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Chapter 1152: Envoys of Light

Even if they were not Legendary powerhouses, any Archmage, Warrior, Magic Shooter, or common man would be able to don magic wings and fly freely. If an elite team were to do the same, it would probably be a terrifying force for any country.

“Saint Edmund?” High Priest Poer dispelled his delusions, and turned his head to Saint Edmund.

Edmund was naturally more aware of the value of the magic wings. He also knew that the alchemy technique used in their creation was what made magic wings precious. Magic wings could only help users fly, but the mechanism within them could be used to power a flying warship.

Hence, Edmund stopped looking at the team from Tower of Dusk.

“We have to acquire this technology, but now is not the time. Perhaps we need to have a good talk with the Tower of Dusk at the end of this,” he said calmly.

“Saint Edmund, I know that fella. I’m afraid he might not be willing to share it. A better idea will be to use threats. Let’s kill those people who came from the Tower and detain that kid. That would probably force him to share the technology,” suggested High Priest Poer cunningly.

The high priest had developed a feud with Lin Li because of his son, Delano, and would eagerly avenge him if not for the pressure from Saint Edmund. Now, Edmund’s interest in Lin Li’s technology gave Poer an idea of how his revenge could be sought. He naturally would not want to miss this opportunity.

This time, although Saint Edmund did not endorse Poer’s idea, he did not explicitly object to it, either. He only smiled and said nothing. Then, it seemed like he forgot about it as he led the rest of the men into the depths of the cave.

No one knew how deep this cave was. The teams from Gilded Kingdom and the Tower of Dusk took nearly a day to see the bottom of the cave. After a day of continuous flying, everyone except the three Sanctuary powerhouses seemed to be exhausted as well.

To be honest, it was applaudable that the group had the stamina to sustain their flight. The continuous consumption of mana for flying was even greater than casting small balls of fire for the entire day.

Yet, all the rookie wizards from the Tower of Dusk seemed really relaxed. They had not consumed much energy at all due to the magic wings. All they had to do was to control the direction of the flight, and let the wings take care of the rest. They could even eat and drink during the flight, as if they were on an outing.

The people from the Gilded Kingdom could not help but feel envious when they saw the mages from the Tower of Dusk. The behavior of those mages was a plain insult to them. If not for the need to concentrate on their Power of Flight, they would have raged at them.

After landing, the team from the Tower of Dusk put away all the magic wings, and were ready to set off. But, the team from the Gilded Kingdom had to rest and recharge to regain their energy.

The sight of this prompted Lin Li to gesture to his men to get some rest while they continued to stay vigilant despite not having used much effort in their flight.

During the break, Lin Li also took a closer look at the strange surroundings. It was only reasonable for the surroundings to be a pitch-black space due to the absence of sunlight. However, the space was as brightly lit as the space outside. It was unlike what a cave should look like.

He could vaguely see the silhouette of a magnificent palace amidst the brightest spot in the distance.

After discovering the palace, the people from the Gilded Kingdom became really excited. Even Edmund, a Saint who was known for his composure, showed a flash of excitement on his face. He started to mutter some prayers under his breath.

The people from the Gilded Kingdom could not concentrate on their rest when they saw how carefree the people from the Tower of Dusk were. It was only the sight of Edmund that encouraged these devotees to stand and gather behind him. They followed Edmund and the three Sanctuary powerhouses towards the palace while muttering the prayer in unison.

But, the people from the Tower of Dusk were indifferent to their decision. Lin Li in particular merely closed his eyes, and sent his mental strength to search for the aura of Immortal King.

Lin Li was naturally very familiar with the aura of the Immortal King. After all, he had followed him for such a long time in another world. Hence, it did not take long for Lin Li to detect the unique aura that encompassed the energy of life and death. The source was the palace that was amidst the brightness.

However, Lin Li also felt something different in that aura. It was unlike what he had expected with his prior understanding of the aura. Instead of the stability and peaceful vibes he expected, the aura he detected was one that was full of violence and destruction.

The anomalous aura made Lin Li wonder if anything terrible had happened in that palace. If that was true, it would be terrifying. Battling Immortal King was definitely not going to be a joke even for someone like Lin Li!

The awareness of the problem immediately motivated Lin Li to want to remind the men who were speeding towards the shining palace. Although the partnership with them was a temporary one, Lin Li did not want to see the team from Gilded Kingdom suffer too many losses. After all, their help was needed later in their exploration later.

