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Chapter 859 Will You Be My Supper? (2)

At the top of the mountain.

Lu Boyan came back very late, and the two little babies had already fallen asleep. Su Jian’an hummed a tune, lying on the bed and reading magazines.

He walked over and sat down beside Su Jian’an. “What happened? Why are you in such a good mood?”

Su Jian’an rested her head on Lu Boyan’s lap, looked at him, and said, “Yunyun and Yuechuan are getting married.”

Lu Boyan was a little confused. “Why didn’t I hear that from Yuechuan?”

“Of course you didn’t!” Su Jian’an sat up and said mysteriously, “Because Yuechuan doesn’t know either.”

Lu Boyan frowned and thought about it, and soon he understood. “Yunyun wants to propose again?”

Su Jian’an nodded. “Yunyun said that she wanted to marry Yuechuan before Yuechuan had the operation, and she wanted to accompany Yuechuan through the difficult time as his wife. She even decided on the wedding dress.”

Lu Boyan was lost in thought and did not speak for a long time.

Su Jian’an leaned over and swayed in front of Lu Boyan. “Honey?”

Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an in his arms. “We haven’t held our wedding yet.”

Su Jian’an had thought that Lu Boyan was thinking about the wedding of Yuechuan and Yunyun, but he was actually considering their own wedding?

Speaking of that, it seemed that they had planned to hold a wedding ceremony. Even the wedding dress had been tailored.

However, Kang Ruicheng suddenly appeared back then and forced Su Jian’an to divorce Lu Boyan. Before settling it, Su Jian’an found that she was pregnant. She suffered a lot from vomiting during pregnancy and became emaciated. When she finally got better, she didn’t look good in the wedding dress because she was already big-bellied.

Thus, the wedding was delayed.

Now, Su Jian’an got her body shape back, but because of taking care of these two little babies, she was exhausted every day. In addition, Lu Boyan had been busy recently, so Su Jian’an almost forgot about their wedding.

She smiled and said, “Since we have already missed the timing to hold a wedding, let’s wait for a few years. When Xiyu and Xiangyi grow up, they can be our flower children. It will be so fun!”

“Do you really not mind?”

Lu Boyan was more or less doubtful about it.

He could not help suspecting that Su Jian’an didn’t mind it because she did not want to increase his burden. After all, he had been too busy recently.

Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan and replied with certainty, “Really! It’s very known that we are a long-in-love couple. It doesn’t matter whether we hold a wedding ceremony or not! Whenever we want to hold the wedding, we can do it then. Even if we don’t hold the wedding for the rest of our lives, no one can deny the fact that we are a married couple!”

When they met, she was ten years old, and he was sixteen. They were indeed a long-in-love couple.

Lu Boyan couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth, and he finally kissed her lips.

“Hmm…” Su Jian’an wrapped her arms around Lu Boyan’s neck and, when she was taking a breath, asked him, “Have you eaten yet?”

“What if I say I haven’t?” Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an meaningfully. “Will you be my supper?”

“Not today…” Su Jian’an whispered in Lu Boyan’s ear, “I am in my period.”

Lu Boyan checked the date. Su Jian’an was indeed in her period today. It has always been very regular.

He touched Su Jian’an’s lower abdomen. “Does it hurt?”

When she just married him, every time when she was in her period, Su Jian’an would be in so much pain that her face would turn pale. Sometimes, she even fainted and was totally unconscious.

He had taken Su Jian’an to see the doctor. After the doctor helped heal her body, he had never heard about the pain from Su Jian’an again.

But the birth of the two little babies might exert an effect on her.

Su Jian’an stretched herself and said leisurely, “It doesn’t hurt anymore after you took me to see the doctor! Let’s talk about the wedding of Yuechuan and Yunyun. What do you think?”

Lu Boyan pondered for a moment. “I don’t know about Yunyun’s ideas. But Yuechuan would not want her to take the initiative on this matter too.”

“Do you mean that we should tell Yuechuan about it and let him take the initiative?” Su Jian’an hesitated for a moment and showed her worries. “What if Yuechuan doesn’t want to marry Yunyun now?”

“They have already gotten so far.” Lu Boyan said, “If Yunyun wants to marry him, Yuechuan will not object.”

“That’s right.” Su Jian’an was very conflicted. “What should we do?”

“You don’t have to do anything.” Lu Boyan said, “Wait and see. Yuechuan will contact you.”

Su Jian’an’s conflict turned into confusion. “Why will Yuechuan contact me?”

In front of Lu Boyan, she was so ignorant.

That was simply because as long as Lu Boyan was with her, she didn’t have to use her brain. Besides, she was not as intelligent as Lu Boyan, so she simply left everything to him.

Lu Boyan bent his finger and gently knocked on Su Jian’an’s forehead. “Yunyun stays with Yuechuan all day. She will reveal herself sooner or later. If Yuechuan finds something wrong, who will he contact other than you?”

Su Jian’an suddenly understood. “So, I just need to wait?”

“Yes.” Lu Boyan put Su Jian’an on the bed. “Now, you just need to sleep.”

Su Jian’an struggled. “I’m not sleepy yet.”

