Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 270 - Useless Master

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Chapter 270 - Useless Master

A female voice resounded from out of nowhere and Xuefeng\'s body froze as well. His fingers were just an inch away from Thunder Goddess\'s forehead but he couldn\'t close the distance.

"Xuefeng!" his wives cried out after him only to be pushed back out of the realm. Nuwa and Yiren were unable to help him anymore, instantly putting him in a lost position.

\'She locked us out! We can\'t pass through the barrier anymore!\' Ming called out seriously. \'I will try to break it! Buy us some time!\'

This wasn\'t a joke anymore as Xuefeng\'s life was in danger.

"Now that my Master has arrived, your life is over," Thunder Goddess muttered with a grin while she regained control. She reached out towards the Heavenly Chain and pulled it out of her chest.

Blood spilled out but her wound healed rapidly. She smirked and stared at Xuefeng, doing the same for him. The chain unwrapped from his chest and she kept them both, carrying a victorious smile.

"Now you can\'t defend against me anymore," Thunder Goddess announced as her fingers tightened around his neck. "Any last words before I choke you to death?"

"If you liked this kind of play, you could have told me earlier," Xuefeng provoked while struggling to talk. "How about we move to bed instead?"


Golden Lightning burst out from her palm, sending an electric shock across his body. Xuefeng shook uncontrollably as a burning smell reached his nose but he didn\'t give up, regenerating his body at the same time.

His situation was tragic but he knew very well how to stall for time. As long as he made her annoyed, she would rather torture him instead of killing him instantly.

\'How is it?\' Xuefeng questioned in his mind but Ming didn\'t have any good news.

\'I can\'t break inside. This Master of hers is reinforcing the barrier, shifting any weak spots to another place. Unless I have unlimited Fate Qi, I can\'t even try breaking it,\' Ming informed in distress. \'Fuck!\'

\'Don\'t worry, I will figure something out…\' Xuefeng assured, pretending he didn\'t feel pain all over his body. \'This is not a day when I die.\'

He didn\'t know where his confidence came from but he had a gut feeling telling him it wasn\'t the time to die. He had so much more to achieve in this new life of his.

"Is your mouth still filled with shit or is this time for you to beg for your life?" Thunder Goddess provoked playfully. Too bad, Xuefeng didn\'t lose his temper easily.

"Is that all you got?" Xuefeng asked with a smile. "You are too proud knowing you didn\'t defeat me by yourself."


Xuefeng immediately received a thunder punch in the stomach, causing him to spit out blood with his organs almost crushed. His Regeneration Ability worked at full speed but the pain was unavoidable.

"What did you say? I didn\'t hear you," Thunder Goddess questioned coldly as she neared his ear. "Care to repeat it?"

"Sure. Your Master is the one restraining me right now, not you. If you are so strong, why not release me and have a fair fight?" Xuefeng proposed.

Thunder Goddess only burst out laughing as she tightened her grip and blocked the blood flow. "Haha, and why would I do that? I would rather finish you here and now."

"Because this way you will never learn anything," Xuefeng replied with a shrug. "You will get stuck in this loop and never achieve anything."

He paused and added while looking at the sky. "You are wasting her potential. What a useless Master you are."

Thunder Goddess\'s eyes instantly filled with killing intent and her body burst out with Golden Lightning. He could feel the burning swallow him whole when everything disappeared at a single snap of a finger.

Xuefeng opened his eyes and found his surroundings had changed. Instead of the sky, they were in a fancy bedroom while kneeling on a large bed. The Thunder Goddess who still held his throat was looking at him dumbfounded.

Her Golden Lightning was completely gone and her Master\'s restriction vanished as well. Xuefeng had no idea what was going on but he swiftly took advantage of it


She cried out as Xuefeng grabbed her wrist and swung her on the bed, pinning both her arms while covering her with his weight.

"Get off me!" Thunder Goddess shouted as she struggled to escape but Xuefeng\'s physique was too strong. Without her Golden Lightning, it was like a battle between a wolf and a puppy.

He was about to banter with her when they heard a female voice from their sides. "Calm down or I will restrict both of you."

They looked to the side and saw a voluptuous woman sitting on a chair made of clouds. Her face was blurred yet Xuefeng could see her shiny brown hair falling evenly onto her ample chest. Her dress could barely be called a dress as he could almost see every curve underneath. He wanted to turn away but some strange desire forced him to stare directly at her body.

"Master?" Thunder Goddess questioned unhappily. "How can I calm down when he is touching me! I hate it! Please make him—"


Her Master only snapped her fingers and Thunder Goddess lost her voice.

"Hold her down for me until she calms down," the lady said casually and placed one leg on the other, giving Xuefeng a glimpse of her red panties.

"Sure. I already planned on doing so," Xuefeng nodded in response. "If I let her go she will try to dig my eyes out."

Xuefeng didn\'t plan on giving the seductive lady any special treatment just because of her power so he treated her normally. She was clearly taken aback but didn\'t say anything, matching his tone instead.

"I tried to fix her behavior but she truly hates men and there is nothing I can do about it," the lady muttered with a sigh. "Anyway, now that it\'s quiet, we can finally have a small chat."

She paused, spawning a glass with dark red liquid, and took a small sip.

"You said that I\'m a useless Master.. If I\'m not satisfied with your answer, your soul will perish in this Soul Realm."