Dark Blood Age - Chapter 786 - Invincible Below the Cardinal Source Gate

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Chapter 786: Chapter 786 Invincible Below the Cardinal Source Gate

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Before Chu Yunsheng and the Silhouette Being revealed their strength, the Silhouette Being took a step back and blew out a strong air current, which lifted up a thick layer of snow on the ground. It kicked up countless snowflakes and enveloped the panicked human beings.

Chu Yunsheng did not stop him. Sometimes he felt very funny because the Silhouette Being was always hostile to him; however, with the passage of time and changes in their respective situations, the Silhouette Being who once regarded humans as low-level creatures always paid attention to protecting humans. Whereas Chu Yunsheng, who should have been on the side of humans, had to draw in the natives who had captured humans, to keep the strength balance between the Silhouette Being and him.

The Silhouette Being wanted to protect humans, and he wanted to protect the natives. If this continued, the Silhouette Being might become the seventh era’s era leader one day? And he might really become a traitor.

In any case, he must deal with the current situation first. The existence of energy turbulence and the hidden dangers in the forest, either of these two things required him and the Silhouette Being to stop the natives and the winged woman from taking them into the forest.

Chu Yunsheng had no objection to the Silhouette Being’s proposal that he should deal with the creature that was going to chase out of the forest. Although he did not know what the winged woman and the natives were discussing, since they didn’t retreat, it meant that they were confident in dealing with that creature. So in terms of combat power, it was fair on both sides.

In fact, even if it was unfair, Chu Yunsheng would still choose to stop that creature. This was related to his plan. He had many attack methods. One was the Wuzi sword and the other one was offensive talismans. Of course, if he was able to use a monster seal talisman to seal the creature, it would be even better. He could even use it to fight against the Silhouette Being.

Raissa quickly noticed the extremely dangerous aura emanating from the bodies of two freaks. Just when she barely had time to take up a defensive posture, everything before her went black all of sudden.

The little native didn’t know what happened. She thought Raissa still wanted to kill the two freaks. She mistakenly thought that Raissa’s defensive posture was the attacking posture, so when she passed out, she thought that she was knocked out by Raissa.

The sudden change made the other subterraneans who had been watching on the side frightened and furious. The Silhouette Being’s speed was so fast that none of them knew it was him who did it. All they saw was Raissa’s abrupt action, and then the little native was sent flying and fell to the ground unconscious.

The little people were furious. The despicable behavior of the Heavenly Winged Being made them collectively turn their weapon in the next moment and fire all the particle beams at the other Heavenly Winged Beings that were flying in the sky. In an instant, the situation went crazy in a direction that no one knew what would happen next.

The Heavenly Winged Beings who had withdrawn from the forest did not know the situation outside. Raissa had passed out, so they naturally could not know that the two parties had actually negotiated the cooperation conditions before. Now they could only see a group of despicable subterraneans attacking them while they were being chased by the creature from the forest. Furious, they focused their attention on those subterraneans and the creature from the forest, completely ignoring the existence of humans.

The fierce fighting caused a large-scale snowstorm. The snow that swept over obscured the sight of all the creatures around the edge of the forest.

The Silhouette Being’s speed was very fast; so much so that even with the strength of Yuan Tian stage two, it was still difficult for Chu Yunsheng to accurately locate his position. He could only feel his position through the energy fluctuation caused by his fast movement.

But that was not just it. What shocked him, even more, was that the Silhouette Being didn’t use any tricks. When fighting with those winged people, he dashed through them with great force as if his body was made of iron, and caught those winged people one by one without giving them any chance to react or resist. After catching them, he either smashed them to the ground, tore their wings apart, or directly devoured them. To deal with the winged people who had escaped far away, he even showed the terrifying ability to use the five pure elemental energies simultaneously to attack them from a long range.

