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Chapter 545: You’re The First One I’ll Kill When I Become Saint!

Jiang He was extremely quick.

Soon, the Demons’ symbolic celestial great wall was within sight.

The super cosmic perimeter and base formed from numerous planets appear magnificent, but from Jiang He’s perspective, the elite Demons that designed it were basically mentally challenged.

The living planets used to be far away, and a Grand Luo would at best destroy one if they self-destruct… wouldn’t putting them together mean that a lot of them would be blown up at once?


Jiang He casted teleport, instantly dashing into the celestial great wall.

He did not hide his appearance or withdraw his aura.

That was why the Demons’ sentries all noticed him the instant he appeared. Fear showed on their faces and they were about to scream, only to end up being killed by Jiang He’s slap.

He then shifted, appearing beside a treasure vault at the Demons’ barracks.

“Who goes there?”

“A human?”

“Enemy attack!”

There were many Demons guarding the barracks treasure vault. Their cultivation was outstanding, and there was even on Grand Luo among them.

And yet, being Grand Luo or not did not matter much to Jiang He, since he could slap anyone who wasn’t a Saint to death anyway.

Punching out once and destroying the Grand Luo Demon and Demon soldiers, Jiang He tore through the array protecting the barrack treasure vault, and dumped both Dumbo and Trumbo in it.

“What the heck!”

“That many mystic treasures and mystic pellets?”

Both Dumbo and Trumbo exclaimed in shock within the treasure vault.

After all, there were mountainous piles of mystic treasures and medicinal pellets, all of which were emanating concentrated Demonic Qi.

The crafting prowess of Demons when it came to mystic treasures and mystic pellets differed from humans—for them, the grade of their crafted items was higher the more concentrated the Demonic Qi around them… The best grade of mystic treasures here were equal in grade to premium-grade immortal items and scarce, though there were many inferior-grade demonic items, mediocre-grade demonic items, and superior-grade demonic items.

There were many rank-three and four demonic pellets as well.

Dog and cat hence each took out a bag, casting their divine energies to levitate and open it. Then, a tremendous suction force extended and engulfed the mountainous piles of mystic treasures and medicinal pellets, emptying the entire treasure vault soon enough.

“Let’s go!”

Jiang He reached out to grab both Dumbo and Trumbo right after, and teleported in front of another treasure vault.

Blowing up the treasure vault like clockwork, he had Dumbo and Trumbo grab all the mystic treasures and medicinal pellets, while he casually threw a few punches to destroy all the Demon troops charging at them in formations.

Nonetheless, the Demons’ elites finally arrived when he opened the third treasure vault!

It was the Demi-Saint who stayed back after witnessing Jiang He destroy the Gods’ barracks. He was neither too strong nor weak, and was more or less at the same level as Demi-Saint Saber who had been fighting Wang Hou just before.

“Jiang He!”

The Demi-Saint Demon’s eyes were burning at the sight of Jiang He, his Dao and godly techniques all hence unleashed while dark, oppressive demonic cloud flowed toward Jiang He.

A myriad of phenomena occurred in the demonic cloud as well, with a demonic dragon and a demonic phoenix tangling as they charged toward Jiang He.

“A fine strike!”

Jiang He laughed out loud before punching out, his Martial Qi rushing up the air to tear through the demonic cloud.

At the same time, he threw both Dumbo and Trumbo into the treasure vault while he leapt up to the skies, fighting the Demi-Saint Demons in close quarters. It was caught in a disadvantage soon enough and Jiang He was handing it a beatdown.

Outer space was crumbling as the terrible shockwaves of the battle quaked. Many living planets were caught within it, splitting apart as untold numbers of Demons and their soldiers were killed.

Knowing that he would not win and could never protect the treasure vault, the Demi-Saint Demon tore a rift and ran away.

“There’s a ninety-percent chance I could kill him if I chased him down thanks to my specialty in teleportation… but an average Demi-Saint Demon like him does not hold much value.”

Jiang He did not give chase, and turned around instead to plunder more treasure vaults.

In just fifteen minutes, he emptied the six treasure vaults of the Demons, and led Dumbo and Trumbo towards the constellation that the Gods occupied.

It turns out that the Gods’ treasure vault was more loaded compared to the Demons, but his face dropped when he reached the third vault.

A terrible pressure appeared abruptly.

Then, space and time in the world Jiang He was located froze.

A holy aura suddenly appeared.

“A God Saint!”

Jiang He’s eyes narrowed, waving his hand to withdraw Dumbo and Trumbo before casting teleport, disappearing instantly.


A gasp of surprise could be heard then as the Saint exclaimed in shock. “Interesting. You managed to escape even after I’ve sealed the world itself… I see that you have some moves. Dimensional Reversal!”

His voice echoed beside Jiang He’s ears even though he had fled billions of cosmic miles away.

In the next instant, Jiang He felt that space and time behind him stiffen. Everything became a blur, and his body was being pulled back uncontrollably.


Jiang He’s pupils constricted and he attempted to leap out of the godly Dao technique, but soon realized that it was not his body being pulled back—space and time behind him was simply rewinding.


Jiang He bellowed in rage, charging his martial cultivation to his limits while golden Eternium erupted around him, and he managed to break out of the technique.

And yet, a great hand had already descended upon him right then.

The world turned silent around Jiang He once the hand reached him.

In that very moment, space and time stood still.


That was when a moving flash approached from the distance. It was a Jade Back Scratcher, tearing through the dimensions and slamming on the great hand.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven, clothed in black robes, stared at the cosmic reaches and spoke coolly, “Have the Saints of the Gods become so shameless and unruly that they would attack a young one?”

“Jiang He is a Demi-Saint but he attacked the mortal soldiers of my race. How is that for unruly?”

A white-robed God Saint stepped out into outer space.

His figure was slim and tall, similar to humans. However, there were curious markings on his body, his ears were pointy and he had a pair of feathered wings growing over his back.

He exuded a special sacred aura from head to toe, and he glanced toward Jiang He, speaking flatly, “The Saints have agreed that those above Golden Immortal would take no part in territorial wars or whimsically slaughter their inferiors in other races. Are you truly going to protect Jiang He on this day, Lord Primeval? Are you not afraid that every Saint would attack the Three Realms?”

Jiang He was aware of the agreement between the Saints as well—for example, the Golden Immortals the strongest individuals that were a part of the invasion launched by the Hundred Races Alliance.

Moreover, Grand Luo and those above them would never meddle in territorial battles.

Most fights between Grand Luo and Demi-Saints tend to be waged in outer-space… because destroying planets was an easy matter when one reached Grand Luo. At that level, a battle in a living planet would end with said living planet destroyed.

“What a joke!”

Even before the Primeval Lord of Heaven could speak, Jiang He laughed coldly, pointing and cursing at the God Saint, “You Gods and Demons sent dozens of Demi-Saints after me, and I’m not allowed to retaliate?”

“Inferior? Who is the one inferior here?”

“I only started cultivating less than five years ago… how am I not inferior?”

“You, on the other hand, are a Saint… isn’t attacking me bullying the weak?”

Jiang He glared directly at the God Saint fearlessly, and seethed viciously, “You’re the first one I’ll kill when I become Saint!”