Boss’s Death Guide - Chapter 121 - Stone

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Chapter 121 - Stone


Not far from the S City secure base entrance was a rather large open space. Displayed here were square-shaped metal cages, each of their sides about a square meter wide.

Each metal cage contained a person. These people were of all genders and age; all had emaciated looks and ragged clothes. They were squeezed inside the cages. The few children were still doing fine, but the adults didn’t even have room to stretch out their arms; being squeezed in such a tiny space looked painful.

Especially painful was how a few women even had been stripped. The shame was secondary; in such weather, each one was trembling from the cold and they would probably freeze to death at some point.

There were people walking past around them who would even spit at them, showing disdain.

Qi Jingchen frowned slightly, then he quickly lowered his head and acted afraid to conceal the disgust in his eyes. Shi Kun and his men similarly had uneasy appearances.

The guide appeared used to this, even turning his head back to tell them, “These are rebels of the secure base and were put here as a warning.”

“So it turns out that they’re rebels! Then that’s as it should be,” Shi Kun said. The next time he looked at them, his gaze carried a bit more hatred.

This time, the guide showed a small smile and said, “It’s time. The oracle is about to arrive; come look.”

Everyone looked over, only to realise that a few people dressed in black robes had come over, then five shadow guards stepped forward, sticking an iron tube about the width of a finger into people inside the frontmost five cages, and unexpectedly began to draw blood.

The metal tubes were pricked into the caged people’s thighs and blood began rushing out, being collected in basins.

This sight was nauseating, but everyone around them acted like it was normal. An oracle in black robes even took out a scripture book and recited, “God will bleed his enemies’ blood dry, blood will erode their bodies, God will turn them into mindless monsters…”

The bloodletting had already ended and those shadow guards had taken out the metal tubes, but the oracle was still reciting scriptures. He recited and recited, and those five people in the cages unexpectedly became zombies just like that!

When the surrounding people saw this, the atmosphere became even more fanatical. The newcomers, while also frightened, were stunned, and even had a thread of reverence arising in their hearts due to the atmosphere infecting them.

This was the first time Qi Jingchen saw an oracle.

Although the oracle was alive, and was clear-headed unlike zombies, he could feel dark energy even stronger than from shadow guards.

The dark energy resembled the type that shadow guards had, was more mixed than his from his last life, but purer than the zombies’… Had Yao Mengzhi found a way to make man-made dark ability users?

The reason why those five people became zombies was clearly that that oracle had sent some dark energy into them. Also, what was the blood going to be used for?

The oracle swiftly left, and Qi Jingchen was even more fearful of Yao Mengzhi. Right at this time, he suddenly felt Nie Yi’s hand tighten its grip on his and even felt a trace of anger from Nie Yi. He was a little taken aback, then soon discovered what had happened— In those metal boxes were unexpectedly two familiar faces!

Nie Yi had lived in S City before the apocalypse for a very long time. At the start of the apocalypse, Ping Shengchao and the others left with him, but he still had some friends left in S City secure base.

In their last life, after he and Nie Yi established a secure base belonging to the two of them, Nie Yi’s two friends came looking for them and even joined their base.

The reason the two had done so was to live better, but after joining the secure base, they did not use their connections with Nie Yi to ask for benefits, and were very content with what they had.

Back then, although Nie Yi already had great changes in temperament, his relationship with them was still pretty good. After they turned into zombies during the end stages of the apocalypse, he even killed and buried them, setting up gravestones.

At that time, there were way too many zombies, and generally, even when someone became a zombie, they would be driven away from Qi Jingchen using his might without a burial… Nie Yi doing this meant that he couldn’t be apathetic towards them.

Now, the two of them were locked up in metal cages and kept like livestock… no, perhaps they weren’t even living like livestock. Livestock was valuable during the apocalypse and no one would dare mistreat them; even their death would be clean and simple.

Qi Jingchen also tightened his hold on Nie Yi’s hand. He didn’t know why those people wanted blood, but knew that Nie Yi’s two friends were clearly placed here for Nie Yi to see.

Yao Mengzhi was reborn and moreover, she may have frequently observed them in their last life. Naturally, she would know these two’s relationship with Nie Yi; now that they were placed here… This was definitely intentional.

And as for them: could they truly turn a blind eye to it?

Nie Yi’s emotions weren’t quite stable, but he couldn’t do or say anything. Conversely, slight anger had emerged on Yu Xuguang’s face. However, he was now a ‘woman’, so other people weren’t concerned.

