Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 877 - Since I Have a Divine Skill, I Can Simply Do Whatever I Desire!

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Chapter 877: Since I Have a Divine Skill, I Can Simply Do Whatever I Desire!

Given Wanyan Zhenghe’s status as the little prince of Jin Country, he could definitely offend an intern teacher. If this happened in the past, he would have started cursing.

But after suffering a few times because of Sun Mo, he learned to be more obedient.

One must not easily offend someone like Sun Mo. They should only ridicule and taunt such geniuses after they failed, or they themselves might possibly fall into a hole.

Sang Ge also didn’t want to offend a new rising star like Sun Mo, but he had no choice. He followed the little prince for a living, and at such a time, if he didn’t show his worth as a lackey, he wouldn’t be qualified to become one.

“Do you have a pig brain? If Teacher Sun could modify people’s appearance to be more beautiful, why would he still look so ordinary?”

Sang Ge had a face of helplessness. After he scolded the girl, he spoke to Sun Mo.

“Sorry, Teacher Sun. Although I said your looks are average, your talent is like the bright moon that illuminates the entire plains.”

After hearing this, the students immediately nodded in agreement.

“What a pity. If Teacher Sun is slightly more handsome, he can definitely become a celebrity teacher in our Dragon Subduing Academy!”

“Great teachers are not gigolos after all. They have no need to depend on their appearance for a living.”

“In my heart, Teacher Sun is the most handsome one.”

The students discussed. Although a few girls with skewed aesthetic sense felt that Sun Mo’s looks were okay, the vast majority of people grouped Sun Mo into the ugly-looking group.

“Well said!”

Wanyan Zhenghe was very happy and slapped Sang Ge on his shoulder. After that, he plucked off a piece of jade hanging on his waist and threw it to Sang Ge. “This is a gift for you.”

Sang Ge’s words were silently jeering at Sun Mo for being an ugly ghost, but he also paid a compliment by saying that his talent was like the bright moon. This way, no great teachers would find trouble with him.

No matter if he won or lost, it would mean trouble for Sun Mo.

“Many thanks for the little prince’s gift.”

Sang Ge bowed and glanced at Sun Mo from the corner of his eyes. He also had a satisfied smile on his face.

Mei Ziyu glanced at Sang Ge as she mentally mused. (Who are you mocking to be ugly? If he takes off his mask, his looks can crush your entire Dragon Subduing Academy! Even if he has no talent, he doesn’t need to worry about food and lodging just based on his face and figure.)

Wuzhuli started when she heard this. After that, she regained her senses. (That’s right, if Teacher Sun has a solution, why is he still so ugly? Sigh! I was too brash.)

“Teacher, I’m sorry!”

Wuzhuli hurriedly apologized with a look of guilt on her face. She felt that she had brought trouble for Sun Mo.


Tuoba Cong hurriedly shouted, wanting to brush past this.

Just when the next male student walked over, Sun Mo spoke.

“Wait a moment!”

Sun Mo surveyed the girl whose face was filled with pockmarks. “What is your name?”


The girl bowed slightly and reported her name.

“I usually wouldn’t do facial surgeries for people because I feel that the most valuable part of a person is their talent. When someone is so outstanding to the point where others neglect their appearance, that would be a true talent.”

Sun Mo spoke.

(An example was Jack Ma!)

Some students immediately applauded. This was especially so for those with ordinary looks. They felt that Teacher Sun really made much sense with his words.

“Teacher, why don’t brothels headhunt for ugly but talented girls then?”

Sang Ge asked.

“When you wanted to eat meat, would you patronize a fruit stall?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

The surroundings fell silent, but everyone soon broke out in laughter.

Yeah, what was the point of visiting brothels? Wasn’t it simply to unleash their lust? Who would be bothered to look at ugly girls who were talented in performing arts?!

Besides, why would the brothels ‘packaged’ those girls as talented girls?

Wasn’t it simply because they wanted to charge a higher price?

Sang Ge was at a loss for words. He could only mutter apprehensively.

“What a sharp tongue!”

However, Sang Ge also admitted that Sun Mo not only had a fast reaction, but his reason was flawless too.

“Teacher, I was wrong!”

Wuzhuli apologized and found it hard to hide her shame.

“You are not wrong!”

Sun Mo smiled and walked in front of Wuzhuli. He stretched out his index finger and lifted her chin as he surveyed her face.

Honestly speaking, this action of Sun Mo was very frivolous, but in the eyes of the students, no one felt that Sun Mo was a scum.

Firstly, Wuzhuli was uglier than average. Her face, which was filled with pockmarks, would cause people to feel bad when they looked at her; there would even be chills. Besides, Sun Mo’s gaze was filled with seriousness like he was admiring a painting. There was no sense of desire at all.

“Everyone loves to be beautiful, so who doesn’t wish to be better-looking? Moreover, your problem was caused by that sickness.”

