Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 535 - Brother, WhiChapter Hospital Are You From?

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Chapter 535: Brother, Which Hospital Are You From?

The patient’s heart started to beat weakly after the resuscitation and artificial respiration.

It was fortunate that the patient’s heart was able to beat again!

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Pei Rusi did not need to continue. Jiang Tingxu, on the other hand, needed to continue.

The sound of an ambulance was heard. The surrounding crowd immediately made way for Pei Rusi.

“Over here,” Someone waved his hand.

Soon, the emergency doctor arrived.

When he arrived, he could tell that Pei Rusi and the others were from the same profession.

Whether it was the thing under the patient’s neck or Jiang Tingxu’s professional CPR, he could tell.

Pei Rusi stood up and explained the situation to the emergency doctor. Jiang Tingxu also stepped aside.

With a cardiac resuscitation device, it was naturally more effective than performing CPR manually.

Moreover, performing CPR for one group was very tiring, not to mention that Jiang Tingxu had performed four groups in a row just now.

Qiao Ran, Xiao Bai, and Xiao Cao immediately helped Jiang Tingxu massage her arms and fingers like three big girls.

Jiang Tingxu could not help but laugh, “What are you girls doing?”


“It’s fine.”

The three little girls would not listen. They just continued massaging.

Jiang Tingxu could not refuse either. She was very helpless.

The motorcycle owner was already on a stretcher. The emergency doctor also asked about Pei Rusi and the others’ identities, “Brother, which hospital are you from?”

“Yun City Hospital.”

“Yun City Hospital? I don’t know if I should say that this car accident patient today was very lucky or something else. If it wasn’t for your professional first aid, with his condition, he might not have made it.”

Sometimes, it could be such a coincidence!

There was a saying since ancient times, “The King of Hell wants you to die in the third watch. It would be impossible for you to live past the fifth watch.”

Who knew that the emergency department of the Yun City Hospital would choose to have a gathering here today?

Therefore, that patient was indeed lucky to have survived.

After the ambulance left, the crowd of onlookers applauded Pei Rusi and the others one after another.

Everyone had witnessed the emergency treatment just now with their own eyes.

Everyone could also see how hard the doctors worked and how hard they tried to save him.

Moreover, the emergency doctor had previously said that if it were not for the doctors from Yun City Hospital, the patient would have died before the ambulance arrived.

How could he not be excited to witness the rescue of the patient with his own eyes?

Of course, he was even more impressed by these doctors!

The head nurse picked up the shirt that had been soaked in blood and put it into her bag, “It’s about time. Let’s go.”

Indeed, there were still people who had to rush back to work at the hospital.

When the group of people left, Mo Xu and the others were still dumbfounded not far away, “Dang, Mo Er, your sister-in-law is so amazing!”

“Is sister-in-law Mo a doctor? Why didn’t I know about it?”

“Cough, I don’t know either. Mo Er, is it true or not?”

Mo Xu successfully sent the video that he had just taken to his brother before nodding, “Yes.”

After receiving Mo Xu’s personal confirmation, the group of people once again exclaimed in admiration, “Sister-in-law Mo is amazing.”


“I’m going back to the company. You guys can help yourselves.”

Mo Xu turned around and prepared to leave.

“Don’t, don’t. It’s not easy to get together, and you’re leaving just like that, Mo Er? Don’t you have any sense of loyalty?”

“Do you think everyone is as carefree as you guys? There are a lot of things to deal with in the company. I’m leaving!”