Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 2052 2052. Chants

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Chapter 2052 2052. Chants

Noah couldn\'t see anything, and his senses also found themselves unable to understand what was happening. His enhanced consciousness couldn\'t gaze past the pure whiteness that had filled the world, and his only consolation came from the energy constantly flowing into his body.

Everything was fine as long as Noah continued to absorb energy, but he remained stunned at how easily Heaven and Earth could blind him. His incomplete world was still empowering his mind, so his senses were near the peak of their potential, but he still couldn\'t perceive anything.

The whiteness slowly vanished and let the world reappear in everyone\'s eyes. The sky revealed its dimmer state, and the fabric of space showed its perfectly intact condition. Yet, the monster ended up capturing the entirety of Noah\'s attention due to its odd shape.

Giant holes had appeared in the monster, and its spherical form had transformed into a mess of currents of non-energy that weakly stretched forward. Its non-world had also suffered similar damage, but it had managed to preserve its relatively dense figure.

The ten pairs of hands were still pointing at the monster as if they were waiting for it to make a move. However, a giant orange structure had appeared in front of two of them. The old rulers had intervened at the last second and had blocked part of the attack, ultimately preserving the empty creature\'s vague form.

A rain of orange shards fell from the city as its array of lightning bolts dealt with the energy that had invaded its buildings. It was clear that the old rulers had gone overboard to help the monster, but Noah didn\'t let that chance go.

Noah stopped absorbing energy and let his potential empower his movement technique. His understanding of space and time in an area with an array created by Heaven and Earth gave him almost complete freedom over his surroundings.

The space-time array replaced the world in Noah\'s view, and he modified it as he took multiple steps forward. In his mind, Noah was walking across a mostly black environment, but he found himself right above the previously distant orange city once his technique ended.

A giant fissure opened in the space behind Noah and connected two distant points of the sky. He had crossed an immense path in a matter of seconds, and the higher plane paid the price for his incredible show of power.

Noah reactivated his pulling force and absorbed everything that escaped the orange city\'s power. The rain of shards and the white fuel leaking out of the array of lightning bolts created currents that flew toward his body and added nutrients meant for his breakthrough.

The old rulers didn\'t mind Noah\'s behavior. Actually, the decision to help him worsen Heaven and Earth\'s condition. The orange city expanded and revealed its giant cavity before a series of dense lightning bolts shot forward.

The attack crashed on the massive hands and destabilized their structure. Noah\'s understanding of destruction allowed him to see how the old rulers had only prepared those giant body parts without actually shattering them. They wanted someone else to complete the assault, and Noah didn\'t disappoint them.

The ambition switched target again as two blades appeared in Noah\'s hands. The Demonic Sword roared as the Cursed Sword filled the environment with its high-pitched noises. Both weapons revealed their rank 9 power and went beyond it under the effects of Noah\'s law before he shot forward to deliver a piercing blow.

His destructive influence filled the cracks created by the lightning bolts before spreading toward other untouched spots. The pure white hands saw branch-like marks filling their entire structures before a simple touch of the swords triggered the power that they contained.

Everything went silent for a second before a massive explosion resounded and forced the fabric of the world to tremble. The hands shattered and unleashed the energy they contained forward, engulfing Noah in a torrent of white fuel that tried to destroy his figure.

Noah\'s swords returned inside his body as he tried to deploy the dark world, but the whiteness destroyed his dark matter as soon as it left his figure. His flesh started falling apart, but the ethereal blackness spread and offered slight protection that allowed him to change his approach.

Noah was about to fall apart under the raging river that had taken control of his movements. Still, his existence shone with a dark light as his ethereal blackness empowered every aspect of his ambition. He transformed into a black dot that slowly expanded his influence and devoured what he could before the whiteness gained ground again.

The whiteness destroyed Noah, but the energy absorbed before that moment rebuilt him. The hands had contained a dense form of Heaven and Earth\'s fuel, so even mere strands of that fuel were enough to heal the entirety of his injuries.

Noah went through a cycle of destruction and creation, but his existence never stopped shining during the process. He was a dark light that Heaven and Earth couldn\'t suppress as long as he had the chance to feed off their power. The attack that was crushing him was the very source of his salvation and improvements.

Controlling himself was impossible in that situation. Noah abandoned himself to the whims of his existence and let it do whatever it wanted. He trusted his incomplete world enough to know that it would strive for a perfection that could surpass Heaven and Earth. He had built it for that very purpose.

The burst of energy was so intense that Noah ended up flying directly on the opposite side of the higher plane. He was about to fall into another pair of hands, but a series of black lines suddenly came out of his figure and created a temporary safe area in his immediate surroundings. Then, a rain of giant feathers shot out of him, and a storm of destructive dark matter unfolded among the whiteness.

Heaven and Earth\'s energy wasn\'t so easy to deal with. Night and Snore weren\'t strong enough to oppose that massive torrent of power, but they could create room for other companions.

A screeching noise filled the torrent of energy as seeds spread inside the attack and gave birth to branches of the parasite. They didn\'t last long in that oppressing environment, but they managed to buy even more time.

Part of the whiteness destabilized or directly shattered by the previous attacks started flowing toward Noah as giant wings came out of his figure. Shafu\'s huge shape appeared among the torrent of energy and brought him into a safe area.

Noah laughed as he stood proudly on Shafu\'s head. Duanlong was right behind him as it used its innate ability to seize a vast piece of the attack that they had left behind. Soon, no injury remained on his body. His power even seemed on the verge of bursting out of his figure.

Noah\'s laugh soon transformed into a roar that his companions didn\'t hesitate to echo. Shafu, Duanlong, and the Demonic Sword cried at the sky, the parasite and Night screech, Snore hissed, and the Cursed Sword released its high-pitched noises. Dark, red, and purple shades expanded from his figure as Shafu continued to fly across the higher plane. The entirety of his assets announced his success. He had done it. His body was finally ready for the breakthrough.


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