Sun Mo’s lips curled into a smile. “From my point of view, you have triumphed over smallpox and can stand healthily here. This is already the most beautiful work of art.”


Priceless Advice activated.

These words from Sun Mo were from the bottom of his heart. From his point of view, a person’s value lay in surpassing themselves, being able to rise courageously after every setback and start to run again.

Naturally, the sentence he had spoken before this was wrong. Hence, Priceless Advice was not activated.

In the modern era, being good-looking was also a type of ‘excellence’.

For example, celebrities and news anchors. As long as they were beautiful, they could earn a lot of money.

Duanmu Li and Mei Ziyu clapped. Sun Mo’s world views and ideology truly had nothing to be picked on.


Wuzhuli choked with emotions.

No one had ever said such a thing to her before. In her dorm, her dorm mates ostracized her because of how she looked.

Truthfully speaking, this couldn’t be blamed on them. After all, a person with a face and body filled with holes and scars was pretty frightening.

“Teacher, I don’t wish to be beautiful anymore. I will just live a better life!”

Wuzhuli inclined her head and looked at Sun Mo, feeling that he was very gentle. This was especially so for his smile. It was like the sun in winter and caused her cold heart to be filled with warmth.


Favorable impression points from Wuzhuli +100. Friendly (710/1,000).

“The heavens won’t treat a hardworking person unfairly. Wuzhuli. What sort of appearance do you want?”

As Sun Mo spoke, he turned and walked into the tent.

“An appearance that can allow me to get married?”

Wuzhuli didn’t extravagantly hope that she would become a beauty. She just wanted her pockmarks to disappear.

Honestly speaking, her current looks caused everyone to look at her with disdain. Even dogs wouldn’t be willing to come and beg for food from her.


Sun Mo felt even more admiration for Wuzhuli. She was not a greedy girl. “Come in then!”


Wuzhuli was stunned. (Go in for what? From Teacher Sun’s meaning, could I really become beautiful? But how is this possible? If there really was such a magical alchemy pill or cultivation art, why didn’t Teacher Sun use it on himself?)

“Why are you still in a daze? Quickly go in.”

Mei Ziyu urged. “Teacher Sun wouldn’t casually do facial surgery for people.”

Mei Ziyu knew that Sun Mo’s Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands had the powerful magical effect of changing one’s looks. However, he didn’t depend on this to earn money or to boost his fame.

When Wuzhuli entered the tent, all the students were dumbstruck.

(Could he really do it?)

“Sit down!”

Sun Mo propped his chin up and surveyed Wuzhuli’s appearance carefully. “You don’t have to feel nervous. There won’t be any pain, and the procedure only takes 30 minutes.”


When Wuzhuli heard that the procedure only lasted 30 minutes, she no longer harbored any hope. After all, 30 minutes might not be sufficient to finish a meal, let alone changing one’s looks.

“Teacher Sun really knows such a method?”

Duanmu Li turned his head and felt very curious. But he didn’t enter the tent due to his respect for Sun Mo’s privacy.

“Just wait and see!”

Mei Ziyu smiled.

(You guys haven’t seen Sun Mo’s overwhelming strength before.)

“Close your eyes, I’m about to start!”

Sun Mo’s original intention was to merely help Wuzhuli get rid of her pockmarks and regain her original look. But the answer of this girl suited his taste perfectly.

Such a girl deserved happiness.


The genie appeared. When it saw Wuzhuli, it shook its head with a disdainful look.

(Don’t look for me to do such a strenuous thing like facial surgery!)

“This is a girl with a strong personality. I wish that she would receive happiness.”

After Sun Mo spoke, he started to instruct the genie. “Start from this location, flatten her cheekbones a little and raise her nose bridge a little.”

Other people, even if they had the skin beautifying technique, wouldn’t dare to recklessly perform facial surgery.

This required a foundation in aesthetics. Just by relying on imagination alone, one couldn’t create the face of absolute beauty.

It was like in many 3D games, one could customize their appearances at the start of the game. But how many people could really create beautiful characters?

Sun Mo was different. He was a famous artist that grasped the Character Painting Technique and was a true grandmaster. In his eyes, the beauty of the world was different from the concept ordinary people had.

And there was another crucial point. He was from the modern era and had seen too many pictures of beautiful girls on the internet.

Naturally, he couldn’t create a face that some people liked just because they wanted it. It had to depend on their face shape.

Sun Mo would do his best to retain her original facial structure and avoid shaving the bones and flesh so she would still resemble her past face. If she looked completely different, everyone would feel a sense of strangeness when they interacted with her in the future.

Sun Mo had taught for so long, and the ancient massaging technique was used the most often. Besides, he had experienced the complex surgery of treating Jiang Leng. Hence, it didn’t take too long for him to do this facial surgery.

Half an hour later, the procedure was completed.

“It’s done!”

Sun Mo exhaled a breathful of turbid air and took five steps back before silently admiring his work. He was very satisfied.

