Elite Mages' Academy - Chapter 683 - Gradually Resolved Doubts

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Chapter 683 - Gradually Resolved Doubts

Asabanor\'s words were filled with mocking. He did not thank \'you\', but instead said, \'all of your\'. Yet, Xiao Lin did not think that he was referring to the five of them. Among the five of them, the only one with value to Asabanor was probably only himself.

In truth, when Xiao Lin guessed that the situation was set up by Asabanor, he had already started to be filled with doubt and concern. Even though the tournament was not much of a secret between the academies, but with the secrecy between the colonists, the information could not possibly have been revealed to the natives of the New World. Even lower-ranking members of the academy would not be able to have known anything about the location of the tournament.

From the current situation, Asabanor not only managed to learn about it, he had even known about it for a long time. No matter if it was the blood moon in front of him, or those undead troops, they were not things that could be easily achieved, and would definitely need a long time and many resources to prepare.

And this was Dawn Academy\'s territory!

The fact that Asabanor could set up a trap like that, waiting for Xiao Lin and the others to jump in, was not something Xiao Lin believed could have been done in secret, even if he could tell the future.

Unless someone from Dawn Academy had intentionally hid the information, or, even more horrifyingly, Asabanor was working with certain people and gaining help from Dawn Academy!

Xiao Lin felt like a child. The moment he started to speculate in that direction, he found out he had no way of stopping it. It might have sounded crazy before, and possibly unbelievable, but the reality in front of him left him no room for doubt.

To be able to do something like that, while being able to hide it so well, meant there were very few in Dawn Academy who could be the suspects. After eliminating the rest, Xiao Lin could easily guess which person was the most possible culprit, but he still found it hard to believe. He definitely needed the answer.

"Who\'s helping you?!" Xiao Lin shouted loudly. Around him, countless rocks were slowly floating up due to the gravitational suction of the blood moon. Gu Xiaoyue was still maintaining their balance with magic, but it seemed to be helpless.

The situation in front of them left them without any means to advance or to retreat, so it was quite hopeless. They could not attack Asabanor, and did not have the ability to leave that cemetery. Around them, a wave of undead surrounded them and was preventing them from leaving.

Chen Dao and Cheng Ming were already out of ideas, and everyone\'s gaze fell on Xiao Lin. As the leader that had helped them escape many difficult situations, the miracles that Xiao Lin had produced so far caused them to place their final hopes on him.

Asabanor looked at everyone in amusement. Xiao Lin was not worried that the guy would deliberately conceal anything or lie, because at that moment, the truth was the thing that would impact Xiao Lin and the others the most.

Sure enough, Asabanor slowly spoke up, "Don\'t you already have the answer in your heart? In your territory, without the help of your leader, how could I be standing here?"

"What do you mean by that?!" Chen Dao shouted angrily.

"Our leader… Does he mean the dean?" An Luo was uncertain.

"How is that possible?" Cheng Ming was quite shocked, and immediately denied it.

"It would be impossible if it was the old dean, but don\'t forget, our dean has changed." Gu Xiaoyue had a helpless look in her eyes.

With his guess finally being confirmed, Xiao Lin\'s body trembled with anger. He had never liked the new dean, but he still chose to respect the person out of principle. After all, the man was still Dawn Academy\'s dean. Even though their methods were different, they were still working for the benefit of Dawn Academy.

However, he had chosen to work in cooperation with Asabanor. Did that mean that his goal was getting rid of Xiao Lin? Putting aside everything else, what good would it do for Dawn Academy to get rid of an SS-rank talent holder?

Xiao Lin did not understand, but Asabanor quickly continued with an answer, "It seems like you still don\'t understand, stupid invader. The long period of peace has caused all of you to become too naive. I can\'t help but say that I quite admire your new leader."

"Didn\'t you say that you hated us to the bone, and wanted nothing more than revenge? Yet you actually chose to work in cooperation with our people? Your position is a joke." Xiao Lin tried to slide in some insults.

Asabanor laughed, and his laughter was incredibly grating and horrible under his spirit state. "You\'re wrong! My goal was never revenge, but to revive my country! My country, my citizens, will never be buried in history just like that!"

Xiao Lin finally understood. He helped that former high priest finish the rest of his words. "There are no absolute enemies, only absolute benefits. You used this world to exchange our planet Earth with our dean! You want to use Earth as the new place for your kingdom!"

"However, Xiao Lin, that makes no sense. The New World was already our colony, so how could a dead spirit like that use the New World to exchange anything with the dean. You must be overthinking it!" Chen Dao still did not understand, but he did not want to talk to Asabanor, so he turned to look at Xiao Lin.

"Not our colonies; our shared colonies with other countries." Gu Xiaoyue took a deep breath. She was forcing herself to remain calm. She knew that her losing her composure was not due to Asabanor, but rather concern for her sister. If Xiao Lin\'s guess was right, and Asabanor wanted to use Earth to revive his kingdom, then everyone on Earth would become a slave to that madman.

Xiao Lin sighed bitterly. "Gu Xiaoyue is right. The old dean worked together with the rest, and developed the New World together. However, the new dean would rather fight against the other academies over the resources in the New World. I can\'t believe he\'d be so ruthless. The participants from the British Royal Academy should all already be dead. They did not die in the hands of any outsiders, but our own people. What a disgrace!"

Xiao Lin took a deep breath, continuing, "If I\'m not mistaken, a war is about to erupt in the New World." No matter what Asabanor gave to the new dean, the fact that the dean had sacrificed an SS-rank talent holder like Xiao Lin meant that it was definitely something extraordinary.

"I have a final question. Why me?" Xiao Lin asked.

"Because you\'re the final key to opening the wormhole. The power of the law in your body is a mysterious power that can ignore the laws of the universe. That is a power that countless people can only dream of.. No matter. After tonight, that power will belong to me!"