Demon's Diary - Chapter 738: Breakthrough

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Chapter 738: Breakthrough

Fortunately, the Heavenly Thunder Spell practiced by Liu Ming had reached the perfect stage. He immediately swallowed a golden yuan pill. Before he could digest the pill, he directly launched a silver lightning arc toward green heavenly thunder.

At this moment, the 153 crystals in Liu Ming’s body trembled at the same time, then the surface of the crystals continued to have black gas gushing out. An uncontrollable strong warm current began to flow throughout his meridians.

At the same time, the octopus clinging to his chest also made a strange cry, and its aura gradually strengthened.

Liu Ming’s face changed immediately.

Affected by the celestial phenomena of the breakthrough of these 2 spiritual pets, the Sky Beastkin blood essence in his body and the 8 tentacles sea beastkin were also completely activated, causing their spiritual power to increase sharply. They started to breakthrough as well.

He originally only wanted to bestow protection to the 2 spiritual pets that were breaking through, but in this case, he would give up such an excellent opportunity to break through the Crystallization Period later stage.

Liu Ming raised his hand almost without thinking, and a small yellow shield flew out.

As he chanted, a burst of yellow light flashed on the surface of the small yellow shield. It transformed into a 100 meters huge yellow shield that defended above Liu Ming, the bloody cocoon and the stone ball.

It was the magic weapon prototype, Thick Earth Shield, that he bought that day!

As the green lightning arc struck down from the black vortex in the air, some of the lightning was absorbed by the shield, and the remaining lightning power spread in all directions.

Upon seeing this, Liu Ming felt calm. He quickly took out 2 earth grade yun spirit pills from the Sumeru Ring and consumed them, then he sat cross-legged on the spot. He used his multitasking talent to stimulate all his spiritual power to break the bottleneck while channeling spiritual power into the Thick Earth Shield above to resist the lightning attacks.

The aura of the 8 tentacles sea beastkin on Liu Ming’s body also fluctuated violently.

Although Liu Ming set the cave house in a remote place, how could such a huge movement not attract the attention of other people?

As a result, within less than 10 minutes, escape lights began to fly from a distance, and they landed on the nearby mountains.

At first, there were only a few of them, but it didn’t take long for more to come. In just 3 hours, there were already hundreds of people gathering in this remote place.

There were both human cultivators and beastkin cultivators. However, because of the general spiritual veins in this area, there were no cultivators above the Real Pellet State realm living nearby. The cultivation of the onlookers was generally only in the Crystallization Period realm, and there were even some Condensation Period cultivators. They just want to take a look from afar.

But in a cave house dozens of miles away from the mountain where Liu Ming’s cave house was located, 4 Crystallization Period cultivators in different clothes were whispering to each other.

“Fellow friend, Old Wu and I have already explored the situation. The source of this phenomenon is at the mountain peak more than ten miles northwest of here. A human cultivator is breaking through the bottleneck, but that abnormal thunder calamity celestial phenomenon should have been attracted by the 2 spiritual pets next to him. According to my Divine Thought, this person is at the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period, and those 2 spiritual pet are still in the Condensation State perfect stage. They seem to be advancing to the Crystallization Period.” A savage tribe man with a naked upper body and tiger skin around his waist said.

“The spiritual pet of the Crystallization Period? It seems to be our opportunity.” In the cave house, another one-eyed muscular savage tribe man said in joy.

“But this cultivator who owns 2 Crystallization Period spiritual pet doesn’t seem easy. If we attack abruptly and attract his hatred, we will lose even more. Besides, there are already many people gathering nearby.” Next to the middle-aged savage tribe man, a 70 years old man with a slightly yellow face reminded him.

“Old Wu, you worry too much. The 4 of us are Crystallization Period cultivators. You are even at the later stage. I have just used Divine Thought to scan the nearby cultivators. Most of them are those who occasionally pass by. Their strength isn’t comparable to us at all. Not only that, the 2 spiritual pets can’t move due to the breakthrough. Is it that the 4 of us can’t deal with a Crystallization Period intermediate stage cultivator? You also see yourself that he is controlling his weapon to defend the thunder from above while breaking through, so he won’t have the energy to deal with us at all. If we just hide in the blind spot and make a surprise attack, we will definitely kill him in 1 blow. In the worst case, we can at least make him severely wounded!” The middle-aged savage tribe man said with a smile. He looked full of confidence.

“But there are only 2 spiritual pets, how do we distribute them?” An eagle-faced beastkin cultivator who had been silent suddenly asked.

