Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3955: Realm Annihilator

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Chapter 3955: Realm Annihilator

“My turn.” The monarch laughed and waved both hands. The radiance around him became a bright red.

His current state made others see him as a large piece of ancient ruby rather than a regular cultivator.

If his background wasn’t already known, they would have assumed that he used to be a demon gem reaching the dao.

“Realm Annihilator!” He roared.

“Rumble!” People heard explosions coming from above. Once they looked up, they saw the sky darkened with meteoric gems coming down.

They looked unique and bright with a drill-like shape. The edge was extremely sharp and cut through the air, issuing loud gusts.

Their accuracy was immaculate as well, only targeting the trio. It only took a second for them to reach the three, seemingly capable of piercing through everything. One gem alone could destroy a sect and leave nothing behind.

The trio roared and released their vitality. The blood king still used his seal; the sovereign moved his swords back into a defensive stance; the monk’s kasaya created a massive Buddhist wall.

The world started spinning, on the verge of breaking apart. This resulted in the spectators becoming dizzy.

“Rumble!” Though the trio’s defensive measure was nothing short of impressive, the meteoric gems still crushed through the defenses and pushed them back.

They felt their vitality churning and blood flowed out from the corner of their lips.

“The three grandmasters are losing against the monarch…” Experts took a deep breath after seeing this.

“He’s a Heavenly Sovereign who had fought against South Conch Dao Lord before. They still have a long way to go.” An ancestor didn’t find this surprising and said softly.

The grandmasters were considered powerful in the present day. Alas, they have yet to reach the level of these undying beings. A considerable length of cultivation time was necessary.

Meanwhile, Vajra Saint didn’t bother watching this fight or the battlefield. In reality, he thought that the outcome of these skirmishes didn’t matter in the slightest.

“Boom!” Tribulation bolts were still striking Li Qiye’s barrier. Their power made ancestors look like ants.

The fact that the barrier lasted this long was miraculous. Nonetheless, its light dimmed down, no longer as bright as the start.

“It won’t last for much longer.” Celestial King Li happily said. This was a great development for them.

Sure enough, cracks finally appeared on the barrier.

“Yes, any time now.” Master Zhang was sure of Li Qiye’s death. Being struck directly by those bolts was a death sentence. Not even an immortal would be able to survive.

“The sacred lord won’t last much longer.” Li Qiye’s supporters turned pale after seeing the cracks.

However, Li Qiye’s body lit up like a fiery spark. The cracks on the barrier started coming together again.

“Hmm, the sacred lord will be able to last a bit longer.” Some supporters started cheering.

Of course, the saints didn’t feel the same way. What if Li Qiye actually managed to get through the tribulation? He would have the immortal weapon then and all traitors would have their clans exterminated.

“We need to obey the will of the heaven.” Vajra Saint said.

“I agree.” Celestial King Li immediately responded.

“We are ready to follow your lead, Saint.” Master Zhang stroked his beard.

“Let’s get started then.” Vajra Saint nodded while his eyes gleamed murderously.

“So be it, it’s time to get rid of this evil.” Black Tides Saint’s voice came from the carriage.

The curtain of the palanquin curled up neatly and an old man walked out. He was dressed in black from top to bottom and had a fierce glare.

People sensed an aura similar to that from Black Tides Ocean emanating from him.

Black Tides Saint, Celestial King Li, and Master Zhang posed behind Vajra Saint, ready to follow their leader.

“They’re taking action!” An expert blurted out.

These four were renowned cultivators. The auras coming from them now were as intimidating as can be.

The supporters didn’t dare to help Li Qiye. Putting the dreadful tribulation aside, these four could annihilate all of them in the blink of an eye.

They blamed it on the heaven wanting to destroy Sacred Mountain. No one could salvage this situation.

“Raa!” A beast roar greeted the four as they walked closer towards Li Qiye.

It was none other than Lil’ Black and Lil’ Yellow. Both chose to protect Li Qiye.

“Boom!” Something bright flashed then two beastly auras swept across the region. The two revealed their true form.

“The stygian king and earthbreaker bi’an!” Some were elated to see this.

“Animals.” Black Tides Saint’s eyes turned cold.

The group started thinking about how lucky Li Qiye was to have Mad Blade and these two beasts as companions.