Cultivation Online - Chapter 546 The Third Even

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Chapter 546 The Third Even

"How much more difficult do you think the third event is compared to the first or second event? Or is it easier?" One of the spectators asked out loud.

"It should probably be harder than the previous two events, especially since you have to constantly run on that treadmill stage. I cannot imagine trying to do what they\'re doing right now. As expected of the best archers in the Spiritual Elites."

"18 points!"

"15 points!"

"21 points!"

"18 points!"

Every five minutes a new participant would enter the treadmill stage to shoot the targets.

About an hour later, Meixiu was called onto the stage, and after spending a minute clearing her mind, she readied her bow and started moving on the stage.

Meixiu shot her bow 30 seconds after the whistle was blown while in a jogging motion.

After her first shot was released and the arrow hit the 300-meter target, Meixiu could feel the treadmill stage moving a little quicker, forcing her to jog faster as well.

Another half a minute later, she shot her second arrow.

Then her third.

And her fourth.

By the time she was on her last arrow, the treadmill stage was moving so quickly that it looked like Meixiu was sprinting for her life.

After taking a deep breath, Meixiu pulled the string with her eyes focused on the 300-meter target.

She\'d managed to hit the 300-meter target all 4 times up to this point, but she has not managed to hit the red yet.

And on her last second, Meixiu released the arrow half a second before the instructor blew on the whistle.



The arrow hit the 300-meter target inside the red.

"18 points!"

After another hour, the third event came to an end, and Meixiu actually managed to increase her rank by 1 despite only hitting the red one time, reaching 6th place.

The instructor gathered all of the participants once again, but she didn\'t lead them to the last location just yet.

Instead, she explained to them about the event first.

"For the final event, you will be hunting rabbits within a certain area with your bow and arrow. However, you are not allowed to kill them! I repeat— you are not to kill them, or you will receive a penalty that is a deduction in points!"

"The fourth event won\'t start right away since we still need to prepare for it. There will be an hour break, but before I let you go on your break, allow me to explain to you the rules of this event."

"There will be a total of 10 rabbits at once, and they will all have a bell attached to their tail. Your objective for the final event is to shoot the bell off their tail, and every successful hit without injuring the rabbit will give you 5 points."

"However, if you injure the rabbit, you will have 10 points deducted, and if you somehow killed the rabbit, you will have 20 points deducted."

The participants swallowed nervously when they heard the rules, as this final event could potentially make or break their chances of becoming first place.

If they kill even a single rabbit, that would mean having an entire event\'s worth of points being deducted from them, meaning the points they scored in the previous events would be forfeited, and that could instantly drop even the current first place to the last place!

This rule would no doubt put a large amount of burden on the participants, and it made them really nervous for the first time in this competition.

The instructor sent the participants away for an hour while they cleaned up the place and prepare for the final event.

"You\'re doing great, Feng," Yuan said to her when she returned.

"Thank you, but I am still miles away compared to the others," Meixiu said.

"You\'re too humble." Senior Hong chuckled, and he continued, "I heard from the instructors that you only started learning archery a few days ago. Compared to the other disciples that have been practicing since they were young, you\'re too crazily talented, just like someone else here."

Senior Wang nodded and said, "The fact that you\'re even competing against them is already amazing enough."

"What? She only started archery a few days ago? How is that even possible?" Wang Ming was shocked to hear this information for the first time.

It was one thing for Player Yuan to be a genius, but even his caretaker is a genius? One can only imagine how talented his family is when the caretaker is already this talented.

While the participants waited for the final event to be prepared, outside the Jaded Garden where the helicopters are located, a new helicopter arrived at the place.

Once the helicopter landed, a beautiful young lady with brown hair flowing down her back and an old man wearing a butler suit stepped outside the helicopter.

"The spiritual energy in this place isn\'t that bad, but it\'s not as good compared to the spiritual energy at our home." Lady Chu said after checking out the spiritual energy in that place.

"Alright, now which way to do go?" Lady Chu looked around, and she quickly noticed the tall building in the distance.

"Let\'s go check out that place first," she said while pointing to it.

They proceeded to approach the building, entering it a few minutes later.

"Welcome to the Jaded Hotel. How may I help you today?" The receptionist greeted them the moment they entered.

"Why is there a hotel in this middle of nowhere?" Lady Chu raised her eyebrows.

The receptionist chuckled a little before replying, "Since most guests visiting this place come in helicopters, the Six Spiritual Families decided to build this hotel here for their convenience."

"I see… Then can you tell me where the Six Spiritual Families are located? This is our first time to this place."

The receptionist nodded and left the desk.

She then took them outside and pointed them in a certain direction.

"If you walk straight down that way, you should reach the entrance in about an hour since it\'s three miles away."

"I understand. Thank you." Lady Chu said to the receptionist before following the direction she was given.