However, it was too late when Lin Li was prepared to warn the people from the Gilded Kingdom.

The team from the kingdom had already gotten very near the shining palace. At this moment, the light around the palace grew stronger. Before the team could react, the light had condensed together to create four Envoys of Light that were over 10 meters in height.

These four Envoys of Light exuded an infinite amount of light, and all of them had a pair of wings made of light. Their hands were clasped before their chests, holding a light sword that had its tip pointing to the sky. Then, the four Envoys of Light opened their eyes at the same time, causing their figures to disappear instantaneously.

What followed was the shrieks from the group of men. A few Legendary powerhouses were killed by the Envoys of Light without engaging in any form of resistance. Not to mention the Legendary powerhouses, even the three Sanctuary powerhouses—Edmund, Zumar, and Poer—had no time to react to the atrocity.

Each of the four Envoys of Light was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm. Their sudden attacks could definitely slaughter Legendary powerhouses within a second and shock powerhouses in the Sanctuary-realm.

This sudden occurrence stupefied the people from the Gilded Kingdom. They could not understand why these light angels would want to attack them. Weren’t they believers of the God-king of Light? If these envoys were the servants of the God-king of Light, why would they murder the devotees of the God-king?

After killing the Legendary powerhouses, the four light angels descended to the ground slowly. They stood before the palace, facing the team from Gilded Kingdom upfront.

At this time, Lin Li managed to see the appearance of the four Envoys of Light clearly. Although their physical forms resembled the light and dark angels he had created, he discovered something drastically different in them.

The light and dark angel created by Lin Li was a form of life in his magical domain. Lin Li was akin to a creator who could assign what he wanted to have in his world. Yet, when he left his world, his angels of light and dark were as good as a ball of mana, and nothing like life.

These four Envoys of Light, however, were blatantly alive. This would not have happened unless someone went against the laws of nature, and turned this underworld into a domain world.

It was a known fact that domain worlds were worlds created based on knowledge of laws. It was just like an imagined world that knew no limits. However, being an imagination, nothing could be transferred to the real world. Lin Li believed that neither Immortal King nor Geresco would have the ability to transform the real world with their imagination.

More importantly, these four Envoys were not just ordinary life forms. Each of them had power close to the peak of the Sanctuary-realm. They had to have been created by an invincible creator.

While these four Envoys did not continue their attack on the people from Gilded Kingdom after they killed some Legendary powerhouses, they stood neatly before the team. Although it seemed like they were standing on the ground, anyone who took a closer look would realize that their legs were a distance away from the ground, as if they were unwilling to be in contact with the dirt on the ground.

The angels started to speak a string of very strange language. Their tone was of unfathomable indifference, as if they were faced with a group of insignificant ants.

The language used by the four Envoys of Light puzzled everyone, for it did not seem to be any kind of ancient language that had been passed down. It was unlike any language in use in today’s world employed by humans, dwarves, elves, or orcs that evolved from ancient languages. In these common languages, there would be elements of the past that could be traced back to a few thousand of years into the ancient eras.

The language used by the four Envoys would definitely puzzle the world’s most esteemed ancient linguist. That was because the language used by the Envoys had already deviated from language patterns. No one could detect its history at all.

There were two people among the men who were not as confused as the rest of them. They were Lin Li, the owner of the Book of Eternity and Geresco’s inheritance, as well as Saint Edmund from Illuminati.

Geresco had used many different kinds of language in his production of the Book of Eternity. He not only used the standard ancient language, but also the languages of the High Elves, Dragons, and even Titans. When Lin Li visited the upside-down tower in the Sky Castle, he also laid his hands on a rich collection of linguistic books. Therefore, when he heard what the four Envoys of Light were saying, Lin Li immediately knew that they were using the Titan Language.

This language was not only used for communication, but also in divine writings. Because every character and syllable in the language had the ability to carry the laws in the world, the language manifested invincible power. Any syllable could bring about a catastrophe to Anril.

“Ignorant and foolish ants! Your actions have broken the peace of the divine domain. This will surely lead to the downfall of your entire race!”

Lin Li soon figured out what the four Envoys of Light were saying. However, he did not really understand what they meant. What is the divine domain about? And what catastrophe are they referring to?

To be honest, although Lin Li knew that the four Envoys of Light were powerful, he thought that they were not powerful enough to bring about any catastrophe to Anril. He felt that any of the three arbitrators from the Supreme Council would have the power to kill the four Envoys countless times. He even had the confidence that he would be able to take on a couple of them himself.