Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant - Chapter 1687 - Only By Getting Closer To Death

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Chapter 1687: Only By Getting Closer To Death

The other three looked at Mag, and fell deep in thought.

Mag looked at them, and also fell deep in thought.

He really wasn’t trying to act cool. He… had no choice.

“Just one slash,” Mag said.

“Sure. You’re brave. I’ll go with you,” Krassu said with a pat on his chest.

“I can slow it down,” Urien said with a nod.

“I can open up a path within the seal for you with the Holy Light. However, I won’t be able to estimate the amount of black fog within, so you might only have a very short time. You must return immediately after the slash,” Irina said with a smile.

“Alright.” Mag nodded. He held his sword with both hands and stood before the altar. After a gentle sigh, his expression became very grave.

“Here comes!” Irina commanded. She shot out a dazzling ray of Holy Light from her magic caster’s staff, which lit up the entire cave in an instant. The Holy Light opened up a pathway through the dense black fog, right towards the center of the octopus monster’s head, leaving a deep burn mark on its head. However, it did not manage to cause any substantial harm to the octopus monster.

Almost at the same time, Urien planted his magic caster’s staff on the ground, causing the temperature in the cave to lower by 10 degrees Celsius. Frost started forming and expanding quickly from his feet, moving towards the octopus monster. In no time at all, a layer of frost had already formed on the octopus monster’s tentacles. The speed at which it squirmed was visibly slower, and it was very obvious that its movements were slowed down and restricted.

“Hey! Have a taste of my giant fireball!” Urien shouted. He jumped up tens of meters high, and waved his magic caster’s staff towards the octopus monster. A few giant fireballs started flying towards the octopus monster like meteorites.

“Chi, chi…”

The octopus monster seemed to be enraged by their movements, and let out a low moan. It used its tentacles to sweep away multiple giant fireballs, but some of them still managed to land on its tentacles, exploding to leave traces of burn marks. However, the injuries inflicted on it healed quickly.


At the moment Irina shot the Holy Light out, Mag chased the light and dashed into the seal. He raised his longsword, and slashed down on the tentacle closest to him.

The Tian Du sword was not considered a very sharp sword, but it was a very hard sword. That, together with Mag’s techniques and strength, made the sword as good as the sharpest sword.

However, when the sword landed on the tentacle, it was as though it had slashed into a swamp. The sticky and soft tentacle dampened the majority of the strength used in that slash, and at the same time the multiple suction pads on the tentacle held on tightly to the Tian Du sword, making it difficult for Mag to pull out the sword.

The multiple pairs of blood-red eyes were already staring at Mag, just like how a wild beast set its eyes on its prey.

Even more tentacles started swarming over, which showed that the octopus monster had already noticed his intrusion.

The slash did nothing at all, and the sword was stuck because of the suction pads. There was probably no situation worse than this.

Mag only had a single choice left, and that was to forsake the sword. Irina and the rest should be able to buy him enough time to return.

Mag looked at the Tian Du sword, which he held tightly. The handle of the sword was gleaming faintly, as though it was trying to say something.

In that moment of frenzy, Mag suddenly pulled out Fat Head Fish from his waist, and chopped right down on the tentacle.


The tentacle, which was as thick as a person’s waist, broke off cleanly.

“That’s it!?” Mag’s eyes lit up. He had no time to be shocked. He quickly put Fat Head Fish back at his waist, and lugged Tian Du sword, which still had part of a struggling tentacle stuck to it, over his shoulder as he made a mad dash.

The tunnel made by the Holy Light was getting smaller and smaller as the black fog surrounding it squeezed it tight. At the same time, there were countless tentacles swarming over behind Mag.


Mag made it out after a tight squeeze as he threw his body at the seal. He reached a hand out to press on the stone wall, leaving a palm print that was half an inch deep.

Behind him, the multiple tentacles knocked into the golden glow. With a flash of light, the tentacles all disintegrated, causing the octopus monster to let out a low, enraged howl.

“Alex indeed. You can’t find such guts and fight in anyone else among the younger generation.” Krassu looked at Mag with admiration.

“Only by getting closer to death can you understand the true meaning of survival.” Mag tried to sound as calm as possible as he wiped his cold sweat away.

“I didn’t expect that you could really cut this monster’s tentacle.” Urien looked at the section of tentacle still stuck on Mag’s sword in shock.

The tentacle, which was brought out of the seal, had shrunk significantly. However, it was still as thick as an adult’s thigh. Just that section of the tentacle, which was a little longer than a meter, had eight eyeballs on it. After the tentacle was cut off, the redness in the eyes was gone, but they still looked very scary and creepy.

“This monster probably has very strong self-recovery abilities. Its broken tentacle only took three breaths to fully recover. Therefore, losing a section of its tentacle isn’t a problem for it at all,” Irina said when she saw the octopus monster with its fully recovered tentacles. That also included the blow Krassu inflicted on it just now.

“The Holy Light deals it a much greater blow compared to normal magic indeed. It’s not so easy for it to recover from that,” Urien said thoughtfully as he noticed the wound that was still at the octopus monster’s glabella.

“I could feel the might of that fellow very clearly within the seal. It had an unimaginable strength and unparalleled spiritual power,” Mag remarked as the person who went into the seal.

“It seems like the only thing that we can do now is to reinforce the seal so that it cannot escape or attract its believers over for the time being. After that, we’ll have to think of a way again,” Urien said with a frown as he started walking around the ancient inscriptions on the altar.

“If you need any materials, I have some here. Take a look if you could use any of them.” Krassu threw a storage ring to Urien.

“I also have a batch of spell formation materials.” Irina waved her magic caster’s staff, and a pile of materials, glowing in different colored light, appeared in front of Mag.

Mag pulled the Tian Du sword out from the tentacle quietly while no one was taking notice. After that, he used Fat Head Fish to cut a section of the tentacle with the eyes, and thought to himself, System, quickly keep this fresh tentacle of the Great Old One!

“Ding! An ingredient from an organism of unknown strength received!

“Congratulations on completing a top-tier mission: obtaining an ingredient from a Great Old One!

“The test results will be sent to the host after 24 hours. Please remember to check!”

The section of the octopus tentacle in Mag’s hand disappeared as the system’s voice rang in his head.

Although he did not know what kind of results the system could test out, that was probably the only thing they could look forward to as of now. Perhaps they would be able to find a way to deal with this octopus monster through information on the test report.

The scary part about the Great Old Ones wasn’t their size, but rather their ability to influence and spiritually control organisms anywhere. Even sealed thousands of meters deep underground and enveloped by layers of spell formations, they were still influencing this world.