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Chapter 1150: Splitting The Spoils

The mana fluctuations that emanated from the body of Norfeller who had been reborn had already reached the strength of a mid-stage Sanctuary powerhouse. The sanguine-colored clouds stained the entire space red, and the Ice Phoenix’s body was stained with blood too.

Seeing such a scene, the people of the Gilded Kingdom knew that it was impossible to stop the vampire from advancing. Saint Edmund could take it easy, and he pointed the scepter in his hand forward before saying, “What are you waiting for? There’s an urgent matter at hand. Try to end the battle as soon as possible.”

With Edmund’s order, High Priest Poer and Elder Zumar did not dare to slow down, and immediately continued to attack the Ice Phoenix. At the same time, after the mana fluctuations stabilized, Norfeller also immediately joined his companions and resumed the battle.

The strength of Norfeller, who had successfully stepped into the Sanctuary-realm, was no weaker than any mid-rank Sanctuary powerhouse’s. In particular, his power contained the inherent power of the Ice Phoenix. He waved his hand and cast an intense sanguine glow that immediately formed a deep wound on the Ice Phoenix’s body. Besides, in the process of the battle, the Ice Phoenix’s body was continuously suppressing the blood that could not stop gushing out. It turned into a mass of blood that entered Norfeller’s world of fresh blood.

Even if the Ice Phoenix was already at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, and had comprehended the mysteries of the realm of gods, it couldn’t withstand the siege of so many Sanctuary powerhouses. After all, it had yet to reach the realm of the gods, and was far from being able to disregard Sanctuary powerhouses.

Finally, after a few hours of fighting in an intense battle, the Ice Phoenix, which had lost a lot of blood and was covered in wounds, raised its head and roared into the sky, as if a meteor had crashed into the ground.

After the battle ended, Uljfalusi came close to Lin Li, and yearningly said, “Dear Master, I have a request, but I don’t know if I can get your consent.”

Lin Li was in the process of learning about Norfeller’s acquired abilities. After hearing Uljfalusi’s words, he nodded, and indifferently said, “Just tell me what you want.”

“Respected Master, I hope to obtain the corpse of that Ice Phoenix as a way to improve my strength and better serve you.” Seeing that Norfeller had already stepped into the Sanctuary-realm, Ujfalusi hoped to also improve because he was still in the Legendary-realm. Being anxious, he naturally thought of the corpse of the Ice Phoenix,

Ujfalusi had become Lin Li’s servant after Norfeller because he’d lost to Lin Li in a battle. Although he initially did not willingly submit to Lin Li as a servant, and had only signed the Soul Contract under a death threat, he began to enjoy the benefits of being Lin Li’s servant over some time. He no longer had to be on tenterhooks and remain sneaky all the time. Hence, he stopped being resistant to his identity as a servant, unlike before.

Besides, although Ujfalusi’s skeleton domain had been destroyed by Lin Li with Holy Light during their battle, which caused him to fall to the Legendary-realm, his strength coupled with the Legendary-level Humerus Wyrm Crimson was still much higher than Norfeller’s. Hence, he could definitely be called Lin Li’s best fighter.

However, at some point, Uljfalusi found that his position as the best fighter had gradually gotten further and further away from him. As his combat level increased, some of his massacre means had lost their effect, such as the death vortex that originally caught one’s enemy off guard and could summon countless Undead armies. Now, they were all useless in the face of Sanctuary powerhouses.

Without enough strength, he would not be qualified to explore with Lin Li, and if he couldn’t do that, there would be no way to get more treasures that could improve his strength. It was a vicious cycle that Ujfalusi felt trapped in. This could perhaps be considered his last chance. If he still couldn’t improve his strength, he might have nothing to do with Lin Li in the future anymore.

Logically speaking, the team of the Tower of Dusk and the team of the Gilded Kingdom were considered to be in a temporary partnership. On the other hand, Norfeller had already sucked the blood of the Ice Phoenix. In that case, the Ice Phoenix corpse should also be given to the Gilded Kingdom, which was considered an unspoken tacit agreement in their cooperation.

Uljfalusi was also aware of this. After all, it was not the time to turn against the Gilded Kingdom now. However, the corpse of the Ice Phoenix was too tempting to him. It was not just the corpse of a prehistoric magical beast, but a corpse that contained a wisp of the power of the gods.

Uljfalusi had a feeling that his opportunity to step into the Sanctuary-realm was very likely to be the corpse of the Ice Phoenix. If he could really obtain the corpse of the Ice Phoenix and fuse it with Humerus Wyrm Crimson, not only will the strength of the Humerus Wyrm Crimson improve by leaps and bounds, he would also gain massive benefits from it because he was the summoner.

It was out of this consideration that Uljfalusi mustered the courage to make his request to Lin Li despite knowing that it would be difficult to gain approval. He was rather anxious too. After all, he was not asking Lin Li just to give him something, but to deal with the Gilded Kingdom.

However, after hearing Ujfalusi’s request, Lin Li didn’t seem to feel that his request was too much. In fact, how could Lin Li not hope that all of his men would be able to step into the Sanctuary-realm sooner, and provide him with more help? Now, Norfeller had already stepped into the Sanctuary-realm, and would be able to compete with a mid-rank Sanctuary powerhouse. If Ujfalusi could also successfully step into the Sanctuary-realm this time, he would not be inferior to the Gilded Kingdom’s team.

Therefore, in the face of Uljfalusi’s request, Lin Li was not upset at all. Instead, he even turned to face Saint Edmund, and said, “Saint Edmund, I need this Ice Phoenix corpse for something. Name your conditions.”

Lin Li didn’t even beat around the bush at all, and he simply got straight to the point. It was as if he was bent on getting the Ice Phoenix corpse. Of course, another reason was that he knew that Saint Edmund definitely wouldn’t fall out with him because of the Ice Phoenix at this point. Hence, there was room for negotiation.

