Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3997: Sword Saint

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Chapter 3997: Sword Saint

Liu Qi died with his eyes wide open from disbelief. In the previous second, he harbored nothing but disdain for Li Qiye, thinking that the guy was about to lose. The actual result was unimaginable.

He was supposed to torture the guy first, letting him taste agony. In reality, a single branch robbed life away from him.

The spectators felt the same way, unable to fathom the attack. It had nothing to do with speed but rather, direction.

Li Qiye aimed in the opposite direction of his opponent. How did that move connect in the first place? Everything felt surreal so the atmosphere became eerily quiet.

“Fellow Daoist, may I ask for the name of this technique?” Qingcheng Zi couldn’t contain his curiosity and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye.

“Just playing around.” Li Qiye tossed the branch away then answered.

“...” Qingcheng Zi was astounded. His being able to kill Lui Qi while playing around was interesting enough. However, the actual development exceeded common sense.

Li Qiye boarded the carriage and the old driver started heading for Hallowed City again.

After he was gone, the disciples from Sea Emperor calmed down and grabbed Liu Qi’s corpse before leaving.

“I think he poked the beehive.” One expert said while watching that group of disciples scurry away.

After all, killing a member of Sea Emperor in public would require an explanation or retribution.

Meanwhile, a girl dressed in green has been watching the entire time. “Let’s enter the city.” She ordered.


Li Qiye seemed drowsy inside the carriage while Lu Qi hesitated to speak while staring at him.

“Speak your mind.” He said without opening his eyes.

“Young Noble, your technique earlier, was it Sword Point created by Sword Saint?” She finally revealed her mind.

The move earlier left a deep impression on her. She found its miraculous nature familiar. She heard of her lord talking about sword arts before. Sword Point was one of the topics.

“Yes, it was Sword Point.” He smiled.

“I’ve heard rumors of Virtuous School losing this technique long ago. No current disciples know how to use it.” Lu Qi became startled.

Normally, one would assume that he was from Virtuous School after hearing this. However, she didn’t think so.

Even the strongest ancestor there would need to treat her lord with respect. On the other hand, her lord showed nothing but reverence for Li Qiye. Virtuous School had no one at that level.

“The world is full of surprises.” Li Qiye said.

“Have you been to Virtuous School before?” Lu Qi asked.

“No.” He responded.

This only added to the mystery. Sword Saint’s dao was inscrutable. Only the members of Virtuous School had some achievements with learning them.

As for Sword Point, it would be impossible to decipher without direct instruction from Sword Saint himself.

Sword Saint was rather famous in Eight Desolaces. Many referred to him as Sword Emperor. However, he thought that he wasn’t comparable to the wise sages of the past and didn’t dare to assume the title of “emperor”.

He was one of the few dao lords who didn’t have this cultivation realm in his title either.

After becoming a dao lord, he started Virtuous School. He was considered one of the ten Grand Creators for his help in popularizing the sword dao.

His achievements illuminated the ages. He stood shoulder to shoulder to Sword Sea Dao Lord and even the mythical cultivator known as Emperor Ye. [1]

Nonetheless, some refuted his supremacy, thinking that it would be unreasonable for him to be listed on the same level as Sword Sea Dao Lord and Emperor Ye.

He obtained one of the nine heavenly swords after becoming a dao lord - Ragesun. However, he didn’t find the dao that paired with it.

Thus, he shouldn’t be able to compete against Sword Sea Dao Lord who had a perfect pair.

Nonetheless, his contribution to the continent was as clear as day. The sword dao here reached the next level because of him, becoming the most popular path of cultivation.

Moreover, he never stopped teaching people after becoming a dao lord. He was always willing to guide swordsmen regardless of whether they were in his sect or not.

Who wouldn’t want to be taught by a dao lord? The issue was that most dao lords left their legacies only for their direct descendants and sect. Sword Saint, or Sword Emperor, was an exception.

Another notable dao lord who taught many disciples was All-things Dao Lord. According to the legends, this dao lord had around three thousand disciples during that era. However, a key difference between All-things and Sword Saint was that All-things’ disciples were still members of True Immortal Sect.

As for Sword Saint, he still took in disciples outside of Virtuous School. His thirty-six best disciples had the title of Sword God. Only the first disciple was from Virtuous School. The others came from other sects. From this, one could see how generous he was.

During his era, ninety percent of all cultivators in Sword Continent focused solely on the sword dao. This earned him a great reputation as the number one swordsman and a spot among the ten Great Creators.

Thus, many sects in the current days had ties with him. Alas, after so many years, only Virtuous School still had a strong grasp of his sword dao.

As for the famous technique named Sword Point, no disciples there have successfully learned it in later generations.

Its only known user, at least to Lu Qi’s knowledge, was Li Qiye.

The carriage slowly rolled forward, almost entering the city. However, someone suddenly jumped on the carriage and sat down.

1. Changing Sword Ocean to Sword Sea to better match the sect