Wuzhuli’s body was trembling. She still didn’t dare to open her eyes.

During this period, she sat completely still and could feel a pair of hands kneading her face. There was also a type of hot sensation.

(The beautification process was done? Isn’t this a little too fake?)

“You can open your eyes now.”

Sun Mo took a small mirror and passed it over. “Take a look!”

Seeing Wuzhuli remain unmoving, Sun Mo consoled, “Don’t worry. No matter how bad it is, it won’t be worse than how you looked before.”

Upon hearing this, Wuzhuli was at ease.

(That’s true! I can’t possibly be uglier than my past appearance, right?)

Wuzhuli opened her eyes and stood up. She didn’t take the mirror. Instead, she bowed 90 degrees to Sun Mo first and thanked him. She only took the mirror after that.

“This is a good girl who knows gratitude!”

Sun Mo actually didn’t like to do facial surgery, but this girl made him feel like he had just done a good deed.


Wuzhuli suddenly screamed and stared at the girl in the mirror. Her body was trembling incessantly.

(I…is this really me? Isn’t this too beautiful?)

Outside the tent, the number of spectators didn’t reduce. It actually increased.

The incredible news of Sun Mo trying to make a girl look more beautiful was circulating, hence, more and more students came to watch a good show.

Even some bored great teachers were here.

“Little prince. If you feel bored, you can go back first.”

Sang Ge saw that Wanyan Zhengge was growing impatient. “I will inform you immediately once he comes out, and I will also record the image of him being embarrassed.”

“No way!”

Wanyan Zhenghe shook his head. “I want to personally watch him embarrassing himself.”

At this moment, a sharp scream rang out in the tent.

The students who were in the midst of discussing directly turned silent. Several hundreds of gazes turned uniformly and focused on the tent.

(Why would she scream? She should have become uglier and got scared by her own looks, right?)

Wanyan Zhenghe was speculating.

“Come on out!”

Just after Wanyan Zhenghe shouted, the tent’s flap was lifted and Sun Mo walked out. The gazes of everyone passed by him and landed on the girl behind him.

Because Wuzhuli lowered her head, everyone couldn’t see anything.

“Lift your head and let me take a look!”

Sang Ge called out.

“Wuzhuli, you can’t possibly lower your head forever, right?”

Sun Mo encouraged. “Get used to it slowly. Your new life has just begun.”

(Yeah, I can’t possibly be a cowardly turtle forever, right? But my face is too beautiful now and doesn’t look like me!)

Wanyan Zhenghe couldn’t bear it anymore and pushed away the students standing before him. He took some large steps and came before Wuzhuli. After that, he grabbed her hair and pulled it backward fiercely.


Wuzhuli cried out in pain, but her head was lifted from the force.


The audience exclaimed, but after that, silence descended. Only the sound of the cold wind gusting by could be heard.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Wuzhuli’s face, and they were all dumbstruck.

Wanyan Zhenghe felt like he got struck by a lightning bolt as he looked at Wuzhuli’s face. His mind was totally blank.

A feeling of possessiveness rose in his chest.

(I want her!) Wanyan Zhenghe vowed in his heart. (Regardless of the price I have to pay!)

Because of the pain, tears appeared in Wuzhuli’s eyes. Her appearance caused the guys to feel tenderness toward her. Some people even started to roar at Wanyan Zhenghe.

“Little prince, you are too over-the-top.”

“Yeah, how can you treat a girl like this?”

“What a boorish man, he doesn’t even know the principle of showing tenderness to the fairer sex.”

Sang Ge was also stunned. W…who was this beautiful girl?

“Are you really Wuzhuli?”

Duanmu Li seriously surveyed her despite being shocked. After that, he glanced at Sun Mo. “How did you achieve this? I can understand if her pockmarks are gone. After all, some medicine can achieve this. But why does her face’s bone structure seem to have changed?”

After hearing this, Wanyan Zhenghe recalled the disgusting appearance of Wuzhuli and subconsciously released his grab. He retreated two steps back. But after that, when he looked at Wuzhuli again, he subconsciously gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

(Truly beautiful! If I could sleep with this woman, I definitely wouldn’t bear to stop.)


The gazes of the students turned to Sun Mo. They were waiting for an explanation.

“Her appearance should be able to rank within the top ten in the Dragon Subduing Academy, right?”

Sun Mo asked with a smile.

“Be bolder, remove the word ‘should’!”

Duanmu Li teased.

“I feel that you can at least be among the top five!”

Tuoba Cong interjected, feeling shocked.

He was someone who sold info reports for a living. The articles about the goddesses of their school were things guys loved reading about the most. He had also interacted with the goddesses before, and honestly speaking, Wuzhuli wasn’t in any way inferior when compared to them.

“I don’t believe this. How can half an hour be sufficient to turn an ugly monster into someone so beautiful?”

Wanyan Zhenghe roared. He rushed into the tent. “She must be another person. Wuzhuli, scram out here for me!”