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Chapter 896 Put the Blame on Kang Ruicheng

“No,” Lu Boyan said, “Ah Guang is also on his way. He will get there soon.”

Shen Yuechuan was about to take the last treatment. Even if Lu Boyan really needed him to go out, Henry may not agree.

He had to give up. “If there’s anything I can do, tell me,” he said.

“We need you to keep your mind on the treatment and recover as soon as possible,” Lu Boyan said, “okay, I should go. I have no time.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

As soon as Shen Yuechuan hung up the phone, Xiao Yunyun came over and asked, “What’s going on? Is Aunt Zhou really in the hospital?”

“Ah Guang found out that Aunt Zhou is indeed in the hospital,” After a pause, Shen Yuechuan shook his head and continued, “but I don’t know what happened exactly.”

“Aunt Zhou must be in bad condition. That’s why Kang Ruicheng sent her to the hospital,” Xiao Yunyun’s voice slowly dropped, “otherwise, how could Kang Ruicheng expose Aunt Zhou and give us a chance to save her?”

Shen Yuechuan held Xiao Yunyun in his arms and stroked her black, soft long hair, and said, “You see through things when you shouldn’t be so smart. Do you increase your IQ limit temporarily?”

“You’re the person who needs to increase the IQ limit!” Xiao Yunyun pulled Shen Yuechuan’s arm towards her and bit him discontentedly. Then she asked worriedly, “Did something really happen to Aunt Zhou?”

“Don’t worry. Mu Qi has rushed to the hospital,” Shen Yuechuan thought for a few seconds and continued with certainty, “if everything goes well, you will see Aunt Zhou soon.”

“Really?” Xiao Yunyun poked Shen Yuechuan with a puzzled look, “How can you be so sure?”

Shen Yuechuan looked at Xiao Yunyun and sighed helplessly. He joked, “Your extra IQ has been used up so quickly…”

“…” Xiao Yunyun did not know whether to get angry or laugh. She rushed over and fought noisily with Shen Yuechuan. After a while, she forgot the question she had just asked.

At that time, Mu Sijue arrived at the Eighth People’s Hospital.

From the entrance to Aunt Zhou’s ward, the hospital was guarded by Mu Sijue’s subordinates to ensure that Kang Ruicheng’s underlings couldn’t sneak in. Ah Guang also ascertained why Aunt Zhou was in the hospital and ran to the parking lot to pick up Mu Sijue.

Seeing Ah Guang, Mu Sijue asked directly, “What’s the story?”

Ah Guang told Mu Sijue everything he knew, “At about eight o’clock this morning, Dongzi sent Aunt Zhou to the emergency room and the doctor operated on her. We found Aunt Zhou at the end of the operation. Dongzi must have been afraid that we would come over. So he left as soon as the operation was over.”

Mu Sijue frowned and asked, “Why is Aunt Zhou hospitalized? How is she now?”

“I’ve asked the attending doctor,” Ah Guang hesitated when he continued, “he said Aunt Zhou had been hit on the head by a weight yesterday and passed out due to excessive blood loss.”

“Aunt Zhou was injured yesterday. But Kang Ruicheng didn’t send her here until this morning?”

Mu Sijue’s voice was full of menace and murderous intent as if it came from a dangerous place.

“Yes,” Ah Guang continued, “Dongzi told the doctor that Aunt Zhou had been unconscious since she fainted, and she even had a fever this morning. Kang Ruicheng must have been afraid that something would happen, so he had no choice but to send Aunt Zhou here.”

Mu Sijue’s face instantly turned dark, and his facial features seemed to be covered with a thin layer of ice, “How is Aunt Zhou now?”

His voice was filled with worry.

“The operation just ended. The attending doctor said that it may take some time for Aunt Zhou to wake up.” Ah Guang then comforted Mu Sijue, “Seventh Brother, you don’t have to worry too much. Aunt Zhou’s condition is not very serious.”

For Mu Sijue, it didn’t matter whether Aunt Zhou’s condition was serious or not. It was his fault that the old lady was injured.

Mu Sijue didn’t say anything. He walked into the elevator and went upstairs.

Not long after, the elevator arrived at the floor where Aunt Zhou was.

Mu Sijue walked out and asked Ah Guang, “Did you ask why Aunt Zhou was injured?”

Ah Guang was stunned. After a long while, he shook his head and answered, “My information came from the doctors and nurses. The doctor didn’t ask Dongzi why Aunt Zhou was injured, so I don’t know.”

“Figure it out,” Mu Sijue ordered coldly, “if Kang Ruicheng caused Aunt Zhou’s injury directly, I’ll let him pay double!”

“I’ll go right away!” Ah Guang suddenly thought of something when he was about to leave. He turned around and said, “Seventh Brother, there’s one more thing I think I should tell you.”

Mu Sijue led Ah Guang to continue, “What’s it?”

“The attending doctor told me that Aunt Zhou was accompanied by a child. Compared with Dongzi, that child cared more for Aunt Zhou,” Ah Guang paused for a moment, “Seventh Brother, that child… should be Kang Ruicheng’s son.”

The little guy from the Kang family liked Aunt Zhou. It was not surprising to Mu Sijue that he had followed Kang Ruicheng’s subordinate to send Aunt Zhou to the hospital.

Mu Sijue gave Ah Guang a sign to show that he knew. Then he entered Aunt Zhou’s ward and went straight to the bed.