Lu Boyan stared at Su Jian’an, and there was something thick showing up in his eyes. “Jian’an, don’t overestimate my self-control.”

Su Jian’an was stunned and closed her eyes silently.

Lu Boyan withdrew his hand from Su Jian’an’s shoulder and kissed her forehead. “Good night.”

She replied with a “hmm” and lay on her side. Listening to the sound when Lu Boyan was bathing, she soon fell into a sweet dream.

In contrast, the villa next door was much busier.

After returning from Su Jian’an’s house, Xu Youning and Mumu had been playing games in the living room. They had a lot of fun in a virtual world.

When Mu Sijue came back and saw it, his first reaction was to frown.

Xu Youning was pregnant. How could she play games so wantonly?

Mu Sijue walked over and grabbed Xu Youning’s gamepad. Without the gamepad, Xu Youning could not operate her character in the game, and it failed to avoid Mumu’s attack and died.

Mumu let out a cheer. “Yeah! I…”

Before finishing his words, he saw Mu Sijue. The word “win” was stuck in his throat, and he seemed to be about to cry. “Mr. Mu, please return the gamepad to Auntie Youning!”

Mu Sijue ordered in an overbearing manner, “She can’t go on playing games with you.”

Thus, Mumu was really going to cry. “Why?”

“Yes, why?” Xu Youning wore a look of unwillingness. “I want to play games. What right do you have to control me?”

Mu Sijue looked at Mumu and suddenly became good-natured. He explained to the little boy calmly, “Playing games will affect the baby in Auntie Youning’s belly.”

Mumu felt conflicted and tilted his head. Finally, he compromised. “Well, Auntie Youning, you’d better not play games.”

After that, Mumu looked at Mu Sijue with expectation. “Mr. Mu, could you please play games with me? If you can’t, when you are not at home, I will agree to Auntie Youning’s request to play games!”

Mu Sijue: “…”

In the end, he did not reject Mumu. He sat down and started the game.

Mumu cheered and instantly neglected Xu Youning, throwing himself into the fight with Mu Sijue.

Of course, Mu Sijue was more challenging to deal with than Xu Youning, so Mumu had more fun fighting with him.

In the end, Mumu lost. Of course, Mu Sijue didn’t let him lose too badly.

The little boy was not willing to admit his defeat. He held Mu Sijue’s thigh and said, “I want to fight again!”

“Mumu, it’s very late. Go to bed with me and stop playing games,” Aunt Zhou said.

“No, I want to play games.” Mumu pressed his cheek against Mu Sijue’s thigh. “Mr. Mu, let’s play games. Let’s play games. Let’s play games…”

Mu Sijue checked the time. He indeed couldn’t play games with this little boy anymore. He patted Mumu’s ass and said, “I’m going to accompany the baby. I’ll play with you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Mumu reluctantly agreed. “You must remember it, or I’ll agree to Auntie Youning’s request tomorrow!”

Mu Sijue nodded. “Okay.”

Mumu then let go of Mu Sijue and hopped upstairs with Aunt Zhou.

At this moment, Mu Sijue and Mumu didn’t expect that this was the last time they played games.

In their lifetime, there would be no next time.

Xu Youning sat on the sofa and looked at Mu Sijue with resentment and hatred.

Mu Sijue ignored Xu Youning’s resentment and hatred, and said, “I’ll go back to City G tomorrow.”

A week ago, Mu Sijue had mentioned that he would go back to City G in a week.

That day, Mu Sijue had also mentioned their marriage and asked Xu Youning to give him the answer when they returned to City G.

Xu Youning didn’t expect a week to pass so quickly.

She looked at Mu Sijue in a daze. “What about Mumu and me?”

Mu Sijue said, “The plan changed. You and Mumu stay here, and I will go back alone.”

“Oh.” Xu Youning felt a little awkward, but she still asked, “When… will you come back?”

“I’ll be back by the morning of the day after tomorrow.” Mu Sijue stared at Xu Youning. “Do you need me to remind you of what I’ve told you?”

Of course, he was referring to the marriage.

“No.” Xu Youning didn’t dare to look at Mu Sijue and whispered, “I remember.”

Mu Sijue showed a look of satisfaction. “Can I hear the answer when I come back?”

Xu Youning tried to change the subject. “I can tell you another answer now!”

Mu Sijue narrowed his eyes and asked, “Another answer?”

Xu Youning tried to shock Mu Sijue and said in a very surprised tone, “Yunyun and Yuechuan are getting married!”

Mu Sijue was indifferent to that and naturally returned to the previous topic. “Are we going to hold the wedding with them?”

“…” Xu Youning gritted her teeth. “Mu Sijue, can’t you ask something else? For example, how did I know that Yunyun is going to marry Yuechuan…”

“I’m not interested in how you did know that.” Mu Sijue stared at Xu Youning. “I’m only interested in you.”

Xu Youning completely admitted defeat and said, “I’ll wait for you to come back.”

“Okay.” Mu Sijue said, “I’ll wait for your answer.”

As soon as Mu Sijue finished speaking, Xu Youning’s heart suddenly beat quickly.

It was as if… her heart had already given the answer to Mu Sijue…