Everyone fell quiet. Probably due to receiving consecutive frights, Shi Kun, who had kept pampering Yu Xuguang ever since seeing him, unexpectedly didn’t dare comfort Yu Xuguang at this time.

The guide brought Shi Kun’s team and finally stopped in front of a small villa.

Perhaps this couldn’t be considered a villa, but a three-storied house villagers usually liked building. The Jiangnan region had a large population but small land, so villages would make villagers build their houses together. Because of this, these houses were very close to the neighbouring house. As later S City secure base built many more houses, there was also a row of newly built six-story houses in front of it; even the sunlight couldn’t shine through.

Of course, absolutely no one cared about this during the apocalypse. They are already very satisfied with being able to have a house to live in alone.

“You’ll be living here. Rest well; you can participate in the oracle welcoming ceremony the day after.” The guide allowed Shi Kun and the rest to settle down, briefing them.

It was right then that Nie Yi and the rest knew that there was even a specific ceremony to welcome oracles.

“What do you have on you?” Right as Nie Yi and the others were ruminating on what the ceremony was like, the guide suddenly pointed at Nie Yi and spoke.

Nie Yi was wearing very thick clothes, and something seemed to be wriggling by his chest.

“Sir, it’s a monkey.” Nie Yi lowered his head and acted like he didn’t dare face the guide, hastily pulling out the monkey. “I fed it some food, then it began following me!”

At first, the guide was a little wary, but relaxed upon seeing that it was genuinely just a monkey. Creatures like monkeys following people if they had nothing to eat was quite normal.

“Be careful next time!” The guide coldly said, and quickly left. After this person left, Shi Kun gave Nie Yi a glare. Although his Xiao Jiu had explained it to him before and said he genuinely didn’t like such an ugly man, he still found this man unpleasant to the eyes.

Their team only had Yu Xuguang alone as a ‘woman’. Shi Kun very magnanimously left a single room for her, then Nie Yi, Qi Jingchen, and the other four from B City secure base had no choice but to squeeze into a room.

Nie Yi was a little dissatisfied with not being able to have a two-person world with Qi Jingchen, but still endured it in the end. Moreover, after carefully thinking about it, doing this also had benefits; it would be much more convenient for them to discuss matters.

However, right in the present situation, they definitely couldn’t call along Yu Xuguang along… lest the jealous Shi Kun made a fuss.

“S City secure base being like this can’t possibly be done overnight. Didn’t your people notice any oddities when previously visiting S City secure base?” As Qi Jingchen observed the surrounding situation with his spiritual strength, he petted the monkey and even gave it a little tomato seed.

The little monkey planted the tomato seed in the flower pot and began using his ability. Not long after, the tomato began growing larger.

“The members who flew to S City secure base were whisked away to be welcomed immediately upon leaving the plane; it’s estimated that what they saw was only what the base wished for them to see,” one person said with a bitter smile.

Another person nodded. “I came by once. Back then, I just thought that S City secure base’s management was pretty good and didn’t think much of it at all. Moreover, I only stayed for a night before I rushed back.”

Hearing this, Qi Jingchen’s slightly frowning face grew grave. He had a youth’s makeup and appearing this mature was rather amusing, but no one laughed aloud.

Before coming, Nie Yi, Qi Jingchen, and B City secure base members all intended to come to explore the situation, and Nie Yi even thought of whether he should secretly kill Yao Mengzhi.

But with the present situation… Matters were unexpectedly this grim, and this was something they never could have imagined. Moreover, for Yao Mengzhi to create such a large battle situation, it was possible that she had long prepared for their assassination.

While in a serious mood, a small tomato was suddenly shoved into Qi Jingchen’s hand. He lowered his head and realised that the little monkey had already ripened the tomato. Small tomatoes hung all over the tomato plant and were even continuing to grow.

Nie Yi used his ability and quickly snatched away the ripe tomato. The monkey was a little worried that it itself wouldn’t be able to eat. As it held the tomato plant and continued using its ability, it was about to swallow up a fingernail-sized tomato.

Its appearance was a little amusing, but no one laughed.

“This sort of place ought to be bombed clean!” An earth ability user from B Ciy secure base said. He had always appeared very calm but was now indignant. “Among those locked up in the metal cages, there were children! Children!”

He was very angry, but after speaking he sighed with a forced smile because he knew that it was impossible.

At the start of the apocalypse, due to the worry that launching war after the emergence of zombies would cause humanity to swiftly die out, a convention once spread around the entire world. According to this convention, humanity could not use large-scale firearms to destroy other secure bases.

