Dark Blood Age - Chapter 787 - Pigs?

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Chapter 787: Chapter 787 Pigs?

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Chu Yunsheng was not scared of the gaze, he just felt a little bit helpless.

He felt that he should say something. Since the other party made it clear that it had discovered him, if he didn’t say anything, he would feel very uncomfortable being stared at like this.


However, before he could finish his sentence, there was a huge amount of information flowing between the gaze and the cube outside his zero-dimensional space. The time of exchanging the information was extremely short, but the speed was extremely fast. If it weren’t for the fact that Chu Yunsheng had the ability to completely control the cube, it would be impossible for him to detect such a small and short exchange of information.

Immediately afterward, the gaze seemed a little dazed. There was even an indescribable trace of hesitation. Then the gaze was inexplicably withdrawn and disappeared instantly.

In the distance, the Silhouette Being’s brows furrowed deeper, and he still looked at Chu Yunsheng with an even stranger look.

After that gaze swept across at a steady speed, the unconscious Raissa and the little subterraneans all woke up in a panic.

The group of humans was finally able to keep their feet after the sudden snowstorm disappeared. However, what they saw next was the snowy ground being scattered with dead bodies. The most incredible thing was that nothing happened to them. Except that their formation was a bit messy, they were completely fine.

The subterraneans shouted something hurriedly, ignoring the situation of others. They hurriedly carried the subterranean whose helmet was crushed by the Silhouette Being into their high-tech tents. Through the broken helmet, the face of the little subterranean was twisted as if it was resisting extreme pain. Every time he breathed in the outside air, a strange line like a pale green blood vessel would spread on his face. It was extremely terrifying.

The arrogant Raissa, who had just gotten up from the snow, still remembered what happened just before she passed out. She glanced around, looking for the two despicable freaks with her cold and angry eyes. However, before she could find Chu Yunsheng and Silhouette Being, she first discovered the bodies of other Heavenly Winged Beings on the ground. Her anger instantly froze on her face and her mind also went blank, she no longer cared about those two freaks.

Raissa’s body was stiff. She felt that it was very difficult for her to move every part of her body. She knew that it was because she was not able to accept the death of her companions, but when she subconsciously wanted to run over to check if any of her companions were still alive, she was shocked to find that her power was sealed by an overbearing energy, and her body was weak, she could not even spread her proud wings.

Who was it!? Who on earth attacked her and killed all other Heavenly Winged Beings?

She wanted to find out the person who did this, but the suspect in her mind kept changing; sometimes, it was the two damn freaks; other times, it was that terrifying gaze; and then, there was also that Xenos.

However, she could not find the corpse of the Xenos that had been chasing her companions. She did not believe that the Xenos could kill her companions during the time she was unconscious, so she suspected that little freak, But when she saw the little freak standing among other freaks, she couldn’t help but have some doubts. How could it be possible that little freak could kill all her companions with its small body?

Before passing out, Raissa felt a dangerous aura from the two freaks, but she still did not think that they had the ability to kill all her companions and drove away the Xenos in a short period of time. Only the three Chief Wing Commanders had this kind of power.

But if any of the Chief Wing Commanders came here, none of them would be able to stand here unaffected like the little freak. The Chief Wing Commander who came here before was a perfect example. Moreover, if any one of the Chief Wing Commanders came here, it was a major event. The kingdoms on land would inevitably protest, and other kingdoms would also pay great attention to the event. Every time a person of that level was sent out, it was enough to alarm the whole world.

So, she thought for a long time. In the end, she was inclined to believe that it was that cold gaze. Thinking of the gaze, she couldn’t help but shiver again.

While Raissa was trying to find out who was responsible for the killings, a white shadow ran past her hurriedly. It was the little subterranean.

“Are you okay?” The little subterranean ran all the way to Chu Yunsheng, and lIke a little girl who was worried about her dying dog, she crouched down and pushed Chu Yunsheng nervously a few times.

Chu Yunsheng was naturally able to move, but the psychological repression he had just had had not yet passed. Although he could not understand what the little native was saying, he could roughly guess it from her nervous behavior. However, he did not respond to her. He suddenly sat up from the ground, pressed the little native down, and gazed into the deep forest.

“Ah!” The little native screamed, her little face under the helmet flushed, probably because Chu Yunsheng had touched some places he shouldn’t have touched.

Chu Yunsheng did not care about her feelings and reactions. Facing the forest, he said coldly, “If you want to fight, then come out and fight. What’s the point of having the strength of Cardinal Source Gate if all you know is to hide!?”

Since he couldn’t hide, Chu Yunsheng decided to confront the eyes head-on. Even if the opponent was extremely powerful, he was not a completely powerless person. Even if he couldn’t beat the other party, he would make the other party pay a heavy price.

But he still underestimated the power of the eyes from deep inside the forest. In an instant, an indescribable magnificent force rushed out from there, covering the entire polar basin. In front of it, Chu Yunsheng only felt that he was as weak as an ant without any ability to resist.

Even the Silhouette Being subconsciously made a posture of running away. But the next moment, it stopped helplessly. Probably, it also realized that it couldn’t escape.

This magnificent cosmic power could only be felt by Chu Yunsheng and the Silhouette Being. For the natives and humans, they could only see the visual changes around them a few moments later.

Countless metal-like components appeared from the sky, the ground, the mountains in all directions at an incredible speed and connected each other seamlessly.

The metal components were connected and assembled at a very fast speed. In a blink of an eye, everyone was wrapped inside it. Because no one could see it from the outside, no one knew what it was. But soon streams of light appeared. They shot out in a straight line, illuminating the interior of the building with brilliance. With the brilliant light, one could see countless gears, machinery, and corridors flying in all directions. They rapidly merged with each other and turned into many twisted lines, which seemed to be ripples, but also like some kind of vibrations.