Besides, if the corpse of the Ice Phoenix was in the hands of the Gilded Kingdom, it wouldn’t be indispensable to them, even though it couldn’t be considered worthless to them, either, since there was a peak Sanctuary-realm magical crystal in it, after all. Only when the corpse was in the hands of a Necromancer could its value be maximized.

However, before Edmund could say anything, High Priest Poer anxiously yelled, “What? What a joke, do you think that that’s an ordinary magical beast’s corpse!? You guys have already obtained the most valuable blood of the Ice Phoenix, so this corpse should belong to us!”

Since Ujfalusi was a Lich, High Priest Poer was naturally able to guess what Lin Li was planning to do with the Ice Phoenix’s corpse now. High Priest Poer was already very upset when the vampire of the Tower of Dusk entered the Sanctuary-realm by feeding on the blood of the Ice Phoenix, so how could he sit back and watch one more member of the Tower of Dusk turn into a Sanctuary powerhouse?

However, High Priest Poer was spouting nonsense when he said that the Ice Phoenix’s blood was the most valuable part of its body. The value of an item also depended on the beholder. The blood of the Ice Phoenix was probably akin to garbage to the others, unless they were Norfeller. After all, not everyone could absorb the power in the blood of the Ice Phoenix. Even if it was used in the concoction of a potion, perhaps only a pharmaceutics Guru would be able to use it.

Lin Li knew that High Priest Poer did not have the final say in the Gilded Kingdom’s team, and thus he naturally did not bother to argue about anything with him. Therefore, he didn’t even glance at High Priest Poer, and simply looked at Saint Edmund, waiting for him to answer.

Saint Edmund was no fool, and he had naturally thought of the problem that High Priest Poer could think of. Although he did not react as intensely as High Priest Poer did, that did not mean that he was willing to see the Tower of Dusk’s strength improving again.

Originally, the Gilded Kingdom’s team had three Sanctuary powerhouses, while the Tower of Dusk’s team only had one Sanctuary powerhouse. Even if Lin Li was incredibly powerful, there was Saint Edmund to deal with him. However, the actual situation was not as simple as adding and subtracting power. If that was the case, it was almost certain that the Gilded Kingdom’s team surpassed the Tower of Dusk in terms of strength.

The first reason why Edmund did not agree to the proposal of High Priest Poer earlier was that he did not want to create any problems. After all, the battle between Sanctuary powerhouses was not an ordinary gang fight. Another reason was that he wanted to make the Tower of Dusk the cannon fodder so as to weaken the strength of the Tower of Dusk’s team so that they could enjoy some benefits.

However, the Tower of Dusk actually now had an additional Sanctuary powerhouse whose power was at the mid-stage of the Sanctuary-realm. That closed the gap between the two teams by a huge margin, and it would not be easy for the Gilded Kingdom to defeat the Tower of Dusk.

Although a Sanctuary-level vampire was not enough to disrupt Edmund’s plan, this could definitely be considered a variable. In this case, how would Edmund be willing to see another Sanctuary powerhouse emerge in the Tower of Dusk’s team?

“President Felic, this Ice Phoenix is already at the peak level of the Sanctuary-realm, you should know very well how valuable it is. You say that you need it for something, but so do we since it’s such a precious item,” Elder Zumar said to Lin Li after gaining Saint Edmund’s approval.

Elder Zumar was just unwilling to get into a conflict with the Tower of Dusk, especially in this current situation, but it didn’t mean that he was biased towards the Tower of Dusk. Hence, deep down, he likewise did not want the Tower of Dusk’s strength to increase any further. The Ice Phoenix’s corpse was a treasure, and each feather was valuable. How could he let the Tower of Dusk have it?

Lin Li had long expected the Gilded Kingdom to turn him down, but since it was Elder Zumar who addressed the request, it meant that there was still room for discussion. Hence, after hearing Elder Zumar’s words, Lin Li still had a faint smile on his face, and said, “This Ice Phoenix is indeed a treasure, but it’s not easy to turn it into something of real value. Elder Zumar, you should also know that the origin power of the Ice Phoenix is actually the laws of ice. Hence, even if it is used to create some magical equipment, very few people can use it. In this case, where does its value lie?”

The Ice Phoenix’s body was full of treasures, but if he couldn’t use it, it would all be a waste. It was just like how the value of a pile of gold could only be realized when it was used to purchase things. If stored in a warehouse, it would be as good as nothing. The various parts of the Ice Phoenix corpse could be turned into magical equipment, but if no one could use it, the problem would not be solved, and the value of the Ice Phoenix corpse would stagnate at being part of a collection.

Lin Li’s words had really left Elder Zumar speechless for a while. The power of the Ice Phoenix was indeed too extreme. Even though it had a peak Sanctuary-level magical crystal, it probably couldn’t be used as a mana source of an Alchemy Array because of that reason. Although Elder Zumar wanted to say some things out of spite, he was not good at lying, and couldn’t bring himself to say it.

However, High Priest Poer did not care about that. After hearing that Lin Li seemed to be belittling the Gilded Kingdom, he immediately said in anger and annoyance, “President Felic, you’re being too nosy. Since we want the Ice Phoenix, we naturally have a way to bring out its value. Besides, even if we can’t use it and just leave it in the warehouse, that’s still our business.”

Upon hearing High Priest Poer’s words, even Saint Edmund and Elder Zumar could not help but frown. Although there was some truth to this, it made them feel uncomfortable. It was as if Poer were saying that the Gilded Kingdom and the Illuminati were extremely incompetent. Even though they were indeed unable to optimize the use of the Ice Phoenix, just like what Lin Li said, Poer could not blatantly state it.