Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3958: A Transcendent Slash

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Chapter 3958: A Transcendent Slash

The saber had a long and narrow body, lacking divinity and murderous intent. It had an ashen color and gave off the impression that it was a single unpolished piece.

This wasn’t the first time they’ve seen this saber. Prior to this, they saw its incomplete form. Now, Li Qiye has repaired it and eliminated any trace of its previous imperfection.

The blade looked natural as if it came to the world in this form, not forged by a blacksmith.

Nonetheless, it resembled an entirely new weapon versus when it was trapped on the peak - born supported by heaven and earth while fueled by the tribulations.

With a heavenly gaze, one would see minuscule runes made from concentrated grand dao. Thousands of supreme grand dao were refined together to form the blade - a feat that should have been impossible.

Li Qiye casually swung the blade, looking to be one with the saber. The casual swings could divide heaven and earth or purity from impurity.

He still looked as ordinary as can be and lacked an oppressive aura. However, no one questioned his status as a lord.

The faint glow from the saber protected him from the lightning bolts of the tribulations.

He turned his sight towards the tribulation, still looking relaxed before deciding to slash upward.

Everything can be cut - this sentence perfectly encapsulated the fundamental nature of this saber.

The heavenly bolts and earthly flames were severed by the slash as if they were blocks of tofu, unable to slow the slash in the slightest.

It brought serenity back to the legion by removing the dreadful and flashy tribulations. The gentle breezes and blue returned once more.

The crowd who had just calmed down became shaken again. The slash simply removed entities from existence.

“Have a taste.” Li Qiye then swung it again and froze time itself.

Once time flowed again, heads and bodies dropped to the ground. Millions of Vajra’s supporters have been slaughtered - those from the Biandu, Li, Zhang, and Vajra…

They couldn’t utter a single sound since their neck had been severed. Their eyes opened wide with horror and shock.

There was no pain at all, not even when their head rolled on the ground and saw their own corpse.

This was naturally a horrifying scene and prompted them to scream. Alas, no sound came out at all.

Millions died from a single slash. Vajra and Biandu, in particular, have suffered incalculable losses. Their allies’ sects would decline from now on as well.

The blade was stained with blood but after a buzzing noise, all of it was gone. Spectators felt as if the blade had just devoured it. Nonetheless, it wasn’t enough to satiate its appetite. This seemed like a sacrificial ceremony for the saber. Even the ancestors weren’t spared.

The saber definitely had a “taste”, true to Li Qiye’s words.

Vajra’s War Camp, Martial Hall, and Ancestral Temple were mighty. The Biandu brought their top ancestors as well. The Li and the Zhang also didn’t hold back.

Alas, they couldn’t stop a single slash from Li Qiye’s saber and became its victim.

“Go!” Vajra Saint and his peers were scared out of their mind.

They already palpitated the moment they saw Li Qiye alive. Now, this slash made them realize the futility of the situation. They have lost in a devastating manner with no chance of a comeback.

Thus, they decided to run with all of their might, heading for the horizon.

“Leaving so soon?” Li Qiye smiled and swung his saber again.

“Defend!” Vajra Saint and the others roared then took out their strongest weapon.

Vajra Saint used the cauldron again; Black Tides Saint put on a great helmet; Celestial King Li used his pagoda; Master Zhang swung his whisk.

They became resplendent and exerted their strongest state versus the incoming slash. Unfortunately, they seemed rather feeble compared to the slash.

‘Clank!” All four treasures were cut through by the slash, even the dao-lord-level cauldron.

“No!” The group bellowed in horror, realizing that they could only accept their death after the exchange.

They suffered the same fate as the rest of their men - being decapitated.

“Bam!” The bodies fell to the ground. Their eyes expressed just how shocked they were by the development.

They have dominated their entire lives. No other beings could kill them with a single slash until now. Resistance was utterly meaningless; they were mere fish on the chopping board.

Normally, no one would buy a story like this. No one in the world should be able to kill these ancient ancestors. Alas, all the spectators witnessed it in person today.