Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2899 - Consigned to Eternal Damnation

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Chapter 2899 Consigned to Eternal Damnation

Chu Yunji frowned. What is Jiang Chen trying to do? He felt something was different from the purple blade. Yet he couldn’t identify it.

“Fuse! Myriad Qi Cauldron!”

Flame rose under Jiang Chen’s control when he stepped into the Nine Cauldron Mountain and fused the purple blade into the Myriad Qi Cauldron.


Everyone was waiting for Jiang Chen to make a fool of himself but then thunder clouds began to gather above Jiang Chen. It was even stronger than the one before.

“Look, Bis Sis Ling, ain’t I right? Big Brother will never lie to us. This Lightning Tribulation looks stronger than that fella by several fold, Big Brother is certainly forging an Origin Divine Tool!” Yue Er crossed her arms and stared at the thunder clouds.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were still as sharp as ever as he looked up fearlessly.

“A powerful Heavenly Lightning is sure to come, Jiang Chen may not get through this easily.” Ling Yanyu said with a solemn expression.

He knew that Jiang Chen’s Origin Divine Tool was at its final stage and needed the Heavenly Lightning to complete its change. Yet, it’s not easy as the elders said. Somethings Master Blacksmiths lose their lives in the face of these lightning. Ling Yanyu sensed a dangerous lightning was soon to come.

Chu Yunji’s expression darkened.

“Be careful not to die under the Lightning Tribulation.”

Chu Yunji was hoping that Jiang Chen would die under the Lightning Tribulation. Then, the Thunderbolt Agarwood and the Purple Universe Starry Steel would be left without an owner

“Is that fella’s Origin Divine Tool so powerful? Even the Lightning Tribulation looks powerful, oh my god!”

“This Lightning Tribulation is extremely powerful. Everyone, back off.”

“Terrifying, but could he withstand it?”

Someone looked towards Ling Yanyu, his expression was serious, that was enough.

“Difficult.” Ling Yanyu said.

Different people have different expressions, especially Chu Fangzhi, his lips were curving up.

“Boy, be careful not to choke yourself trying to take on something more than your size. That lightning will devour you and nothing will be left of you, hmph, that’s for overestimating yourself.” Chu Fangzhi said coldly, without holding back.

It was sarcastic yet true, Jiang Chen was only a Mid Divine King after all. Even Ling Yanyu frowned from that Lightning Tribulation, the others too were certain that they would die a terrible death if they were the ones to face it.

Being able to forge a Origin Divine Tool but unable to withstand the Lightning Tribulation was akin to digging one’s own grave. People were sighing for Jiang Chen’s situation, this lightning was certainly dangerous for him.

“You really think you’re some hot sh*? Looks like you’re mad, more so than I. It’s a pity that it’s foolish, stupid, you’re digging your own grave. Haha, Jiang Chen, that’s a pretty good way to die.” Chu Yunji laughed madly.

The whole mountain was engulfed by thunder clouds, Jiang Chen’s figure could not be seen, except for a purple glow shining from within the dark clouds.

Not being able to get through the baptism of Lightning Tribulation meant that Jiang Chen’s Origin Divine Tool will be a failure and he might as well lose his life. Ling Yanyu was feeling helpless as he could only wait, he glanced towards his anxious disciple and gave a sigh. Perhaps, Jiang Chen’s overconfidence is his downfall. Ling Yanyu’s flames of hope were dying out.

“Looks like there’s nothing much to see for this contest.” Someone sighed.

“Sabotaging himself, why? Hahaha, digging one’s own grave?”

Countless sarcasm could be heard and the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect became the target to be picked-on. The whole Blood Tool Sect would move once this Lightning Tribulation passes. If Lord Ling Yanyu dared to move… the whole Tian Xing Boundary would have a revolutionary change.

Ling Yanyu focused his eyes towards the front, there’s still hope if Jiang Chen’s alive, he would stand proud if Jiang Chen gets through this.

Ling Yun was feeling a complicated emotion whereby Yue Er was silent, Ling Yun’s flickering flame within her heart was getting vanquished.

Jiang Chen was frowning within the storm. He’s nervous, but not because of the lightning but something within the volcano that was locking onto him. He felt extreme discomfort. Yet, whenever he used his spiritual energy to scan the mountain, nothing came out. Although his spirit was not at its peak, experts below God Emperor Realm shouldn’t be able to spiritually spy on him.

The Nine Cauldron Mountain became restless due to Jiang Chen.


Lightning struck, Jiang Chen could not divert his attention anymore as he’s at the final stage of forging his purple blade. The lightning was dominating, some were feeling despair, some elated. Jiang Chen was unfazed as it only felt ticklish whenever the lightning struck, however, this Origin Divine Tool still needed more to complete it.

“It’s not enough, let it be stronger!” Jiang Chen smirked.

The Lighting Tribulation wasn’t strong enough for him. He then summoned the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning and Dawn Sky Golden Lightning. The whole mountain quaked from the rumbling thunder and lightning.

“Is that real? That strong of a Lightning Tribulation?! Not even a Half-Step Hierarch could survive this.”

“Hahaha, looks like it’s real. Did the fella poke at a god’s hive? Holy sh*t it’s scary.”

“I’ve never seen such a terrifying Lightning Tribulation.”

Everyone shuddered. Even the light of hope in Ling Yanyu’s eyes slowly vanished. Even a Hierarch expert would have to face this lightning with all their might. Jiang Chen who was a weak Divine King could withstand this? It’s fiercer and much more savage than the one before, could one survive this? Jiang Chen was digging his own grave by being overconfident as he forged such a powerful Origin Divine Tool.

“Is it really over?” Ling Yun was in despair.

Jiang Chen, why are you such a fool? Why? Consigning yourself to eternal damnation just to save me. How can I live the rest of my life with peace?