A Naive Short-tempered Girl - Chapter 443

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Chapter 443

How To Tolerate

“There is no need. Giving birth of it.”

Flash, Yao Yao thought that she has misheard, but facing, staring at Feng Chen Yi expressionless face, she has confirmed that, she… perhaps didn’t hear wrong. “Chen Yi!” quickly she got down from the operation bed, she suddenly rushed in front of Feng Chen Yi in front: “You… you don’t need to be like this!”

“If abort the baby, it must be harmful for your body, right? Giving birth of it, I can raise it alike my own child.”

“No… this isn’t the problem…” suddenly Yao Yao turned to be speechless, that kind of guilty and also gratitude feeling are burst out, mixed together with her tears.

What to say?

Actually what to say?

Oh, that’s right! Chen Yi isn’t this kind of man, toward love; toward marriage, Chen Yi has expressed ‘saintliness’ meaning.

How possible he would tolerate, the child that she bear from someone else, also accepted this child? “Chen Yi…you don’t need to sacrifice… this much for me! You don’t need! You really don’t need!” Her small hands trembling when grabbing onto his sleeve, her tears has flown down, didn’t know how to use her words to express her feeling toward Feng Chen Yi toleration, his forgiveness and also her gratitude.

“Why you must say this? I am yours husband, isn’t it reasonable for me to sacrifice for you?”

Feng Chen Yi speaking tone such composed alike a big mountain, somewhat it heavily pressed her down.

‘I am yours husband, isn’t it reasonable… for me to sacrifice for you?’

Such… normal words. As if every husband and wife will say something like this, and then for Yao Yao it just not more than endless pressure, now she really did not know what to do… in order to repay everything that Feng Chen Yi given to her!

It has more than enough!

Really enough!

At the time when he did those scandalous thing, she has countless time detested him, saying this man would get his retribution. But now… begging you, My God please stop all the retribution for this man, he has already paid all his debt.

She has let it go…

Absolutely let it go!

“Chen Yi, tell me… what should I do, so that… I can pay back all my debt to you?” Murmured.

Feng Chen Yi smiled and then wiped the tears on her eyes corner, then held her in his arms: “Love me… again, then it is more than enough.”

“Love… you … again?” Ah…. Such easy request, but… she really cannot do it! Actually where the problem? It clearly… before, she loved him so much, really loved him so much!

It seemed, staying together with Feng Chen Yi not really enough, she must… working hard to find back the past feeling. “Chen Yi, now the thing that I can answer you is… this life, I am willingly to accompany you, no matter what will be happening or turning point, I will be yours wife!”

“Ha…” a faint smile hang on his face, Feng Chen Yi’s hands that hugging on Yao Yao’s small body tighten. But…

That pair of eyes flashed a cold gleam…. It has filled with cunning eyesight!

Legal Department Office.

Due to Yao Yao request, Feng Chen Yi put her in Legal Department, her main works are responsible everything that related to Feng Chen Yi, which equally to be CEO’s representative attorney.

‘knock, knock, knock.’

Listen to the knocking sound, Yao Yao put down the document in her hand: “Come in.”

The office door is opened, Qi Lian Ao Yun smiled when walking inside: “Are you free?”

“En, Qi Lian sunbae, please have a seat.”

Dragged out one of the office chair, Qi Lian Ao Yun slowly sitting down, but he didn’t say anything.

His eyes looked around, this slightly make Yao Yao irritated: “Qi Lian sunbae, you looking for me…. Is that any matter?”

“Haha, actually I also don’t know why I am looking for you.” Qi Lian Ao Yun shrugging, pair of his hand fold in front, as if he was rethinking his purpose coming over. “Oh, that’s right, I have remembered it.”


He gently smile, one of his hand leaning on the office desk, slowly said: “CEO Feng… really loves you.”

“Heh?” She never thought that Qi Lian Ao Yun would come to see her only to tell her this matter?

“CEO Feng, compare to what I thought he indeed loves you more, really… really… he compares to Yu Ao Tian, he is more suitable with you, also he is simpler compare to Yu Ao Tian much, your choice… indeed so right!”

That day, the scenery that happened in the operation room, all the things that shouldered by Feng Chen Yi was absolutely astonished Qi Lian Ao Yun.

He really witnessed how a man really suitable to be called as man!

Have a courage to shoulder, have a gut, to protect the beloved woman and not to let her to get hurt.

Compare to Feng Chen Yi, Qi Lian Ao Yun suddenly felt that his love toward Yao Yao really not suitable to be called as love!

Azurro: Do you agree with Qi Lian Ao Yun? Is Feng Chen Yi better than Yu Ao Tian?