Later due to worry of the worsening environment, another clause was added to this convention. They couldn’t use bombs like nuclear warheads to destroy a city, even if that city was already occupied by zombies.

Even if the city was destroyed, there would still be several zombies around it, and using too many bombs would damage the environment… things like radiation and airborne dust didn’t affect zombies, but would kill humans.

Since it was like this, B City secure base naturally couldn’t dispatch an aircraft here to dump bombs… Of course, even if there wasn’t such a convention, B City secure base wouldn’t do such a thing either. After all, this place had so many ordinary survivors and they couldn’t possibly kill all the people here just because Yao Mengzhi created an evil cult.

Just like this earth ability user; he said this because he was distressed for the child. This being the cake, how could he watch on as this child, as well as the other children of S City secure base, were bombed?

“Let’s see the situation first before thinking of a countermeasure,” Qi Jingchen said.

Hearing Qi Jingchen’s words, the earth ability user suddenly said, “You… Do you want to create a Light God Cult?”

Although this Dark God Cult had a comprehensive doctrine, for humanity, perhaps most humans would be more inclined to the light while surrounded by darkness like this.

Qi Jingchen raised his brows, a stir in his heart.

But before he could think any further, he suddenly said, “Shi Kun’s coming.”

Shi Kun honestly came to find Yu Xuguang to go out for a stroll. Reportedly, S City secure base had an extremely lively bazaar and it was most suitable for them outsiders to take a walk.

Qi Jingchen and the rest burnt up the tomato plant, opened the door and saw Shi Kun currently speaking to Yu Xuguang at the entrance of the neighbouring room.

“I’m not going,” Yu Xuguang said with a cold face. He tampered with his throat with his ice ability and his voice changed when he spoke. Although it wasn’t that clear, it was no longer the same as his original voice.

“Xiao Jiu, that place really is a lot of fun, and there’s a lot of good food. Are you sure you won’t go?” Shi Kun said. “That place has every kind of snack. One of my subordinates went and ate roasted pork buns and stinky tofu; all of them were especially delicious.”

During the apocalypse, the allure of delicacies was extremely strong, yet Yu Xuguang simply wasn’t someone who was easily swayed. “I have no appetite.”

“Shi shao, what’s the bazaar like? Can we go look?” The earth ability user asked, “We haven’t seen a large secure base’s bazaar before.”

“The bazaar isn’t far from here,” Shi Kun said half-heartedly before looking at Yu Xuguang again. “They’re going to the bazaar; are you?”

“Yes,” Yu Xuguang said with a frown. He didn’t want to go because he couldn’t quite accept S City secure base’s current condition and wanted to calm down. But right now, seeing the others, he suddenly realised that he wasn’t here for fun, but to investigate the situation here.

Since it was like this, how could he continue staying in the house and not go out?

Shi Kun left with Yu Xuguang and no longer bothered with Nie Yi and the rest, but fortunately didn’t forget to order his subordinate to tell Nie Yi and the others where the bazaar was.

Hanging the identity plate they obtained at the entrance on their neck then taking their supplies, Nie Yi and the rest headed for the bazaar.

The bazaar truly wasn’t far and they soon arrived. It was a long street and shop fronts were everywhere on either side of the entrance to the street, selling food or purchasing various items. Walking further in, both sides of the street were filled with street stalls. Several people here were setting up stalls to sell items, and at the same time, a few S City secure base people dressed in work clothes were walking back and forth with their shadow guards, constantly watching at the side.

At the start when Nie Yi and the others were chased down by shadow guards, they assumed that even if there were shadow guards there wouldn’t be many, but right now… This was far more than a few? It was simply way, way too many!

If there were no accidents, shadow guards should have been created by Yao Mengzhi with living beings. She did such a thing, yet the people of this secure base could turn a blind eye to it?

Qi Jingchen was just thinking of this when he saw several people looking at the ability users that could bring along shadow guards reverently, and someone would cry out some slogan from time to time.

He suddenly felt that he was a little silly, unexpectedly wanting to analyse the evil cult’s way of thinking… Back then, certain cult members would even have a group of people all committing suicide together…

Sticking close to Nie Yi’s side, Qi Jingchen carefully observed the surrounding situation with his spiritual strength, then slowly walked forward.

Nie Yi knew that Qi Jingchen would only eat food he himself had cleansed before, and it wasn’t like he could cleanse them here before everyone, so he didn’t buy anything for Qi Jingchen. Conversely, when seeing the daily supplies like clothes displayed, he wanted to see whether there was anything Qi Jingchen wanted from them.

“Down-filled clothes, brand new down-filled clothes, cheaply sold!”