Except for the fight on the isolated island in the pacific ocean, Chu Yunsheng and the Silhouette Being had never fought each other at a low-level realm other than inside the zero-dimensional space, so they did not actually know how powerful each other’s strength was. It wasn’t until this moment that the Silhouette Being showed his true power. Although there must be some concealment, it was enough to surprise Chu Yunsheng.

The winged people died quickly one after another, their eyes wide open in disbelief even after they died. Before they died, they still thought that it was the creature from the forest that had sped up and started a killing spree. Only when the Silhouette Being killed them one by one did they finally realize that they were facing a much powerful being.

The natives also didn’t know that it was the Silhouette Being who did it. They couldn’t even see the Silhouette Being. In the snowstorm, they could only see that under the bombardment of the weapons in their hands, the Heavenly Winged Beings one by one fell into the snow from the sky, or were being torn apart in mid-air. The bloody and crazy killing scene terrified them because it was impossible to achieve such an effect with their weapons. There could only be one reason why such a scene appeared, and that was the creature that came out was too powerful.

But the reality was that the stone-like creature that had chased out of the forest was currently being trapped by Chu Yunsheng’s Ice Trap talisman. Feeling terrified and panicked, it wanted to run back to the forest. However, it was impossible for the creature to do it now.

While the Silhouette Being was slaughtering those winged people, he did not forget to observe Chu Yunsheng at all times. After all, with his strength, this was something he could do easily.

In his eyes, Chu Yunsheng was still using the same old method to attack his enemy. Because of this, his plan of trying to figure out Chu Yunsheng’s real strength completely fell through.

But even so, he was still a little surprised. He didn’t know when Chu Yunsheng’s low-level talismans could release such an unimaginable power. In his memory, talisman technology had also been used by other beings in the past, but none of them were able to achieve this level of power.

Not only was he taken aback, but Chu Yunsheng was also a little dazed. If he didn’t react fast enough and weakened the second Icicle whirlwind talisman, the stone-like creature would have probably been shredded into pieces.

The stone-creature gave Chu Yunsheng a feeling that its strength was at least at the early stage of Yuan Tian stage two the moment it came out of the forest. Therefore, his strategy was to attack it with a Glacier talisman first and then followed by the Icicle whirlwind talisman. After that, he would trap it with an Ice Trap talisman so he could prepare for the second round of attack. He decided to use those three talismans repeatedly until the stone monster was killed.

But he didn’t expect that the moment the Glacier talisman was triggered, a huge amount of Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi was stirred up like a violent storm, causing the fierce snowstorm that other people saw, and freezing the stone-like creature almost from inside to the outside.

Fortunately, Chu Yunsheng reacted fast. After realizing that there was no need for him to use the second Icicle whirlwind talisman, he took out a monster seal talisman. Once the stone monster’s life force decreased to a certain extent, he would immediately cast out the Monster Seal talisman to seal it.

Chu Yunsheng couldn’t stop the Silhouette Being from killing those winged people unless he decided to confront the Silhouette Being now.

But he always paid attention to the movement of the little natives. Once the Silhouette Being finished killing the winged people, it was most likely that he would violate the agreement between the two and start to kill those little subterraneans.

As he expected, the moment the Silhouette Being finished killing all the winged people in the sky, he immediately headed toward the group of little subterraneans.

Chu Yunsheng was prepared, but his speed couldn’t keep up. When he rushed back from the snowstorm, the Silhouette Being had already grabbed one native and crushed its skull as well as its spacesuit-like helmet. At this time, the little natives still did not know that the creature that was killing them was the little boy who they captured. The speed of the Silhouette Being did not slow down, so all they saw was only a ghostly shadow moving fast in the snow.

At the moment the Silhouette Being attacked the natives, Chu Yunsheng made a long sword out of snow and sent out six sword qi.

No matter how fast the Silhouette Being’s speed was, at this moment, he was still limited by his realm. He could not outrun Chu Yunsheng’s sword qi. Therefore, he must dodge Chu Yunsheng’s attack. Although he could not be killed by only six sword qi, he didn’t want to leave his back to Chu Yunsheng and take the damage just to kill a native.

