Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1563 1563. Attack

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Chapter 1563 1563. Attack

Every large organization had many branches. Those forces featured multiple rank 8 cultivators who required a personal space where to deploy their influence.

It was impossible to find all the important members of an organization gathered in the same place. The situation was even more complex for the weaker cultivators since most of them were busy completing tasks in different areas.

Yet, a tense atmosphere filled the Immortal Lands. The victories of the Legion had threatened the frail pace among the various organization. They had brought those forces on the verge of a civil war.

Those forces didn\'t experience a shortage of territories in millennia. The lack of proper regions where to expand and grow had created a tense political environment ready to blow.

The only thing that stopped those organizations from going after each other\'s domains was their common enemy. The magical beasts could invade again at any time, which forced the cultivators to do their best to preserve their forces.

That desire didn\'t stop the organizations from taking precautions. They began to gather countless defenses and assets in their mansions and castles to increase their foundation.

It was rare for them to have so many cultivators and wealth in one place. That behavior increased their overall defense, but it also leaked more information to the rest of the world.

The spies from the Legion could locate some gathering points of the Sailbrird family in a matter of years. That force mainly occupied large cities that featured multiple organizations, but it had a few mansions in the open. NovelsToday

The most popular mansion under the control of the Sailbrird family was inside a mountain chain near Pacourt city, a large town famous for its libraries.

Cultivators wearing the emblem of the Sailbrird family often moved between Pacourt city and the mountain chain to handle certain tasks. Anyone could understand that a mansion was hiding in that region.

The citizens of Pacourt city were living in peace, without minding the tense atmosphere in the human domain. Cities always had leaders from multiple organizations, so battles never happened there.

However, a series of inscriptions suddenly materialized above Pacourt city\'s white buildings. The weaker citizens didn\'t panic since they saw the rank 8 leaders coming out of their training areas, but the scene that followed gave birth to a wave of chaos.

A massive army made of hybrids, cultivators, and magical beasts appeared in the sky and began to inspect their surroundings. They immediately noticed Pacourt city, and loud curses resounded among their ranks.

"Why are we above the city?" Wilfred cursed. "I thought you said that we would have ended in the mountain chain!"

"Most likely!" King Elbas replied. "It\'s impossible to teleport many assets in a precise location without an inscribed item on the other side. If only we still had the pagoda!"

"Everyone knows about our attack now," Jordan added in a calm tone. "How do we find the headquarters before reinforcements arrive?"

"I know a way," Noah said before shooting toward the mountain chain and summoning Snore.

The massive winged snake appeared in the sky and released a torrent of feathers. Those weapons fell on the many mountains and generated an explosion that leveled a large chunk of the region.

The attack gave birth to shockwaves that engulfed the army and the city. Duanlong had to appear to protect Noah, and the rank 8 assets in his group deployed their techniques to defend their underlings.

The city fended off the raging waves of dark matter with its defenses, and its three rank 8 leaders didn\'t divert their attention from the army. They were still dumbstruck by the sudden appearance of those enemies.

"My heir!" Divine Demon shouted from among the army once the shockwaves dispersed. "One of them has the right emblem!"

"Leave her be," Noah replied. "We don\'t have enough time to destroy both defenses. Let\'s focus our assault on the mansion."

Divine Demon turned toward the city and pointed at the two leaders that didn\'t belong to the Sailbrird family.

"You two remain here," Divine Demon said before pointing at the woman from the Sailbrird family. "You can come out."

Neither of them dared to move. The army counted more than five rank 8 existences, and one of them seemed close to the peak of the gaseous stage. Noah, Divine Demon, Wilfred, Jordan, Ian, King Elbas, and four rank 8 magical beasts had taken control of the sky.

"There!" Noah shouted while pointing toward one of the mountains.

Noah had studied the mountain chain before and after the explosion. His inspection made him notice an area that had resisted Snore\'s feathers without suffering any damage.

Night shot out of Noah\'s chest while the rest of the army rejoined him. The Pterodactyl soon fused with the world, and a series of inscriptions lit up on some mountains a few instants later.

"Attack!" Noah roared before shooting forward.

The rest of the army followed Noah, but only Divine Demon, Wilfred, and King Elbas could keep up with his speed. The four experts slammed on the inscriptions while releasing some of their most powerful attacks.

Noah slashed the Demonic Sword, launching a singularity covered by a thick layer of liquid dark matter. Wilfred directly punched the inscriptions and generated an earthquake that spread through the entire region. Jordan spat fire, and King Elbas snapped his fingers to create tiny fiery arrows.

The attacks made the inscriptions flicker but didn\'t destroy them. Yet, King Elbas quickly snapped his fingers again, and those defenses began to crumble.

An immense mansion appeared among the destroyed mountain chain while the inscriptions fell apart. The building featured countless cultivators who had already deployed battle formations.

Words became useless at that point. Noah\'s group charged ahead, and the cultivators from the Sailbrird family activated their second line of defense.

A series of towers came out of the ground and began to attack the invaders with corrosive yellow light. That radiance came from rank 8 items in the lower tier and inflicted considerable losses on Noah\'s side.

"I\'ll handle them," Jordan roared before diving directly toward the towers.

Countless attacks flew toward her, but Divine Demon promptly appeared on their trajectory. The expert wore a broad smile as he saw those blows altering their course and converging toward his figure.

"Who is up for a challenge?!" Divine Demon shouted, and the attacks crumbled.

Their energy began to rotate around Divine Demon before transforming into azure energy that served only him. The attacks that followed ended up in the same way. The expert appeared untouchable.

"I\'ll help," Wilfred said before landing on the ground and slamming his massive arms.

A crack opened under his feet and spread through the whole region. The fissure even ran across the mansion and destabilized its foundation, disturbing the concentration of the weaker assets in the defensive formations.

Ian howled and accumulated soundwaves through the sky. The hybrid forced those attacks to detonate whenever his opponents\' offensive was about to land on the army. He even slowed down the effects of the annoying towers.

Jordan eventually slammed her draconic head on one of the towers and shattered it. Yet, her attack activated a series of inscriptions that converged toward the mansion.

A dangerous sensation filled the rank 8 existences on Noah\'s side. The roof of the mansion lit up, and a rank 8 aura in the middle tier spread through the sky.

The destruction of the tower had activated an inscribed item with unfathomable power. The experts could sense energy amassing in its insides and preparing for an inevitable discharge.

Still, a beam made of golden flames landed on the roof before it could release its attack. The item immediately began to lose power, and cracks even spread through its surface.

Noah and the other rank 8 existences immediately turned toward King Elbas, who snorted and began to shout toward the mansion. "Don\'t you dare to make me waste another disposable weapon in the middle tier!"