48 Hours a Day - Chapter 1116 - Workplace Environment of the New Era

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Chapter 1116: Workplace Environment of the New Era

“Loki?” The old man was stunned. “Is Loki here too? When?”

The blank look on his face didn’t seem fake, which meant that he hadn’t seen Loki for a while.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Loki hadn’t been here before. Considering his transformation ability, he could easily turn into a bird or an insect and sneak onto the island without the old man noticed. He might even find the place Jemengard was sleeping at.

However, Zhang Heng and Fan Meinan’s original plan was going to fall through. They wouldn’t be able to find Loki’s whereabouts from the old man.

In fact, although Beta had lured the three to this abandoned subway line, Zhang Heng could still sense Loki’s shadow from the back. However, Zhang Heng didn’t quite understand Loki’s purpose.

Was the other party targeting him? Because Fan Meinan couldn’t make a move on him, Beta had lured him here, hoping to use the black python on the island to kill him? If that was the case, wasn’t rocky looking down on him a little too much? Or did rocky just want to use him to kill the black python so that he could become enemies with Jemengard?

At present, this appeared to be the most likely conclusion.

However, as a monster that appeared in the twilight of the gods, Jemngard already had many enemies. There wasn’t a single god in Asgard who didn’t want to kill it and if it wasn’t for Zhang Heng’s bad luck that he happened to appear in its lair, Jemengard probably didn’t have any intention of seeking revenge on Zhang Heng.

When Zhang Heng was fighting the black python, he had once suspected that Jemengard would descend in some way after he killed the black python. But now, the old man’s words had overturned this possibility.

This time, Zhang Heng could not see through Loki’s intentions. Loki’s plan now seemed somewhat anticlimactic.

But then, Zhang Heng’s expression changed, and he seemed to have thought of something. He asked the old man, “Did someone else come to the island just now?”

The old man’s expression changed slightly. He thought of the anonymous woman’s explanation and wanted to deny it on the spot. However, he knew that his first reaction must have been seen by Zhang Heng. If he denied it now, it would only make things worse, therefore, he was a little embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. In the end, he could only remain silent.


Actually, the old man was even more confused than Zhang Heng. He was already confused about the relationship between the woman of unknown origin and Zhang Heng. According to the former, Zhang Heng was her boss, and this time, he was here to solve her boss’s problems; however, she had been busy for so long, and it seemed that she did not want her boss to know about her existence. Before she left, she specifically told the old man not to tell Zhang Heng about her arrival on the island.

The old man could only sigh that he had been on the island for too long, and he could no longer adapt to the complicated workplace environment of the new era.

Fortunately, Zhang Heng did not continue to ask. He knew that he could not get an answer from the old man, so he closed his eyes and rested for about half a minute. Then, he jumped off the snake corpse and sat on the small wooden boat.

The old man could not help but heave a sigh of relief. This was the tragedy of a tactician. Even though he was the brain of Jemengard in the outside world, he was responsible for taking care of everything outside while Jemengard was asleep, however, after the death of the black python, he could not defeat anyone now. He could not offend the woman of unknown origin, nor could he offend Zhang Heng in front of him. He could only walk between the two of them like walking on thin ice.

After Zhang Heng boarded the boat, he quickly rowed the wooden boat to the side of the underwater tunnel that connected to the pool. Then, he took out two sets of old-fashioned scuba gear from the boat and handed one of them to Zhang Heng. However, the latter rejected him with a wave of his hand.

“I don’t need these things.”

The old man was not surprised. After all, since Zhang Heng could come from here, he could also return from here. Furthermore, not long ago, the other party had fought Blackie in the sea for more than 40 minutes, and Blackie had once dived to the bottom of the sea, but he still couldn’t escape.

So the old man put on his diving equipment. His movements were a bit rusty, and he even studied the use of the breathing apparatus. At the same time, he didn’t forget to explain to Zhang Heng, “This tunnel is only used by Blackie to feed the snakes. As for the believers, there are other ways to enter and exit the island. I didn’t expect anyone to come out here, so at first, I thought you were a believer coming to the island.”

Zhang Heng nodded and didn’t say anything. He grabbed his bag and followed the old man.

Then, the two of them entered the underwater tunnel together. When they arrived, there was a lot of turbulence in the tunnel, but the general direction of the flow was from the pool to the sea. Zhang Heng had thought that it would be more difficult to go against the current when they returned, he had even planned to use his ability to control the current to send the two of them back.

However, he did not expect that after swimming less than half a meter into the tunnel, the direction of the turbulence changed miraculously. It changed from internal to external flow to external to internal flow. Not long after, the two of them were sent back to the head of the snake carved on the stone.

As soon as they reached the pool, Zhang Heng heard Ma Lu’s voice. There was a hint of urgency in his voice.

“What’s Wrong?”Zhang Heng asked Ma Longdao, who was lying at the entrance of the cave. Ma Lu looked like an ant on a hot pan. The moment he saw Zhang Heng, he asked anxiously,

“Miss Fan is missing!”! “Not long after you went down, Miss Fan told me that she didn’t want to sit there and wait. She wanted to see if she could find anything that could help you. I wanted to help too, so she told me to find a way to make a rope. After that, we split up. I was on the second floor, and she was on the first floor… about twenty minutes later, I went down to look for her, but when I reached the first floor, I found that she was missing. I shouted loudly, but no one answered.”

Ma Lu’s first words made Zhang Heng’s heart sink. He turned to the old man behind him and asked, “Is there anything else here?”

The old man shook his head, “No, this subway line has been closed for decades. No one has come in. We use this place to feed the snakes. In fact, the snakes usually stay in the tunnel very quietly. They only come out when they’re eating. They’re very obedient.”

However, Zhang Heng knew that it was not as if no one had come in here before. The snakes in the tunnel had already been cleaned out by him, and the rest could not cause much trouble. Therefore, the possibility of Fan Meinan’s disappearance had nothing to do with the snakes, however, Zhang Heng did not forget that Loki’s agent, Beta, had once entered this place before them. He had not seen Beta leave the surveillance footage, so the latter was most likely still here.

If there were anyone who was most likely to attack Fan Meinan, it would be Beta.