The Silhouette Being’s afterimage formed straight lines in the air, without any curves. It was a chaotic mess of interconnected straight lines, showing its unparalleled movement and strength. There was no need for him to slow down, no need to turn around, he would appear and disappear like ghosts, making his movement unpredictable.

However, the sword qi was produced by the sword combat skills created by the senior practitioner; even if the Silhouette Being’s movement was fast, he still could not outrun the six sword qi. No matter where he appeared, the six sword qi would always appear behind him in the next moment.

Probably feeling annoyed of being chased around, the Silhouette Being stopped abruptly. He turned and waved his hand, casting out five energy beams from his five fingers. Ice, wood, gold, fire, and earth, each beam was made of different elemental energy, and each of them was heading to one of the sword qi. When colliding, each of them caused a violent energy explosion. When the last sword qi arrived before the Silhouette Being, he opened his mouth and swallowed it completely. Seeing that Chu Yunsheng did not cast out the second round of attack, the Silhouette Being showed a surprised expression.

Chu Yunsheng was not a fool. When the six sword beams were chasing the Silhouette Being, he knew that the Silhouette Being was actually using the natives as a means to force him to take action. He wanted to test his strength.

It was even more obvious when the Silhouette Being used five different kinds of energy beams to block his sword qi and then swallowed one last sword qi. It was not to show off but to test the power of his sword qi.

However, something the Silhouette Being didn’t expect happened at this time. The five energy beams he sent out did not destroy Chu Yunsheng’s sword qi. They broke out from the clouds of explosion in the next moment and shot toward the Silhouette Being fast.

The Silhouette Being probably also realized it after he swallowed the sixth sword qi. After showing the surprised look, he accelerated again. However, it was too late. The remaining five sword qi instantly made five holes on his trousers.

Although the Silhouette Being was not wounded, it was very humiliating to him.

Chu Yunsheng also didn’t expect that the power of sword qi had risen much more than before, but he didn’t think much about it. Standing not far away, he said coldly, “I’ve said it already, if you mess around, I will strip you naked.”

The Silhouette Being showed a look that puzzled Chu Yunsheng, and then without saying anything, he quickly ran back to the group of humans.

Chu Yunsheng frowned. The Silhouette Being’s reaction after swallowing his sword qi was very strange. Was there something wrong with his sword qi? He couldn’t figure it out, the knowledge level gap between him and the Silhouette Being was too big. He looked at the ice sword in his hand and did not find anything special about it. In the end, he threw away the sword and hurriedly returned to the dying stone-like creature to finish sealing this monster.

The moment Chu Yunsheng sealed the monster, the snowstorm suddenly stopped!

It was as if he had triggered something dangerous. He couldn’t help but frown.

No wonder the Silhouette Being ran away just now.

But no matter what, the feeling of danger was so intense that Chu Yunsheng almost felt suffocated. He didn’t think that he would be able to run away so he simply lay on the ground and performed his unique skill: Play dead.

Soon after he lay on the ground, a pair of huge eyes glanced over from the depths of the forest. This feeling was very strange and uncomfortable. No one could see it, but everyone could feel its existence. When its gaze swept across everyone’s body, everyone felt like they were naked in front of the huge eyes. Even the Silhouette Being also frowned deeply.

The eyes’ gaze swept across everyone’s body without stopping on any one of them, but it seemed to have seen through everyone. It maintained its speed, sweeping across everything all the way to the end of the eastern horizon and returning to the forest from the western horizon.

The entire forest that was still restless earlier suddenly became quiet under this gaze.

At this moment, it was as if the breath and heartbeat of every being on this planet was the only noise in this world.

Chu Yunsheng’s consciousness was instantly pulled back to the zero-dimensional space the moment the gaze swept past his body.

Just when he came out of the zero-dimensional space thinking that he was safe now, the gaze that returned from the western horizon suddenly accelerated and locked on him.