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Chapter 1154: Made Arrangements

Seeing this, Connoris and Uljfalusi immediately left the group, and charged at the Legendary-level Envoys of Light to kill them. After all, the two of them couldn’t deploy a Magic Net Array, and could not integrate themselves with the group of mages from the Tower of Dusk. Hence, they would rather fight by themselves as they found that much more comfortable.

Connoris, who had the perfect body, might not have stepped into the Sanctuary-realm, but his combat power was definitely not inferior to any of those who were in the early stages of the Sanctuary-realm. However, in the face of a group of peak Legendary-level Envoys of Light, Connoris had to focus fully and maximize his power.

Connoris held the Eternal Frost Blade in his hand, and armor composed of magic runes appeared on his body. The production of such armor was an inherent ability of his perfect body. The magic runes were condensed using nomological power, and had extremely high defensive power. Even if there were hundreds of Magical Crystal Cannons, they would not stand a chance at damaging the armor even if they continuously bombarded it for several days and nights. Besides, the more incredible thing was that the armor could also absorb the power of the attacks, and use it for self-recovery or attack.

Connoris had the ability to use the rune armor only after he fused his soul with the perfect body to another level. This time, when facing the peak Legendary-level Envoys of Light, he did not dare to hold back any longer, and unleashed all of his power as soon as he rushed forth.

At the same time, as a former ancient demon deity, the power that Connoris possessed was beyond the perfect body. In the battle with the Envoys of Light, Connoris wielded the Eternal Frost Blade while continuously casting various ancient magic spells, thus stopping 10 peak Legendary-level Envoys of Light by himself.

On the other hand, Uljfalusi also summoned Crimson the Humerus Wyrm, while a huge vortex of death opened quickly on the ground, attracting a large number of Undead creatures, which surged out of the Door of Death like a huge flood. Those Skeletal Warriors and other low-level Undead creatures were naturally unable to pose any threat to the Envoys of Light, but after the low-level Undead creatures, some powerful Undead creatures were also summoned.

With Uljfalusi’s current strength, he was able to summon a large number of Legendary-level Undead creatures from the realm of the Undead despite being below the Sanctuary-realm. Legendary-level Humerus Wyrms, Liches, Skeletal Kings, and many other Undead creatures began charging out of the Door of Death, surging towards the Envoys of Light.

Since the power possessed by the Envoys of Light was not a pure purifying power like Holy Light that could restrain Undead creatures, the appearance of the army of Undead creatures had effectively slowed down the Envoys of Light, thus buying valuable time to react for the rookie mages of the Tower of Dusk.

In terms of individual strength, the rookie mages of the Tower of Dusk were really no match for the Legendary powerhouses of the Gilded Kingdom. Although they had already gone through several vicious battles, and made obvious progress compared to when they first came here, it was still impossible for them to turn from rookies to elites who were experienced in battles.

When the Envoys of Light charged over to the team, the rookie mages of the Tower of Dusk were truly at a loss for what to do. However, fortunately, Ujfalusi and Connoris managed to buy time for them to react.

Under the command of Dorick, the deputy commander of the mages, the mages quickly formed a Magic Net Array, and activated all the large magical equipment that they had brought over. The first and most conspicuous one was the War Shield that was created using the magical crystal of the Golden Behemoth. It could be considered a holy grail of defense. After the War Shield was activated, an earthy yellow defensive force field enveloped the entire team of the Tower of Dusk.

Although the earthy yellow light film seemed to be very fragile, when the attacks of the Envoys of Light fell on it, the power of the War Shield was instantly revealed. The pillars of light from the Envoys of Light managed to only result in some ripples on the earthy yellow film of light when they bombarded it. On the other hand, the power of the pillars was transferred to the ground with the ripple.

With the protection of the War Shield, the mages of the Tower of Dusk felt a greater sense of security, and began putting their skills to use. Although their respective individual strength was not comparable to those of the elites of the Gilded Kingdom, their powers were perfectly fused together through the Magic Net Array, as if they had become peak Legendary powerhouses with infinite mana.

Seeing this scene, the people of the Gilded Kingdom were full of jealousy. Initially, they found it strange, and wondered what the Tower of Dusk’s team brought those burdensome devices there for. However, they now realized that they were not burdensome at all, and they were just like a Magic Tower. At the same time, after seeing the power of the War Shield, they got even more curious and expectant about the other pieces of large magical equipment that the Tower of Dusk had brought over.

At this time, while muttering and complaining, Angelano also began to operate another piece of large magical equipment, which was an attacking weapon that was inlaid with the Tempest Beast King’s Eye that contained the power of the creation of thunderbolt. Although it emitted only a finger-thin purple thunderbolt, it possessed a terrifying power that would instantly destroy a mountain peak. If the magical crystal of the Golden Behemoth created a War Shield, the Tempest Beast King’s Eye was undoubtedly a battle spear.

Under Angelano’s operation, that magic device soon flickered with the light of mana. The light of mana moved along the mageweath, and converged on the Tempest Beast King’s eye. With a cackling sound, a finger-thick purple thunderbolt darted at the Envoys of Light.

Seeing that the large magical equipment had emitted such a tiny thunderbolt, the people of the Gilded Kingdom would have laughed if they had not been facing the attack of the Envoys of Light. Anyone would think that it was not powerful.

However, something that made the people of Gilded Kingdom dumbfounded soon happened. The Legendary Envoys of Light who charged towards the Tower of Dusk’s team fearlessly all dodged when the Thunderbolt came surging over.

In the end, an Envoy of Light who couldn’t dodge in time was struck by the thunderbolt, which rendered his body powerless as he was blasted into ashes in an instant. Even then, the Envoy of Light that had been blasted began converging again in the blink of an eye. Anyone could tell that he was injured by the thunderbolt.

