Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3996: Killer Branch

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Chapter 3996: Killer Branch

Though far from being peerless, Liu Qi was still an official disciple from Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom and had access to orthodox merit laws and weapons.

Li Qiye’s choice of using a branch could only be construed as blatant disdain akin to a slap on the face. The disciples from Sea Emperor couldn’t swallow this anger.

Even disciples from ordinary sects wouldn’t accept this, let alone the number one sect in Sword Continent.

As for the spectators, they have met arrogant cultivators before. This was a common theme found in the younger ones - always contemptuous and haughty.

However, it was their first time seeing someone like Li Qiye - using a branch to compete against Sea Emperor’s merit law and treasure.

If he was a sovereign and far stronger than Liu Qi, it would be a different story. However, his cultivation was actually weaker.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing.” A knowledgeable cultivator shook his head.

“If he dares to do this to my sect, I would let him suffer a fate worse than death.” A youth found this unacceptable.

“There’s no way he’s getting out of this alive.” Another youth sneered.

As for Qingcheng Zi, he found this astonishing as well. He had met plenty of people before due to his prestigious status. This was still a first for him.

Sea Emperor was number one for a reason. Their merit laws and treasures were exceptional and brilliant, nearly always better than the competition.

Thus, someone who would act in this manner was either crazy, outrageously ignorant, or extremely powerful. Alas, he didn’t think Li Qiye fit these categories. The guy looked strangely calm and aloof.

“Senior Brother, don’t kill him so quickly. Cut off his legs first and take your time.” A Sea Emperor’s member gritted his teeth.

“That’s right, killing him with one slash is too nice. Make an example out of him!” Another bellowed.

“Brat, you deserve death of the worst kind. I shall make mincemeat out of you then drink your blood and eat your flesh…” Liu Qi coldly uttered.

“Enough blabbering, start already.” Li Qiye interrupted him.

Rage made Liu Qi tremble. He shouted: “Die!”

Clanks could be heard and after a bright flash, green light needles erupted from a slash. They seemed eager to add thousands of holes onto Li Qiye without killing him.

Li Qiye reacted by slightly waving his branch to the side. To the spectators, he looked as if he was panicking. Liu Qi was in front of him yet he thrust his branch towards the back.

“Has this brat cultivated before?” Even the most generous spectators thought that Li Qiye’s mistake during battle was egregious.

“What an idiot!” Some young cultivators laughed.

Others watched with disdain, thinking that this stupidity was about to end with death. Even if he was weaker, he should know where the opponent was attacking from and react accordingly.

Qingcheng Zi didn’t expect this either. He thought that Li Qiye would put up a better fight.

Only Lu Qi was moved to see this. She thought that Li Qiye’s movement looked a bit familiar. She also knew that this youth from Sea Emperor was nothing more than an ant. After all, even her lord treated Li Qiye with respect. She was merely curious about his true power and this particular technique.

The old servant became surprised and this feeling only grew as time passed.

“Idiot, meet your mak-!” Liu Qi also laughed after seeing this.

As Liu Qi’s sword rays were about to piece Li Qiye, Qingcheng Zi suddenly noticed something amiss. Intuition told him that a threat was near.

Liu Qi suddenly stopped and couldn’t finish his line. “Ugh-”

Something seemed to be stuck in his throat and impeding his breathing. It was none other than Li Qiye’s branch.

Liu Qi had no idea how it pierced his throat. In fact, other spectators had the same problem.

They only saw Li Qiye attacking in the opposite direction. How the hell did the branch hit Liu Qi? Since the latter never expected any resistance, he didn’t bother trying to block.

“This…” Qingcheng Zi felt a chill coursing down his throat. He wondered if he could have blocked the branch just now.

He couldn’t come up with an answer from lacking confidence.

Liu Qi himself thought that this was an illusion. However, the pain coursing through his entire body told him otherwise.

As Li Qiye pulled the branch out, blood began to gush from the wound. Liu Qi could only watch his life pass away without being able to say a single word.