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Chapter 1790: Xiao Ying and Long Ming’s Ending (33)

The next day.

Mo Tian sent Long Mei to the entrance of the Ximen family’s residence.

Long Mei could not enter.

“Mo Tian, you can go back first. I want to settle the matter between Ximen Jin and myself.”

Mo Tian nodded.

After Mo Tian left, Long Mei stood by the door.

In the evening, a black sedan drove over.

When the car was almost at the gate, Long Mei walked over and opened her arms to stop the car.

After the car stopped, Long Mei walked to the back and raised her hand to knock on the window.

After a while, the car window rolled down.

A thin and handsome face appeared.

Their eyes met.

When Long Mei saw this, she saw that Ximen Jin wasn’t alone. There was that girl called Ye Qingqing.

Long Mei was embarrassed but she did not back down.

She looked into Ximen Jin’s eyes and said hoarsely, “Can I go in and talk to you?”

Ximen Jin pursed his lips slightly and placed his slender hands on the blanket-covered legs. “Miss Long, we have nothing to talk about anymore.”

His tone was not cold and strong, nor was it too bone-chilling.

It was just as indifferent as his expression.

It was as if she could not arouse any of his emotions no matter what she did or said.

Long Mei felt helpless.

Especially when Ye Qingqing looked at her, she felt like she was a shameless mistress who ruined people’s relationships.

She slowly lowered her hands that were on the window.

The window was rolled up again. Before it was completely closed, she heard him instruct the driver calmly, “Drive.”

Long Mei looked at the black sedan that was slowly leaving her sight and wrapped her arms around herself.

She felt cold from her organs to her limbs.

The gate was closed again.

Long Mei looked up at the gray sky. Her heart was completely desolate.

He no longer needed her. What should she do?

She was the one who said that they should give up on each other. But now, she was the one who could not bear to do it!

Ximen Jin returned to the villa and was helped to the wheelchair by the bodyguards.

He took the elevator to the top floor.

He slid the wheelchair in front of the French windows and looked at the door through binoculars.

There was still a delicate figure standing there.

His face was tensed and there was a trace of heartache in his eyes.

She must have found out about his leg injury. That was why she was here again!

He looked down at his legs covered by the blanket and a trace of sadness appeared in his eyes.

He was no longer worthy of her!

Ximen Jin put down the binoculars and turned the wheelchair around to go downstairs.

After having dinner with Ye Qingqing, he went to the study to settle his work after the latter left.

After finishing his work, he looked up and saw that it was pouring outside.

Ximen Jin picked up the phone and made a call.

He called the guardhouse at the entrance.

“Is the woman outside still here?”

“Young Master, she’s still here.”

Ximen Jin frowned immediately.

He hung up and went to the first floor.

The confidant came over and seeing that Long Ming was going out, he asked worriedly, “Young Master, where are you going?”

“The main gate.”

The confidant pushed Ximen Jin to the gate. Indeed, that slender figure was still standing in the heavy rain.

She was drenched and shivering in the cold wind.

Ximen Jin’s heart tightened. “Long Mei, what are you doing?”

Long Mei blinked. Seeing Ximen Jin appear in front of her, she muttered with a trembling voice, “I’m waiting for you.”

“Long Mei, you don’t have to be like this…”

Before he could finish, Long Mei ran toward him. She squatted in front of him and held his hand with trembling fingers. “I regret it, alright?”

Looking at Long Mei’s pale face and purple lips, how could Ximen Jin bear to let her continue to be drenched like this? “Go and change your clothes first!”

Long Mei nodded. “Okay.”

Long Mei followed Ximen Jin into the villa.

Ximen Jin instructed the maid to bring her upstairs to take a bath and change her clothes before instructing the butler to prepare ginger tea.

Long Mei went upstairs to take a shower and changed into clean clothes.

The clothes were new and even the tag was there. Long Mei could not help but think of the girl called Ye Qingqing.

Had Ximen Jin prepared it for her?

When she was dating Ximen Jin, he had been a very considerate and romantic person.

Now, was his consideration and romance going to another woman?

At this thought, Long Mei’s eyes darkened.

Ximen Jin came in in a wheelchair. When he saw Long Mei’s wet hair draped over her shoulders, he was a little distracted. He took the hairdryer over. “Blow your hair dry or you’ll catch a cold.”

Long Mei looked at the hairdryer in his hand. Thinking of how she did not like to dry her hair after washing it in the past and how he would always dry it for her silently, she could not help but feel bitter.

Lowering her long eyelashes, she sniffed her slightly red nose and said hoarsely, “Ximen Jin, are you really getting married to another woman?”

Her eyes filled with tears.

He hummed softly.

Long Mei’s heart tightened.

She wanted to say something when her vision darkened and she fainted.


When Long Mei woke up the next day, her fever had already gone down.

She met Ximen Jin downstairs.

His gaze toward her was still indifferent.

She could no longer see any feelings in his eyes. Perhaps, he had learned to hide his feelings after experiencing such a big change.

Long Mei repeated what she wanted to say to him in her heart.

After seeing him, she mustered her courage and said, “Ximen Jin, I came to find you this time… to tell you that I still have you in my heart. After we broke up, I wasn’t happy at all. I didn’t feel happy at all. I hated you and wanted to forget you because I still love you in my heart…”

Tears welled up in Long Mei’s eyes as her emotions surged. Her lips trembled. “I can’t live without you, Ah Jin. Come back to me, okay?”

Ximen Jin’s hands on his knees tightened, loosened, and tightened. Several times, he wanted to go forward and hug her, but when he saw his legs, he knew that he no longer had the right.

She was so beautiful and should not live with a cripple for the rest of her life.

Ximen Jin closed his eyes and released his clenched fists. He had regained his calmness. “Mei’er, that’s already in the past. The Ye family and I are preparing for our marriage.”

He had rejected her!

Long Mei had already thought of this possibility when she came!

However, when she heard him reject her with her own ears, her heart still hurt terribly. Her mind was buzzing and blank.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something. In the end, she could only say hoarsely, “Really? Then I wish you happiness…”

Those few words made her heart bleed.