A large amount of visual information had flooded into people’s eyes and rushed to their brains along the conductive nerves, making them feel dizzy.

The various instruments of the native people were running at a crazy speed until they exploded. Their high-tech tents flickered twice and became completely paralyzed.

Chu Yunsheng felt that he was familiar with these lines, but he couldn’t recall where he had seen them before. However, the Silhouette Being gasped, “Energy Metal, Deity Thread, From the Macro into the Micro, the Fourth Dimension… are all combined together! Could this be… the legendary Dimensional Crossing Spacecraft!”

The cube tenaciously blocked all the impact of the flood of information. In Chu Yunsheng’s zero-dimensional space, it was building a smooth particle-like thing at a crazy speed.

In the next moment, the surrounding area became quiet, and all the assembling sounds disappeared. Chu Yunsheng looked around. There was no longer snow under their feet, but a smooth mirror surface without color.

“Look!” Chen Maocai, the soldier who had recovered from the shock, reacted quickly, pointing to the top and exclaiming.

Following his fingers, the humans who understood what he was talking about and the natives who did not understand what he was talking all looked upwards. Then except for the Silhouette Being, all of them were shocked.

On top of their heads, there were countless neatly arranged compartments. Each compartment contained a kind of living being. There were plants, animals, bacteria, etc. There were life forms that everyone could understand, and there were also life forms that everyone couldn’t imagine, for example, a cloud of mist in one of the compartments.

There were no two compartments that had the same living beings in them. All the compartments were densely arranged together, extending infinitely.

But they were not static. The compartments were constantly changing, and countless different creatures were floating past like clouds.

At this time, a milky white light gate that was as tall as a lofty mountain rose slowly from under the mirror-like ground.

When everyone looked at each other, not knowing what was going on, there were two voices coming from the gate. It seemed that one was a male voice and the other was a female voice:

Male, “Give up, there are no gods. You won’t be able to find anything even if you trace back to the beginning.”

Female, “Then, it means that the first covenant does not exist.”

Male, “So you are still thinking about this question. It is unsolvable like the origin of the universe.

Female, “Unless there is a way to prove that there is no need for a covenant to break through the first limit. Otherwise, it is contradictory.”

Male, “You can think of it as an original thrust when the universe was born.”

Female, “If there is an initial thrust condition, it means that there is a god.”

The male voice was silent for a moment, “What did you see?”

The female voice was silent for a moment and then replied in a helpless tone, “Time.”

Then, two huge figures that appeared at the milky white light gate slowly turned around as if they were about to walk in, but they disappeared in the next moment.

There was a noisy commotion behind Chu Yunsheng.

“It’s Tathagata Buddha!” This was a woman who sympathized with the Silhouette Being.

“The Jade Emperor!” This was Zhou Daqian.

“Jesus?” This was a middle-aged man with the appearance of a scholar.

“Chairman?” This was Comrade Chen Maocai.

“God of the sky!” This was Raissa’s voice.

“Mother Goddess!” This was the voice of the little subterranean.

But Chu Yunsheng saw the senior practitioner. He turned around and looked at the Silhouette Being without saying anything, knowing that something was not right; otherwise, how could everyone see different people? The key was that other people seemed to have understood the dialogue between the male and female voices.

The Silhouette Being seemed reluctant to explain, but under Chu Yunsheng’s gaze, he eventually explained in a voice that only Chu Yunsheng could hear, “Deities can be formless and communicate without any language barriers, they can be dogs in dogs’ eyes, and lions in lions eyes, they can be anything that people want to see. That’s why they are called gods by lower beings. The Venerable God who gave you the book could easily do something like this. But this is not important. We need to get out of here immediately. What you saw is the past shown by the attenuation changes of artificial particles in the distant era. But they are going to collapse soon.”

Before his words fell, the compartments above his head began to decay rapidly and fell one after another. In addition, the entire space collapsed quickly as if they were encountering an earthquake.

The Silhouette Being acted first, leading Zhou Daqian and others towards the milky white light door that was getting smaller and smaller.

The light door shrank very fast. When the Silhouette Being arrived at the door, it was about four meters tall. But when Zhou Daqian and others all entered, it was reduced to two meters tall.

Chu Yunsheng also didn’t dare to slow down. Everything behind him began to collapse. However, just when he was about to run, he noticed that the winged woman and the little natives were still standing there not moving.

Thinking that the winged woman and the little native could be useful in the future, Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth, grabbed the little native who was the closest to him with one hand, and the winged woman with the other hand, and ran toward the door fast.

Seeing that her precious wings were rudely grabbed by a freak, Raissa’s eyes almost teared up. She struggled desperately, wanting to break free. However, with her current strength, she could not do anything.

The rest of the little natives panicked when they realized who Chu Yunsheng took away. However, before they could stop Chu Yunsheng, Chu Yunsheng had already gotten into the door.


Near the equator of this planet, in a desert oasis, a large group of terrifying and hideous creatures was washing some shivering human women and children they caught and prepared to grill them.

Two days ago, they had eaten those creatures once and found out that they were very delicious. It just happened that their food was very scarce at the moment. While thanking their god for giving them so many tasty creatures, they decided to capture more of those creatures tomorrow.

After all, those creatures were really delicious!

Perhaps the sun was too dazzling, or maybe it was the golden reflection of the desert. These terrifying creatures and the humans who were already crying and trembling in the circle did not notice that a small group of people had emerged from the corner of the circle.

Across the rattan fence, Zhou Daqian’s daughter pointed to the ferocious creature eating a human leg and cried, “Daddy, a scary pig!”

Chu Yunsheng came out of the group and stood before Zhou Daqian who was holding his daughter tightly, frowning, “Pigs? ”