Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1220 - Affect

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Chapter 1220: Affect

The Wizard Union’s meeting proceeded under an awkward atmosphere as each side expressed their different views.

The law-defying wizards could not change the decisions of the legendary wizards above them, so they hadn’t made much progress.

They still couldn’t unanimously agree on how to deal with Abel ever since he shut down the Golden castle and went into retreat.

Most of the law-defying wizards in charge were against opposing Abel due to how important Abel’s potions were.

They also couldn’t change the views of the two rank 28 legendary wizards, but at least they would be able to show their care by organizing meetings each day.

They knew that there was not much they could do as law-defying wizards at the end of the day.

But it was because of this, rumors about the wizard union’s top rank legendary wizards wanting to oppose Abel began to spread.

Soon, the news made it to the elves’ royal palace. Master Bennett was the pride of elves. He was the first grandmaster alchemist in the past 1000 years, the first legendary druid.

“Is the wizard union against the elves having a legendary druid?” Queen Luisa asked.

At the same time, Sainte Lorraine also sent out a revolt to the wizard union through the Goddess of the moon’s temple.

The dwarves also expressed their care to the wizard union, hoping Master Bennett would be protected.

Even the orcs, whom Abel was not close to, expressed their concern. A conflict with master Bennett made them very worried.

Master Bennett was the first non-wizard legendary in the past thousands of years. If the wizard union would take him down, were they going to do the same to the orcs if they had a legendary priest?

After all, the wizards were much stronger than any other professions.

Although the orcs were never good with the elves, this situation would affect them mutually.

More and more forces began to voice their opinion. They didn’t want legendary wizards to rule over as they liked. No one would be safe if they couldn’t even tolerate a grandmaster alchemist becoming a legendary druid.

Under this tense atmosphere, the Golden castle was fully isolated from the world. Even their connection with the Wizard Union was shut off.

But Abel couldn’t care less. He knew all of this was caused by his lack of power. Although he had enough methods to deal with any potential invader, his relationship with the wizard union has grown cold because of it.

He could increase 2-3 ranks every five years with his current speed, so what he needed was time. By then, he might have defeated the last Diablo in the Dark World, became a top rank legend, or even half a god.

Therefore in the following years, he could not afford to get distracted from his training.

The golden castle had a strong defense, so he thought he would be fine.

Since he expressed his dissatisfaction and cut off potion supply to the Wizard Union, the one with the biggest loss was the Wizard Union.

In the front line, the Lightning’s Wizard Charlie returned with his body covered in frost.

He quickly wanted to exchange some super healing potions with his credit points, but to his surprise, there were no super potions left on the listing.

“What happened?” He asked the service desk.

He knew today was the day Master Bennett would deliver his potion, so he couldn’t understand how there were no more left.

“Grandmaster Bennett is in retreat. In the mean time, he will stop supplying us with potions!” The service assistance waved his hand helplessly.

“Uh, there are legendary wizards in the union targeting Grandmaster Bennett. Even I wouldn’t make potions if I was him!” A law-defying wizard lowered his voice from a side and added.

“Shut up, it is not our right to question the legends!” His partner quickly warned.

Wizard Charlie’s eyes sparkled. He no longer cared about the frost on him. He immediately connected to Wizard Hal from the Lightning clan.

Soon, his face was filled with fury. From Wizard Hal, he realized that a legendary wizard had sent out wizards to force the Lightning clan to lure Master Bennett out of Golden castle.

But at the same time, he felt powerless. He was only a rank 24 wizard, one that was half dead in the defense wall of Doomsday. He wouldn’t even be alive if not for Master Bennett.

In the face of legends, there was nothing he could do to help Grandmaster Bennett.

But then, he realized something he could do.

Grandmaster Bennett had saved more than 200 law-defying wizards in the front line, and he began to connect with all of them.

They were all furious after they heard the news. They were not afraid of a legendary wizard giving them trouble; they only had 60 years to live anyway.