“Brother Dapeng, since this person can have 2 good spiritual pets, he must have a lot of other spiritual weapons and spirit stones on him. The 4 of us will work together to kill him first, then we will distribute them. With our friendship of hundreds of years, are you afraid that I will treat you badly?” The single-eyed man said disapprovingly.

The others looked at each other when they heard the words, then they nodded to each other tacitly.

After the 4 people discussed a few more words, they left the cave house one after another, turning into 4 escape lights of different colors to fly to the northwest.

At the same time, on the unknown mountain peak, the thin spirit all around started to gather toward to peak, forming a spirit vortex below.

In the center of the vortex, Liu Ming sat cross-legged and controlled the Thick Earth Shield with 1 hand gesture to resist the thunder calamity.

As the power of the 2 earth grade yun spirit pill gradually dissolved, he was enduring the unbearable pain that ordinary people couldn’t handle.

At this moment, all his meridians were filled with the endless pure spiritual power provided by the earth grade yun spirit pill.

At the same time, the surging heaven and earth spiritual power around him was also constantly pouring into his body, making him suffer from heart-piercing pain from time to time.

Fortunately, his physical body was far superior to the cultivator of the same level, otherwise his body would explode.

At the same time, he had to desperately channel spiritual power into the thirsty 153 spiritual power crystals.

Because he discovered that the 144 purple spiritual power crystals seemed to have a strange addiction to spiritual power. If he hadn’t just taken the 2 earth grade yun spirit pills decisively, he would have failed to break through the bottleneck due to the thin spirit in the surroundings.

He didn’t even care about the strange aura that suddenly appeared on the surrounding mountains.

After all, how would he be worried about some Crystallization Period cultivators or even Condensation Period cultivators?

But if someone wanted to die, he naturally didn’t mind helping them!

After this situation lasted for about half an hour, the black vortex in the sky gradually disappeared, replaced by a huge black cloud.

Along with a rumbling roar, thunder continued to strike from the dark clouds, but its color had changed from the original green to silver.


Suddenly, a silver lightning arc with the thickness of an arm struck heavily on the Thick Earth Shield.

However, this lightning arc didn’t get reflected by the Thick Earth Shield. Instead, it turned into silver spark that entangled the surface of the shield.

At this moment, after the huge stone ball below trembled, a strange crisp sound came!

There were cracks on the surface of the stone ball, then the gray stones of different sizes began to slowly fall off, revealing the crystal-like figure of Bone Scorpion inside.

The bloody cocoon transformed by the Demon Flying Skull was also wriggling. The blood mist circulated on the surface. The bloody silks kept pulling away from the bloody cocoon as if something inside would burst out of the cocoon the next moment.

“Master, you can concentrate on breaking through the bottleneck. We will deal with the thunder calamity on our own!” Liu Ming heard the voices of Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull.

Liu Ming was no stranger to the thunder calamity that happened when the spiritual pet was breaking through.

He was involved in the thunder calamity before, so he could help to resist. However, now that the 2 were going to break through, they had to face the heavenly tribulation themselves.

After all, they could only take the final step and break through the bottleneck of the Crystallization Period after they were tempered by the thunder calamity.

Therefore, Liu Ming only pondered a little, then nodded. He made a gesture and waved in the air. The Thick Earth Shield shined and turned into the size of a knuckle before flying back into his body.

Then after launching a few symbols toward the surrounding formation flags, the golden light curtain also disappeared.

Without the support of the Thick Earth Shield and the golden light curtain, one after another silver thunders struck at Bone Scorpion that only revealed half of its body and the wriggling bloody cocoon.

“Puff puff puff.“

The gravels near Bone Scorpion all rose up and went at the thunders with glittering silver light, blocking all of the thunders.

After the bloody cocoon spun, the blood qi on its surface became thick, causing the silver lightning arc to dissipate on contact.

Seeing this, Liu Ming felt relieved. He immediately continued to channel the spiritual power in his body to break through the bottleneck with all his strength.

But after a while, a burst of gray smoke mixed with a stench suddenly appeared on the mountain and spread quickly.

“Sure enough, there is someone trying to take advantage of this!”

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s face turned gloomy. He took out an elixir that could cure all poison from the Sumeru Ring and took it.

With his current tyrannical body, the general poison wouldn’t be effective on him. However, to play it safe, he still held his breath while releasing his mental power to check the situation nearby.

After a while, 9 escape lights of different colors rushed out from the nearby mountain. After a few flickers, they surrounded Liu Ming in the air.

Behind Liu Ming, a man in a gray robe flashed out. He was holding a gray jade bottle that was emitting strands of gray mist.

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