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Chapter 1153: Fake Devotee

Several Legendary powerhouses of the Gilded Kingdom had been killed in seconds, but no one looked that flustered. In particular, High Priest Poer was smiling incessantly before kneeling on the ground, and piously saying, “Envoy of Light, please forgive us for our rudeness. We are the most devout believers, and we have come to wake the supreme god from his slumber.”

However, the words of High Priest Poer did not impress the four Envoys of Light. In a tone that was full of majesty, the four Envoys of Light unanimously said, “The last believer of the god in the world died thousands of years ago. Unless he can be reborn, no one will be able to awaken the god. Your lies can’t deceive us, they will only make you more despicable.”

High Priest Poer did not understand what the four Envoys of Light were saying, and he simply felt that the tone of the four Envoys of Light did not seem too friendly. Hence, he was about to continue to say something. However, at this juncture, he heard Elder Zumar calling him from behind, and suddenly looked up, only to discover that a sharp saber that emitted a bright light had appeared in front of him.

Fortunately, High Priest Poer was a true Sanctuary powerhouse, after all. If he had been a pseudo-Sanctuary powerhouse, he might have died under that saber. At the instant that he was attacked, the defensive magic spell that solidified on his body immediately reacted. An elemental shield immediately clashed with the light saber.

However, the strength of High Priest Poer was the lowest among the four Sanctuary powerhouses, and he was barely close to the middle of the Sanctuary-realm. On the other hand, the Envoys of Light were already close to the peak of the Sanctuary-realm. The power of the saber was groundbreaking, and it instantly shattered the giant elemental shield into pieces.

High Priest Poer finally reacted, and at the instant that the elemental shield shattered, he immediately retreated. At the same time, the defensive magic spells were cast continuously. All of a sudden, the sounds of the magical shield shards filled the entire space.

Finally, when High Priest Poer could no longer retreat, Saint Edmund suddenly pointed his scepter forward, and a dim curtain of light immediately appeared in front of High Priest Poer, shielding him from the saber. However, under the collision, High Priest Poer was affected by the aftershock, and ended up vomiting blood. He looked extremely disheveled.

“What are you still standing there for!?” Saint Edmund hollered furiously as he waved his scepter, and began attacking the Envoy of Light.

In the hearts of the people of the Gilded Kingdom, the Envoys of Light were the messengers of the god, and yet they were now asked to attack them. They were really at a loss for what to do. However, at this juncture, Elder Zumar also launched an attack on the Envoys of Light after Edmund did.

This time, the crowd also ignored the fact that the opponents were Envoys of Light, and immediately got into a battle formation where they chanted incantations and cast magic spells.

They were four Sanctuary powerhouses who were close to the peak of the realm, and being in the Sanctuary-realm was basically being at the top. Even a slight comprehension of the power of the gods would allow them to be superior to others. Although the Gilded Kingdom’s team had broken the restrictions of faith, there was obviously still a considerable gap if they wanted to fight against the four powerful Envoys of Light.

Although there were three Sanctuary powerhouses in the Gilded Kingdom’s team, Saint Edmund was the only one who could confront the Envoys of Light head-on. Elder Zumar and High Priest Poer were slightly inferior, especially High Priest Poer who was barely in the middle of the Sanctuary-realm. Previously, he had suffered some injuries, and thus was a little powerless during the battle with the Envoys of Light.

Hence, as soon as the two parties clashed, the team of the Gilded Kingdom immediately lost the upper hand. Edmund was no longer as relaxed as he was when facing the Ice Phoenix previously. He was fighting two Envoys of Light alone, and could barely remain undefeated. However, the others were in more trouble. Even though Elder Zumar and High Priest Poer had joined forces, they could only be on par with the Envoys of Light. The remaining Envoy of Light turned to face the Legendary powerhouses of the Gilded Kingdom.

Although the Legendary powerhouses of the Gilded Kingdom managed to see an enhancement in their combat strength through a special battle formation, they were still worlds apart from the Sanctuary powerhouse near the peak of the realm. Clearly, once that Envoy of Light went over, it would certainly be a one-sided massacre that the Legendary powerhouses couldn’t quite resist.

Seeing this situation, Elder Zumar was really anxious. He hurried over to the Tower of Dusk’s team, and exclaimed, “President Felic! If you don’t attack now, when will you!? Are you going to watch them break us down one by one!?”

Initially, the people of the Gilded Kingdom had intended to make the Tower of Dusk the cannon fodder, but they didn’t expect themselves to become the primary target of the Envoys of Light instead. Faced with four Envoys of Light that were close to the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, Elder Zumar had no choice but to be thick-skinned and ask the Tower of Dusk for help.

Lin Li had the intention to make the people of the Gilded Kingdom suffer, but he also knew that he couldn’t really let them suffer much. After all, he still had to rely on them to find the clues related to the Immortal King. Hence, just as the remaining Envoy of Light was about to attack the Gilded Kingdom’s team, Lin Li’s figure suddenly flashed, and collided with the Envoy of Light.

Through that exchange, Lin Li also understood why the three Sanctuary-realm powerhouses, Edmund, Zumar, and Poer, were suppressed so much by the Envoys of Light. The space that they were in was condensed by the Envoys of Light, and it was practically their Domain World. Although the Envoys of Light were near the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, their combat power was definitely at the top of the Sanctuary-realm.

Lin Li launched the Inferno Purgatory immediately, and countless jets of fire emerged from the ground, chasing after the Envoy of Light one after another. In particular, under the catalysis of his massive mental strength, the jets of fire could even devour a wyrm. Besides, the spewing flames were extremely dense, and they were almost forming an entire patch.