“Painkillers, half a catty of painkillers for two rations!”

“Powdered milk, imported powdered milk!”


Many people were hawking their wares, and a few professions on the verge of disappearing had also emerged; for example, a few elderlies were repairing shoes by the street.

The outside was too lively and the little monkey in Nie Yi’s embrace couldn’t help sticking its head out. Nie Yi did not stop its actions and allowed it to move its eyes and look at everything around it.

As they walked, Qi Jingchen suddenly stopped at a vendor stall. Although Nie Yi didn’t know what for, he followed suit and stopped as well.

The owner of this vendor stall was an old lady. She was selling an assortment of supplies; various bottles and jars were stacked together, fully cramming the small space before her.

Wanting to set up shop here required a vendor’s fee, but looking at her appearance it should be that she freeloaded on a corner of another’s vendor booth to sell items.

Seeing Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen walk over, the elderly was pleasantly surprised. “What do you want to get? They’re all very cheap.”

“Let me see.” Nie Yi squatted down while Qi Jingchen acted bashful, similarly squatting down behind him.

“My aunt’s family used to operate an emporium that mainly sold tableware. All of these are new, so you guys can carefully pick one out,” said the middle-aged man taking up a vendor’s booth himself.

“I see,” Nie Yi said.

Nie Yi had withdrawn his lofty aura and looked unremarkable. The middle-aged man no longer remained vigilant after giving him a look over, calling out to other guests. There was no need to even mention the old lady, who was especially enthusiastic. “One liang of rations can be exchanged for items. If you buy more, it can be cheaper, while some small items can also be cheaper.”

Hearing this, Nie Yi slowly picked them out.

He chose a stainless steel thermos, a plastic lunchbox, and two eating knives. “How much are these?”

Stainless steel thermoses were still rather popular during the apocalypse; after all, it was very airtight and could carry food, but a lunchbox and knives weren’t worth much.

The elderly’s face revealed hesitance. “Is three liangs of rations okay? Are there any softer rations? I have a child in my family.”

Nie Yi thought about it, then took out two packets of compressed biscuits to give to this old lady. The compressed biscuit was something he got from Yu Xuguang and his men; it would be good to eat after soaking in water.

A pack of compressed biscuits was two liangs, so two were four liangs. The old woman hurriedly said, “I have a clean knife, let me split it for you.”

“Dad, I want this stone.” Right at this time, Qi Jingchen suddenly spoke quietly and then looked at Nie Yi with wide eyes.

Qi Jingchen’s wide-eyed appearance made Nie Yi’s heart stir; although he knew it was no more than an act, he still had an urge to pat his chest and express ‘I’ll give you anything you want’.

The monkey under Nie Yi’s shirt rolled around, allowing Nie Yi to calm down slightly. He took a deep breath, then told the old lady, “I’ll give you both the biscuits; I want this stone too.”

“Good, good.” The elderly nodded repeatedly, unable to restrain the smile on her face at all.

She had picked up this stone to push down the newspaper spread on the ground. Although it looked quite nice, it was still just a stone. Being able to exchange it for two rations was simply an enormous event.

Nie Yi saw Qi Jingchen tuck the stone away. He may not understand Qi Jingchen’s reasons, he didn’t ask anything while on the streets. Standing up, he intended to continue walking onwards.

Right at this time, a burst of commotion rang out near the bazaar.

A man was yanking a woman’s hair and dragging her out of the house, pulling her towards the few patrolling ability users and even shouting, “Sir, sir, I would like to make a report! She’s a heretic! She doesn’t believe in the dark god!”

The woman’s clothes were torn to shreds and her face was filled with fear and she repeatedly begged, “Ge, ge, let me off… I don’t not believe in the dark god, I truly don’t…”

Baobao Notes

During the break I took to focus on irl, I was listening to lots of commentary. There was one that spoke of the cult iceberg, where they explained famous to less famous cults. It’s an interesting listen, and if you think a cult like the above is something that won’t happen in irl, it’s surprisingly on the contrary. Most of the cults are just as normal as a religion can get, but once he reaches tier 8 and tier 9, it gets worse. Here, I’ll link the video.

He also covered, in more detail, another cult that was really really messed up like, jesus. It’s about the Ant Hill Kids and you can find it in his channel, but be warned, it’s not a light-hearted listen.

But in short, like what he says, in real life, a cult that gets that messed up is like how a frog gets boiled in warm water. At first it just seemed like a very chill religion, then the cult leader would up the craziness in such increments that they don’t even realise that it got that bad; they just think it’s the natural course of action.