settle with them as soon as possible because they face multiple lawsuits worldwide.

Microsoft’s bundle sales strategy had been around for years and are effective. It is not a problem for them if they stop bundling their products now.

But why would they stop if they can continue bundling their products to grow their market share and profits?

If Microsoft stopped all bundling sales, many users might switch to their competitors’ products. They don’t dare to guarantee that other companies’ products are not as good as theirs, as all products have unique points.

If Microsoft cannot bundle their products, they cannot maintain their advantage, and their market share might fall anytime.

That’s why Microsoft would rather defend themselves in courts and pay compensations than remove the bundling.


“China and Eastern Europe have started to sue us for monopolization. How are we going to handle it?” Bill Gates asked.

“Our sales in China and Eastern Europe are not doing well, especially in China. Our Windows operating system was sold at ridiculously low prices, and many of them are using pirated versions. How can they sue us?”

“Some of them are using pirated copies, but that doesn’t mean they cannot sue us. This is a reminder for us. Why can’t we sue China instead? They are using pirated versions, and there’s nothing wrong for us to demand compensation.” A Director replied.

“Compensation? How are you going to demand compensation? How do you determine others are using the original version or pirated version? Do you think they will let us check their PCs?”

“We can add a system patch to automatically detect whether if the operating system is original or pirated. If it is pirated, it will display a black screen, and this will force the user to purchase the original version.”

“Black screen? This is too serious, and many potential users will have a negative impression of our brand. Some users might even counter sue us if they incur losses because of our patch. They can claim they don’t know their PCs are installed with pirated versions of the operating system. We will be involved in more lawsuits.” Someone retorted.

“No, we can use pop-ups to remind the user that their operating system is pirated. The patch can also detect if they are using other Microsoft pirated software. One hour after the reminder, the screen will blackout. This blackout is not a total blackout and can be resumed after a restart. This will not have any negative impact except for some inconveniences to the user.”

“I agree to this suggestion.” Ballmer said.

This pushes the user to switch to their original operating system and detect the number of pirated users for negotiation with the Chinese government. If the Chinese government refuses a private settlement, they will sue them for copyright infringement.

Bill Gates thought for a while and nodded. “This is a good solution. How long will it take to develop this patch?”

“It should be ready before year-end.” Paul Allen replied proudly.

Hmph! Other than my R&D department, none of you can solve this problem. How can Microsoft survive without me?!


“Eh, did you see that? Microsoft’s representative had said they don’t admit to the accusations. They are shameless!”

“Ah? They claim they are offering a better choice to the users. This is implying their products are the best. Their office software is not as good as Lenovo Kingsoft’s!”

“Huh? Are you exaggerating? Lenovo Kingsoft is better than Microsoft? Microsoft is the best software company in the world. Are you sure?”

“What exaggerating? Bill Gates was still the former World’s Richest Man, and China’s Manager Feng replaced him. Stop having the mindset of overseas have better technologies. Our China’s technology is developing rapidly, and times are different now!”

Translator’s notes: The netizens’ reactions are the same as the comments you see online nowadays. They think China is the greatest and will insult others who didn’t share their views.