The bodies of the Envoys of Light were massive and tall. It was simply impossible to devour them with the terrifying jets of fire. However, at this moment, when the pillar of fire passed through the body of the Envoy of Light, something strange happened. The Envoy of Light, which could have been called a living being, suddenly began to distort. It was just like half of the body was broken up, and the jets of fire were instantly returned to their original form.

Damn it, it’s really an Envoy of Light, huh! Looking at them, Lin Li secretly felt resentful as there was almost no way to fight them. No matter how sharp a blade was, it would be slashed and broken, and no matter how powerful the magic spell was, it could not freeze or burn light.

Of course, if an Envoy of Light could constantly remain in that state, it would truly be invincible. In fact, the radiant body of the Envoy of Light was somewhat similar to the Void of the Stars. However, the light of the Envoys of Light was almost an inherent ability. Its speed of transformation could not be compared to a mere Void of the Stars.

Seeing the changes in the Envoy of Light, Lin Li secretly felt resentful, and he knew that he basically wouldn’t get any advantage when engaging in a long-range battle with the Envoys of Light using magic spells. Hence, faced with the oncoming Envoy of Light, he did not retreat or dodge, and instead swung the Helios’ Scepter in his hand as he began tussling with the Envoy of Light.

For the average mage, close combat with enemies was akin to having a death wish. After all, when a mage cast a spell, he would need some time to chant an incantation, and even instantaneous magic spells required some buffer time in order to emanate power. A true close-combat battle would be much easier for Warriors and Assassins. All they had to do was stab the enemies with sharp blades.

However, when Lin Li first became a mage, he did not meet the traditional standards of a mage. When fighting against opponents, he did not care about whether he was using magic spells or other means. If he could knock his opponent unconscious with his staff, he would also not bother about being a gentleman. He would use his mace like a staff.

Such a fighting method was simply horrendous to some dogmatic mages, some of whom might even think that it was tarnishing the profession itself. However, in fact, mages did not have so many rules in the Dark Age. As long as they could defeat their opponents, they would resort to all means.

For example, the High Elves did not have any mages or Sword Sages, and there was no division between magic and martial arts to them. It was just a type of use of power and laws. Of course, it also had something to do with the long lives of the High Elves. After all, humans had short lives, and they might end up dying without any attainments, let alone be involved in multiple areas of knowledge.

On the other hand, Lin Li had learned more than just a few profound magic incantations from Geresco’s relics, and he learned more about the nature of power, as well as how to use his power flexibly to fight, especially since he was now a high-ranking Sanctuary powerhouse. It could be considered a universal method. In terms of swordplay, he might not be inferior to a Sword Sage.

Hence, in the close combat with the Envoy of Light, Lin Li was not at all flustered even though he was a mage. Holding the Helios’ Scepter in one hand and the debris of the stars, Nothingness, in the other, he would sometimes emit powerful waves of magic spells. From time to time, he would also use Nothingness in its spear form skillfully.

However, the Envoy of Light’s power was really giving him a headache. To Lin Li, taking down the opponent was not an easy task, and if they remained in a stalemate, no one could do anything about it.

As Lin Li struck, the crisis that the Gilded Kingdom’s team had just faced seemed to have been resolved. However, before the people of the Gilded Kingdom could heave a sigh of relief, the situation on the battlefield suddenly changed again. One of the two Envoys of Light who were fighting with Saint Edmund suddenly withdrew from the battle, and turned into countless orbs. Even in this world full of light, it still made them feel like they were watching a galaxy.

Immediately afterwards, the countless orbs began to converge again. Hundreds of human-sized Envoys of Light appeared on the periphery of the battlefield in the blink of an eye, and immediately split into two groups. One of them swooped towards the Gilded Kingdom’s team, while the other charged towards the Tower of Dusk’s team.

The fact that Edmund was able to fight the two Envoys of Light alone did not mean that he really had the strength to fight against the two Envoys of Light, as he was barely coping with them. Hence, he could not stop the withdrawal of one Envoy of Light, and had no choice but to watch it change into hundreds of Legendary-level Envoys of Light.

The human-sized Envoys of Light each had the strength of the Legendary-level, and due to the fact that they were split from a peak Sanctuary-realm powerhouse, each body contained a trace of the power of the Sanctuary-realm. Despite having only peak-Legendary-level power, the Envoys of Light were probably on par with pseudo-Sanctuary powerhouses in terms of combat prowess.

Although the Gilded Kingdom’s team had brought Legendary powerhouses who were considered elites elsewhere, and there were very few forces in Anril that were capable of doing so, they could not hold a candle to the Envoys of Light.

There were about 40 Legendary Envoys of Light rushing towards the Gilded Kingdom team, all holding light sabers in their hands. As they swung the sabers forward, a thick pillar of light descended from the sky and crashed into the battle formation of the Gilded Kingdom team like a Magical Crystal Cannon. The members of the Gilded Kingdom’s team were flustered.

However, the Legendary powerhouses of the Gilded Kingdom were naturally competent since they had been picked by Edmund and the others. Under the command of several commanders, the crowd quickly recovered from the panic, and barely managed to stabilize themselves while facing the terrifying attacks of the Legendary-level Envoys of Light. However, there was an obvious difference in strength, and anyone could tell that there was no way to last for long.

Upon sight of this scene, Elder Zumar and the others looked extremely anxious. Lin Li struck to block an Envoy of Light just now, but there was no one to block the remaining ones for them now. Besides, the Tower of Dusk’s team likewise was under the attack of more than 60 Legendary Envoys of Light. Clearly, they were tied up and overwrought.

Perhaps because they had sensed that there were two top-level powerhouses in the Tower of Dusk’s team, Connoris and Ujfalusi, the Legendary-level Envoys of Light were obviously putting in more effort on them.