Aunt Zhou wore the hospital gown, and the wound on her head had been appropriately dressed. Worryingly, her pale complexion no longer made her look as healthy as before.

Aunt Zhou had worked in the Mu family for decades. Even if she had always claimed to be a servant, the Mu family had never hurt her like this.

Because of Kang Ruicheng, Aunt Zhou suffered the most serious injury in her life.

Mu Sijue clenched his fists on both sides of his body. It seemed that the air in the ward suddenly froze, and a chill wind came over…

The nurse who had contacted Xiao Yunyun was also in the ward.

Mu Sijue had an aura that made others fear. At this moment, his displeasure made him look like a bloodthirsty demon, which frightened the nurse. She stood aside in terror with her face turning pale.

Just then, Mu Sijue’s cell phone rang.

It was Lu Boyan’s call. He briefly said that a nurse had just contacted Xiao Yunyun and told her that Aunt Zhou was in the hospital.

The problem was, how did a nurse who had nothing to do with them know that Xiao Yunyun was acquainted with Aunt Zhou?

Mu Sijue remembered Ah Guang’s words—Mumu came with Dongzi to send Aunt Zhou to the hospital.

The nurse didn’t know that Xiao Yunyun knew Aunt Zhou, but Mumu did.

If the nurse inadvertently mentioned Yunyun, who had once worked as an intern in this hospital, Mumu would soon react and ask the nurse to help him contact Xiao Yunyun to let out Aunt Zhou’s information.

Of course, this was just Mu Sijue’s guess. The one who knew the fact was the nurse.

The nurse in the ward was so scared that she felt each of her cells was about to explode. Suddenly, Mu Sijue looked at her and asked, “Who contacted Yunyun just now?”

The nurse subconsciously looked at Mu Sijue. For a moment, she forgot her fear, and there were only two words in her mind: so handsome!

In a state of shock, she even forgot to speak and just stared at Mu Sijue in a daze.

The man who came in gave an intentional cough to awaken the infatuated nurse.

There were always girls becoming distracted when looking at Seventh Brother. The subordinates had even joked that those girls had probably imagined the rest of their lives with Seventh Brother when they were absent-minded.

But it must be noticed that no matter what the girls thought, Seventh Brother never liked those enamored stares.

Just as Ah Guang had said, Seventh Brother could not change the fact that he was handsome. But he didn’t like to be gazed at, and no one could comment.

The staff underestimated Mu Sijue’s appearance. He coughed, but the nurse didn’t respond at all.

He had no choice but to cough harder, “Ahem, ahem!”

The nurse took a deep breath and finally came to her senses and said, “It was me.”

Mu Sijue frowned and asked, “How do you know Yunyun is acquainted with Aunt Zhou?”

“No, I don’t.” The nurse shook her head. She wanted to see Mu Sijue but didn’t dare to. She added, “There was a child who asked me to tell Dr. Xiao that Granny Zhou is in our hospital. He looked very anxious and concerned about Granny Zhou, so I contacted Dr. Xiao.”

A four or five years old child and cared much about Aunt Zhou…

Mu Sijue was sure that Ah Guang was right—it was Mumu.

He flashed on something and asked, “Did that child say anything else?” If there was a chance, Mumu would probably reveal Tang Yulan’s location. Of course, the premise was that he knew where Tang Yulan was.

The nurse shook her head, answering, “As soon as the child finished speaking, the person who sent Granny Zhou here came in and took him away.”

“Okay,” Mu Sijue said, “you can leave now.”

The nurse plucked up the courage to look at Mu Sijue as if she was looking forward to something. But Mu Sijue didn’t respond, so she could only go outside.

One subordinate tutted and sighed pityingly as he said, “That girl must be heartbroken.”

Mu Sijue glanced at his men and ordered, “You get out of here, too.”

“There’s no problem for us to go outside,” the subordinate said, “we won’t be sad.”

The subordinates who were familiar with Mu Sijue were actually not afraid of him. They would joke with him at an opportune moment.

Especially after Xu Youning was pregnant, Mu Sijue was not as horrible and cold as before.

After they went outside, Mu Sijue sat down by the bed and stayed with Aunt Zhou.

In the past, no matter how busy he was, he would find time to go back to the old house to accompany Aunt Zhou every week. After letting go of Xu Youning, he had listened to Aunt Zhou and moved back.

However, he had been too busy recently. This was the first time that he dropped everything to stay with Aunt Zhou.

Aunt Zhou was still in a coma.

The old feud between Kang Ruicheng and him had not been resolved yet. Now, there came new hatred.

Not long after, Ah Guang called and said, “Seventh Brother, I know why Aunt Zhou was injured.”

“Spit it out!” Mu Sijue said. If voice had a temperature, his cooled down a few degrees.

“I heard that the little guy of the Kang family blew up at Kang Ruicheng. Somehow, he smashed the monitor with something. But that thing happened to fly to him when it fell. Aunt Zhou was afraid that he would be injured, so she ran to hug him, and the thing hit Aunt Zhou on the head,” Ah Guang said with a little anger, but more helplessness, “so, Aunt Zhou was injured because of the little guy.”

Ah Guang meant that Aunt Zhou did not get hurt because of Kang Ruicheng.

However, ultimately, if Kang Ruicheng hadn’t kidnapped Aunt Zhou and broken his promise of swapping her, Aunt Zhou wouldn’t have been injured.

Therefore, Mu Sijue would still put the blame on Kang Ruicheng.