Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 534 - Artificial Respiration

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Chapter 534: Artificial Respiration

Pei Rusi went to pay the bill while the rest of the people waited outside the door.

Everyone was delighted today. They laughed non-stop.

When Pei Rusi finished paying the bill and walked to the door to meet everyone, there was a loud bang on the opposite road.


A car accident happened right in front of everyone’s eyes.

Everyone’s first reaction was — run!

The car accident happened about 50 meters away from the hotpot restaurant. It only took a few seconds for everyone to run there.

It was a collision between a large truck and a motorcycle. The motorcycle owner was sent flying a few meters away before he landed heavily on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, the motorcycle owner was drenched in blood.

Based on his usual experience, this kind of situation was very dangerous.

However, as a doctor, he would do his best to save the patient before the last moment. What if a miracle happened?

Pei Rusi was the first to run over. He squatted down and examined the patient immediately. At the same time, he shouted, “Sir, sir, can you hear me?”

Actually, the motorcycle owner was still conscious. He heard Pei Rusi’s voice and could feel Pei Rusi’s examination movements. However, he could not make a sound and could not move at all. His brain was not under his control.

“Sir, you have to stay awake, okay? We will save you. You will be fine!”

Jiang Tingxu, Liao Jiayu, and Guan Xiaodong, who ran over after him, immediately knelt on the ground and began to check the motorcycle owner’s body.

“Scissors, or a knife. Who has them?”

They were all out to eat. Who would bring these things?

“Dr. Jiang, step back a little. Dr. Guan and I will tear his clothes off.”

Jiang Tingxu did not push him away. Instead, she turned her body sideways and patted the motorcycle owner repeatedly, “Wake up, wake up.”

Meanwhile, Pei Rusi had already started emergency treatment.

The head nurse had already taken out her phone and dialed 120, “A car accident has happened on XX Street. The patient’s condition is critical. Please send an ambulance over immediately.”

No one dared to move the patient who was injured in the car accident.

Pei Rusi directly took off the outer lining of his body and threw it to the head nurse, “The patient’s neck bone is injured and there is a fracture. There is no protective gear for the time being. Use this first.”


The head nurse quickly folded the shirt a few times and estimated the length, “Director Pei, it’s done.”

After receiving it, Pei Rusi carefully placed it under the neck of the motorcyclist.

“Have you called 120?”

“I’ve already called it. There’s a Chinese medical hospital nearby. They should be arriving soon.”

Jiang Tingxu had been paying attention to the patient’s condition the whole time. Suddenly, she said, “The patient’s heart has stopped.”

Pei Rusi started CPR again, but there was no reaction even after doing two groups of patients consecutively.

Jiang Tingxu quickly bent down and pinched open the patient’s mouth. She was about to perform artificial respiration.

At this moment, Pei Rusi said, “I’ll do the artificial respiration. Dr. Jiang, you do the CPR.”

Pei Rusi’s reaction was actually not unexpected.

After all, Pei Rusi had feelings for Jiang Tingxu.

Although they were all doctors and this kind of situation was purely to save the patient and did not represent anything else, Pei Rusi still could not accept seeing the girl he liked performing artificial respiration on another man.

Jiang Tingxu was stunned, “Thank you.”

After thanking him, she took over the work that Pei Rusi had just done and started CPR seriously.

Meanwhile, Pei Rusi also started performing artificial respiration on the patient.