Now, the people of the Gilded Kingdom were astonished. They even couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if that insignificant thunderbolt had hit the kingdom’s alchemical battleship.

With the powerful defensive power of the War Shield and the creation thunderbolt of the Tempest Beast King’s Eye, as well as the two powerhouses Connoris and Ujfalusi, the team of the Tower of Dusk was in a much better situation than the team of the Gilded Kingdom even though they were facing more Legendary-level Envoys of Light. Even in the battle with the Envoys of Light, the team of the Tower of Dusk still had the capacity to launch counterattacks against the enemy instead of being passive and defensive like the team of the Gilded Kingdom.

However, no matter what, the main factors in the situation were a few Sanctuary powerhouses. If they were too slow, neither the team from the Gilded Kingdom nor the team from the Tower of Dusk would be in a good state.

At the beginning, when Edmund was facing the attack of two Envoys of Light, he basically could not channel any attention to think about anything else. With the departure of an Envoy of Light, the pressure Edmund was under was reduced quite a bit. Although he still couldn’t defeat his remaining opponent, he wasn’t tense at all times. At this moment, he began to consider how exactly they would be able to defeat the four Envoys of Light.

“Felic, where is that vampire of yours? Why isn’t he out yet!?” At this moment, High Priest Poer recalled that there was still a vampire who had just advanced to the Sanctuary-realm over at the Tower of Dusk. However, at this moment, he had already gone somewhere. It was no wonder he had been feeling that something was amiss with the battle.

In fact, High Priest Poer was well aware that there would not be any effect on the situation even if he had another Sanctuary powerhouse to fight alongside him under such circumstances. After all, the Envoys of Light were already peak Sanctuary powerhouses, while Norfeller had only just reached the Sanctuary-realm.

High Priest Poer was worried that the Tower of Dusk might have hidden the Sanctuary-level vampire for the sake of a conspiracy against them, especially since vampires were known as natural assassins. A Sanctuary-level assassin hiding in the dark was too horrifying.

However, Lin Li appeared unconcerned about High Priest Poer’s words, and while circling around his opponent, he indifferently said, “I have my own arrangements for my subordinates. Don’t bother about it, High Priest Poer.”

High Priest Poer bore a grudge against Lin Li, and now that he was faced with such a situation where the Tower of Dusk’s team was hiding their strength, he felt even more resentful. However, although he was teaming up with Elder Zumar to deal with an Envoys of Light, he couldn’t do it as easily as Lin Li, and would nearly have his head cut off by an Envoy of Light if he wasn’t careful. Hence, despite cursing in his heart, he did not dare to put his life at risk, and had no choice but to suppress the resentment for the time being.

However, at this moment, Saint Edmund used a dark thunderbolt to force his opponent to back off temporarily before loudly saying to them, “Now, follow my arrangements. Zumar and Poer, stay close to me and lure your opponents over. Felic, you too. The three of you try to buy me some time and stall these three Envoys of Light! For the other teams, don’t let your opponents go beyond 1,000 meters around me.”

Zumar and Poer naturally did not dare to disobey Edmund’s word, and Lin Li likewise wanted to see what means Edmund had to deal with the Envoys of Light. Hence, after hearing Edmund’s words, the three men went close to Edmund, and lured their respective opponents along.

Soon, the three of them reached Edmund, and the latter immediately took the opportunity to push his opponents to them while he pulled away from the battle alone. The two teams of the Gilded Kingdom and the Tower of Dusk were facing a group of Envoys of Light, and not a single one. Besides, they were all stronger than the two teams, so taking the Envoys of Light into an area within 1,000 meters around Edmund was definitely not an easy task.

The Gilded Kingdom’s team itself could barely maintain a stalemate with the Envoys of Light. As soon as the team began to move, the flaws in the battle formation were immediately exposed. However, no one dared to disobey Saint Edmund’s order, nor did they dare to hesitate in the slightest even if they had to put their lives at stake.

On the other hand, the team from the Tower of Dusk was doing slightly better with the support of the two powerhouses Connoris and Ujfalusi as well as the powerful and large magical equipment.

However, they at least managed to bring their respective opponents into the range as Edmund instructed them too. The team of the Gilded Kingdom even suffered some casualties because of it.

Seeing that all the Envoys of Light had entered the range he had set, Edmund immediately flew into the air, raised his scepter high in his hand, and rapidly chanted a long string of incantations.

The language that Edmund used was the same ancient Titan language that the Envoys of Light had used previously. Now, he was chanting runes that condensed countless entities in space, emitting a strange light that scattered everywhere, and caused the entire space to shake violently.

As Edmund chanted the incantation, the four Envoys of Light who were fighting with the crowd below also suddenly began to change peculiarly. Firstly, it was as if the light that their bodies emitted seemed to be suppressed by a mysterious force, and the speed of conversion gradually became much slower. Next, the radiant light that enveloped their bodies also gradually became dimmer, and the light wings on their backs began to lose their glistening feathers that were condensed by light.

“Despicable human, how did you master this spell!?” The Envoy of Light that had initially split itself into hundreds of Envoys of Light suddenly fused back together, and then roared and charged towards Edmund who was in the sky, seemingly trying to interrupt Edmund’s spell-casting.

However, seeing that Edmund’s method worked, Lin Li obviously wouldn’t let the Envoy of Light interrupt Edmund. His figure suddenly flickered and disappeared before appearing again in front of the Envoy of Light. As he pointed the Helios’ Scepter at the Envoy of Light, thousands of violent thunderbolts emerged from behind him, and blasted towards the Envoy of Light.