After all, they did not only fight for resources but their principles as well.

Grandmaster Bennett’s tension with the legendary wizards began to spread throughout the front line. This information was meant to be top secret, but those furious half-dead wizards couldn’t care less. Most of them soon withdrew from the front line and due to the decline in potion supply. Even normal law-defying wizards began to withdraw.

Because of this, the Holy Kingdom regained a certain dominance, with the WIzard Union focusing on defense again.

Meanwhile, the two rank 28 legendary wizards in the magic tower didn’t look good.

Even at rank 28, the pressure Master Bennett gave them was far beyond their expectation.

“Legend Jules, should we continue?” Legend Harrick hesitated and asked.

“Legend Harrick, are you really scared? We will level up as long as we can get Grandmaster Bennett’s secret. Our days are numbered!” Legend Jules said bluntly.

Legend Jules sounded calm, but in reality, he was just as worried as Legend Harrick. He knew there were many other legendary wizards paying attention. Although they had not made a move, the legendary wizards were clear.

If 300 passed by without any progress, the two of them would become history.

“Legend Jules. If you want to make a move, then don’t wait. The wizard union is already under pressure without potion supply/ Another legend might intervene eventually. I heard the Lightning clan have already been sent messages to that legend in retreat!” Legend Harrick added.

He was worried. If the Lightning clan were not so close to Grandmaster Bennett, he would not have forced them to cooperate.

At first, all they needed to do was to lure out Grandmaster Bennett, capture him, and give the Lightning clan some compensation and it would have been fine.

“Ok, let’s make our move tomorrow as Grandmaster Bennett is in retreat. We will strike directly at the golden castle, and make sure to move quickly so we don’t provoke the goddess temple!” Legend Harrick nodded.

This operation has been much more challenging than they thought. Initially, they thought Grandmaster Bennett would comply just with their legendary status, but grandmaster Bennett got a warning from Legend Dolan beforehand.

Since some organizations were against their position and did their commands in a more obvious manner to warn Abel something was wrong.

On the other hand, Abel had directly flipped the table and put this situation in the eyes of the entire continent.

It was a threat to the wizard union, and many forces had voiced their opinion, so those two legendary wizards had to make their move as soon as possible.

Early next morning, Abel sensed a threat through his intuition in the golden castle. He had returned from the Dark World every few hours to check.

It was a hassle, but he had to prepare for any surprise invasion.

Abel wasn’t favored to win. The Wizard Union was the most powerful organization of this world, and messing with their top rank legendary wizards was not a good idea.

However, it was no longer up to him to decide.

“Steward Myer, Poly, Bentham, Gunther, come to the lounge!” Abel spoke through the golden castle.

Soon, the four elves arrived.

Abel gazed over and lowered his voice. “I want all of you to bring the servants to the alchemy union!”

“Grandmaster, we can stay in the golden castle to protect you!” Big druid Poly quickly added.

“There’s no need!” Abel waved his hand and immediately. “I’m prepared. You can return if nothing happens, but it is best for you to stay far away from a war between legendaries!”

The three followers felt powerless. They were the official followers of Grandmaster testified by the Goddess of the moon, but in an actual battle, they couldn’t even help him.

“Here are your resources for the next 10 years, take good care of them!” Abel directly handed out 3 portal bags and said.

The 3 followers held the portal bag in their hands. They needed to level up. Even if they couldn’t reach Grandmaster Bennett’s level, they would at least like a right to protect him.

“Steward Myer, you have always taken good care of me, so here’s a longevity potion. Please live a good life!” Abel took out a golden longevity potion and said.

The atmosphere grew depressed. It seemed like Abel was saying his final words.

But Abel knew very well. If he were to really go against legendary wizards of the Wizard Union, he had to consider the lives of his followers.

He expected to be a top level legend as well in a few years, so he knew he would be fine.

All he needed to do now was to send his followers and steward away. Even a tiny bit of energy from a war between legends could kill them.